Why a Headboard Is Important? Because They Help A Lot!

why a headboard is important for protection

As a designer who loves interior design, I can feel the excitement when you move into a new apartment and have the opportunity to decorate it from scratch. Granted that you start from the bedroom and consider the essential furniture in this room: the bed. You may have heard its importance from many sources. So, … Read more

Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas to Add Classic Touch & Retain Your Guests!

Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas to Add Classic Touch & Retain Your Guests!

I’ve been in the interior design business for a while now, and I’ve seen it all. People always look for new and innovative ways to make their dining room stand out. If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, then glass dining tables are the perfect solution. A … Read more

15 Methods Home Designers Use to Light a Dining Room Without Ceiling Light

When you move into the new house and haven’t installed a ceiling light, or your dining room ceiling is too low to hang a light, you will have to eat in the darkness. However, a dim dining room can be quite uninviting and make your guests feel unwelcome. Don’t worry if you don’t have a … Read more

Forever Chic Sage Green Is the Best Green For Boho Bedroom: And We Proved It!

Trying to find a relaxing and personalized style for your bedroom? The Bohemian style is perfect for you! A boho bedroom is perfect since it’s all about being relaxed and carefree. Moreover, the style is very versatile and allows you to use any decor or wall paint colors. However, deciding how to finish your boho … Read more

How to Incorporate Navy and Yellow Into Your Bedroom?

stunning navy blue and yellow bedroom

If you ask me to name a color combo containing the most popular color for bedrooms this year, I may spill out hundreds of words. But I assume you, like me, want something that reminds you of the galaxy, ocean, and many things with a hint of outside but not soft greenish: Navy and yellow … Read more

What Color Dining Table with Light Wood Floors?

what color dining table with light wood floor

Here is one problem that bothers many of my clients when they try to decorate their dining room. That is, what color dining table with light wood floors? I’ve shared many dining table decors and recommendations posts, but I still get asked how to choose the right dining table colors. Well, it is true. You … Read more

Dusty Pink: Check How to Use It In Bedroom Decor

how to use dusty pink in bedroom decor

Need some inspiration about bedroom decor colors? I’ve talked about the natural-inspired greenery interior ideas but left another trending warm color out of the box. So today I’ll show you something different. An elegant, romantic, and neutral as well bedroom interior color: Dusty Pink, the Best Pink Color for Adult Bedroom What color is it … Read more

37 Small Guest Bedroom Office Combo Ideas and Principles on Maximizing Space

small guest bedroom office combo ideas

Still working from the bed, sofa or kitchen table due to the limited space? Want some privacy and be far from kids’ or pets’ disturbance when you are working? If you are those who have a small guest bedroom, why not utilize it for a workplace at home? Turning your small guest bedroom into an … Read more

6 Romantic Dining Room Ideas for Anniversary & Sweet Dates

how to set a romantic dining room

A few days ago, I got the message from a reader, “Hello, Romona, do you have good romantic dining room ideas for a date? I invited a girl for dinner, and I want to create a lovely dining ambiance for her.” So I have come up with 6 ideas to make his dining room and … Read more

Elegant Connoisseur Living Room Decor Idea

elegant living room

Have you heard of Elegant Connoisseur before? If you are familiar with Modsy, you’ll know that it is the second most popular interior design style ranking one level below Mod Visionary Aesthetic. Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy, defines it as “someone who loves vintage and loves a pop of glam. Their space is … Read more