3 Seater Sofa Dimensions

3 seater sofa, also known as a standard size sofa, is the most frequently used sofa type. It best fits a small family with 2 or 3 people and gains favor with small apartment owners for its compact size.

Then what are the dimensions of 3 seater sofa? And how to arrange various sizes of 3 seater sofas in different rooms?

The average size, or say, standard dimensions of 3 seater sofa, are 90 inches (228cm) in width/length, 38 inches (97cm) for seat depth, and 34 inches (86cm) high.

The sizes vary from brand to brand. Yet the normal range of 3 seater sofa width/length goes from 78″(198cm) to 90″(220cm).

Now you know the standard size of 3 seater sofa, you may wonder, “Is it enough? Can I arrange 3 seater sofa for my home now?”

Surely not. See if you have answers to these questions:

  • “What are the sizes of the seat cushions?”
  • “What width goes for the sofa arm?”
  • “Is 3 seater sectional sofa and 3 seater recliner sofa share the same size?”
  • “How should I decide on 3-seater sofa sizes for various rooms?”

If you have the answers to the above four questions, you can start arranging your sofa for your room now!

If not,

Follow Us to Go Deep Into the 3 Seater Sofa Dimensions.

The most important part in 3 seater sofa dimensions is its length/width, for it decides whether you can place them in your room. As for depth and height, we will discuss later.

The sofa’s length is determined mainly by the width of the seat cushion and seat arms.

For a seat cushion,

  • The smallest size goes 22″ (56cm), but scarcely can you find it on the market.
  • The most frequently seen size is 23″ (58cm) and 24″(61cm).
  • You can also find 27″(68cm) seat cushions on some large sofas. Don’t go any wider, for the cushion above 27″(68cm) is the best fit for 2 seats.

It means the length of 3 seat cushions (not including sofa arms) goes from 63″(160cm) to 81″(206cm).

For the sofa arms,

  • The smallest size goes 3″(cm).
  • The comfortable size that holds your arm ideally is 4″(cm) – 6″(cm).
  • Theoretically, you can find the arm width goes 8″(cm), but at that point, you are narrowing your seat cushion width significantly.

Remember to double the arm width when calculating the whole sofa length as there are two sofa arms.

Taking the smallest seat cushion 22″ with the smallest sofa arms 3″, the 3 seater sofa size goes as 72″.

Before Arranging, Check the Must-to-know 3 Seater Sofa Clearance.

3 seater sofa length

When a 3 seater sofa stands in your living room, it is likely to be a cozy den where you can stretch yourself out or snuggle in it for a whole day. For this reason, you’ll want the sofa’s length to be at least longer than your tallest family member.

And spare at least 18″(46cm) or 22″(56cm) in length around the sofa so that you can place other furniture or decorations, like a side table or a decorative tree.

For example, if your living room length goes 140″(356cm), then a 90″(238cm) long 3 seater sofa will leave you 50″(127cm) for extra furniture, such as a 15″(40cm) side shelf or table.

But if your living room is 110″(279cm) in length, and you choose a 90″(238cm) sofa, that means you have only 20″(50cm) left around your sofa. It can be extremely narrow in use, not to say place any other stuff around. 

3 seater sofa depth

The sofa depth determines the activity space you can have, especially when it happens in the living room. The typical depth of a 3 seater sofa is 38″(97cm), but when you decide to arrange a sectional sofa, the depth of the couch needs recalculating.

The depth of the chaise usually is 53″(135cm) to 65″(165cm). If you intend to set a coffee table in front of it, you’ll want to leave at least 18″ of space between the edge of your sofa and the coffee table.

And for a 3 seater sofa with a recliner, it is also necessary to have 12″(30cm) of space between the back of the sofa and the wall. If it is the compact recliner you get, a 6″(15cm) of space is a must.

3 seater sofa height

Speaking of the height of the sofa, it affects much with your ceiling; if you have a more soaring ceiling, you can have a sofa with nearly any height. But for the appearance, a taller sofa is more recommended, say 40″(102cm).

With a low profile ceiling, you can opt for a sofa with a short back, the shortest one goes around 30″(76cm), but for comfort, the last choice will be at least 35″(89cm). For that height, it can support your back all along, in accord with your physical structure.

The types of 3 seater sofa also affect the dimensions, think 3 seater sectional sofa and 3 seater recliner sofa. So based on using rooms, you’ll also need various types and shapes of the sofa, each varies in size.

Now Comes to the Problem, How to Arrange Sofa Types and Sizes For Various Rooms?

For a large living room, a 3 seater sectional sofa gives the most comfort.

Recommend size: Living room width: over 236"(600cm) & Sofa width: around 100"(254cm) 
Size: 33” H x 101” W x 51.6” D

If your living room is large enough, you’ll want to get the 3 seater sectional sofa.

The sectional sofa with a chaise lounge offers a cozy place to rest your legs and allows you to take a daytime nap on it.

Size: 32” H x 111.5” W x 59” D

For living room width within 157″(400cm) – 236″(600cm), opt the one with extra ottoman. The typical size of an ottoman is 16” H x 37” W x 24.5” D, so they serve well under this living room size, as a storage place or extra seat without occupying much space.

Size: 34” H x 96” W x 72” D

You can add another loveseat for comfort for a living room width over 236″(600cm). When you place a 90″ 3 seater sofa, it means you have 146″ space for other stuff. Apart from setting a coffee table, there is ample space for you to place a loveseat, 40″ – 60″ is perfect.

Size: 35” H x 103.5” W x 74.5” D

The sofa with two chaises is also a good choice for a large living room. Imagine you spend a relaxing weekend with your family both lying on the chaise, how cozy it can be.

Size: 34” H x 110” W x 54” D
Size: 33” H x 143.3” W x 60” D

If you enjoy moving the sofa frequently, you can never miss the modular sofa. This kind of sofa enables you to arrange your sofa based on your preference, each separate from the other.

Source: bodema.it

The large L-shape 3 seater sofa made in leather gives both comfort and luxury feeling when placed in your living room. If you are interested in L-shape sofa dimensions, check more info on How to Choose L-shape Sofa Size For Living Room.

Size: 34” H x 113” W x 73” D

Do not waste your large spacing area; the large living room is where you can show all your personality. The unique design 3 seater sofa is different in shape from standard types of sofa, place it in the middle of your living room, and you can decorate your whole room with contemporary or modern style.

Of course, measuring the size of these unique designed sofas can be difficult. But once you own a living room more than 236″(600cm), then placing them in your living room will cause no trouble.

Size: 34” H x 87” W x 31” D

For a small living room, the normal 3 seater sofa is the best choice.

Recommend size: Living room width 98"(250cm) ~ 157"(400cm) & Sofa width: No more than 90"(228cm)
Size: 32.7” H x 80.3” W x 32” D

If your living room width goes around 98″, then a large sofa will affect the room’s flow. You can get a sofa width around 75″, which spares about 25″ for a small side table or basket.

Size: 33.07” H x 74.01” W x 31.89” D
Size: 31.89” H x 73.50” W x 29.92” D
Size: 35.5” H x 78.5” W x 32.5” D

For a living room around 157″, a sofa with 80″-90″ is more recommended. They have wider seats and give you enough space to place a large coffee table or other decorative stuff you would like to set.

Size: 29” H x 84” W x 34” D

For a guest room, a 3 seater sofa bed is highly recommended.

Recommend size: Guest room width 157"(400cm) & Sofa bed width 75"(191cm) ~90"(229cm)
Size: 33.5” H x 83” W x 33” D

Why sleeper sofa is the best recommended for the guest room? Well, it combines the cozy sofa with a night bed and works well with the function of the guest room.

Size: 36” H x 87.75” W x 35.5” D

When selecting the guest room sleeper sofa, apart from the width of the sofa, you should equally consider the depth. If you own a small guest room, then do not choose the sofa with a depth over 40″, or you will find nowhere to pass through.

Size: 31.1” H x 74.8” W x 33.86” D

A sofa in the guest room should be compatible with other furniture. For example, please do not place a heavy coffee table or a marble desk in front of your sofa; moving them away every time you intend to convert the sofa into a sleeper will be challenging.

Size: 29.6” H x 66.3” W x 36.5” D

Pay attention to the lighting and decorative stuff in the guest room; they are also closely related to the use of the sleeper sofa. For more knowledge on the sleeper sofa arrangement, you may check our Luonto Sleeper Sofa – 14 Ideas on How to Style Them.

For a playroom, try a 3 seater recliner.

Recommend size: Playroom width under 157"(400cm) & Recliner width under 90"(229cm)
Size: 38.5” H x 81” W x 38” D

A 3 seater recliner is a good choice for a playroom; the highly recommended width of the recliner is around 80″, no more than 90″.

Size: 38” H x 84” W x 37” D

The depth of the 3 seater recliner usually is around 38″, but you need to leave around 12″ between the recliner back and the wall so that you have enough space to lie down.

Size: 39” H x 81” W x 38” D

In using the recliner sofa, do not place a heavy coffee table or desk near it. A side sofa table can be an excellent choice to put decorative stuff around.

Size: 43” H x 88” W x 43″D
Size: 41” H x 87” W x 42” D

For a home office, you’ll need a 3 seater corner sofa.

Recommend size: Home office width: under 118"(300cm) & Sofa width under 80"(203cm)
Size: 29” H x 77” W x 31” D

The small 3 seater corner sofa occupies less space than the normal sofa, you can choose the one around 77″ or 75″, place them in the corner, and enjoy the time relaxing in your home office corner.

Size: 34” H x 74” W x 31.5” D
Size: 31” H x 75” W x 34” D

For the outdoor patio, get the lightweight 3 seater sofa.

Recommend size: Sofa width: under 85"(216cm)
Size: 32” H x 78.5” W x 28” D

There is no limit on the outdoor patio 3 seater sofa; the sofa’s width is totally based on the number of your family members. But if you favor 3 seater sofa, the suitable width can be around 85″.

Size: 26.5” H x 88.5” W x 30.25” D

Most outdoor 3 seater patio sofas are made of wooden or wicker material, for they need to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. And make sure the cushion on the sofa is detachable, so you can remove it for cleaning.

Size: 30” H x 67.5” W x 27” D
Size: 35.5” H x 82.75” W x 36.75” D
Size: 24.65” H x 76.25” W x 27.5” D
Size: 33.25” H x 77.75” W x 27.25” D

It’s Your Time to Arrange Your 3 Seater Sofa Now.

If you read through, then congratulations! You’ve got all you’ll need to arrange 3 seater sofa. Let me make it clear for you again,

In arranging your sofa:

  • Check the sofa width and your room width.
  • Know how wide your seat can be and what wide arm you would like.
  • Choose suitable sofa types based on your usage and where they are to place.
  • Leave enough space for your wall and other decorative stuff.

For more ideas? Just follow our websites; we are constantly updating.

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