18 Options of 4 Shelf TV Stand with Ample Storage Area in Different Styles

Mainly, TV stands store and work as platforms for displaying other than supporting your TV stand. And that’s why 4 shelf TV stands are popular among families.

4 shelves mean you can arrange different uses for each shelf space. And the sizeable storing area makes your living room look tidier and much cleaner.

However, such a necessity sometimes makes you hesitant, especially when deciding the ideal one from the ocean of stands.

Hold on! Here comes the guidance. We prepared 8 types of 4 shelf TV stand to match various living room tones and 18 quality TV stand options to satisfy your store and decoration needs.

Please read on!

2 Questions To Help You Get the Most Suitable 4 Shelf TV Stand Style

Before diving into options, make sure you have a primary direction first. Here’re 2 simple questions to help you filter out which type of 4 shelf TV stand that’s right for you.

#Q1: What Are You Going to Put On Your 4 Shelf TV Stand?

Different designs of 4 shelf TV stands determine their storage ability and main purpose. You can filter the final decision by thinking about what you want to put on your TV stand.

Here are 2 simple suggestions:

Are you a book or game lover? Then you can choose 4 shelf TV stand with doors to store your book and block the dust;

If you love decorating the media console with various decors, you can buy a stand with opening shelving areas to show your talent.

#Q2: Does Your TV Quite Heavy?

A 4-shelf TV stand comes with a large space area; thus, a better weight capacity will be handy if you have much heavy equipment, books, or games to store.

So what’s the minimum?

Since the weight-bearing capacity of the top determines the stability of the TV stand, you can use the weight of the TV to figure out the results.

Suppose your TV is 80 inches, then your TV stand’s weight capacity should be more than 120lbs.

Besides, the mounting style influences the weight capacity of 4 shelf TV stands.

Generally, your choices will be determined by whether you mount your TV or not.

If you mount your TV, both floor-mounted and wall-mounted TV stands are available. And if don’t, then floor-mounted TV will be better because of a bigger weight capacity. Your TV will be more stable on a floor-mounted one.

18 4 Shelf TV Stand Options with Detailed Type Guide

Now it’s time to check our collections. After searching and analyzing over 1,000 4 shelf TV stands on the market, finally, we figure out these 18 options of 8 types of 4 shelf tv stand to meet your needs for style, decor, and functionality.

#1. 4-Tier Instructure TV Stand Media Player Management

fitueyes hifi rack

The simplest design meets your most essential needs. Though slightly less decorative, the 4-tier shelf TV stand will satisfy you if you’re a pragmatist.

Opening shelving design makes it easier to move or adjust the plugins and wires of your devices. And adequate ventilation keeps your equipment from overheating over long periods.

This type of stand is also a good choice for an independent media room. They take little space and save your effort to incorporate them into the room’s decor.

In a word, if you have little interest in decorating and just look for a sterile container for your devices, this is the best budget choice you can have.

Our Tips:

Note that wall-mounted TV stands bear less weight; thus you will find it more suitable for a mounted TV or Apple TV;

About the material choice, wooden tiers are easy to clean but tend to leave scratches every time you move the equipment; a glass stand has no such problem to them but requires careful cleanness.

What We Selected:

FITUEYES 4-Tier Wooden TV Unit Stand Height Adjustable

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 24” x 20.4” x 30.6” (L x W x H)

Weight Capacity: 110lbs

FITUEYES 4-Shelf Hifi Shelf Glass TV Stand for Apple TV

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 18.5″W x 30.3″H x 17.9″D

Weight Capacity: 110/33/33/33 lbs (Top to the bottom)

#2. 4 Shelf TV Stand with Doors – Hidden Storage Area

4 shelf media stand with 4 doors

If you need a TV stand for your series collection, opt for 4 shelf TV stand with doors.

Your living room will look much tidier, and the doors can block the dust and keep cords and cables out of your sight.

Visually, the retro door cabinet design also steals the show. If your living room is rustic or retro style, these TV cabinets can enhance the room’s overall atmosphere.

Our Tips:

For this style, we recommend that you choose a floor mounted 4 shelf TV stand, so that you can better enjoy the ample storage space and wooden style.

What We Selected:

Safavieh Piran Tow Tone TV Stand for 65” TV

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 16.3″D x 63.1″W x 31.7″H

Weight Capacity: 100lbs

Keegan Rustic TV Stand for TVs Up to 70″

(via Wayfair)

Dimensions: 63.1” W x 31.73” H x 16.26” D

Weight Capacity: 110lbs

If you prefer a more elegant style, doors with openwork designs are the best eye-catching choices. Like this teal color wood 4 shelf TV stand below:

teal finish 4 shelf tv stand

What We Selected:

Martin Sevensson Home Teal TV Stand for 65” TV

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 63″ L x 35″ H x 18″ D

Weight Capacity: 200lbs

Mistana Ira 4 Shelf Sturdy TV Stand for TV Up to 75”

(via Wayfair)

Dimensions: 72” W x 38.5” H x 18” D

Weight Capacity: 460lbs

#3. 4 Shelf TV Stand with Mount – For Corner TV

moveable 4 shelf tv stand with mount

If the center of your living room is already occupied and you’re not interested in mounting your TV on the wall, then why not try mounting it on a 4 shelf TV stand!

Compared with the 4-tier TV stand, this type of TV stand has a better weight capacity. You can safely use it to hold both your TV and cable equipment.

And the mounting style is very modern and stylish, while the top space is out of occupied, so you have extra top space in addition to the four shelves.

Moreover, you can choose whether the stand is fixed or moveable. Some retailers offer TV stands with wheels. You can use this better to arrange the use of space in your living room.

For example, you can make room for holiday decorations such as a Christmas tree or arrange seatings for family gatherings so that everyone can enjoy the TV show.

Our Tips:

If you prefer a moveable one, check the material of the wheels before you buy. Rubber-covered wheels can prevent scratches on the floor, especially the wooden floors.

Rfiver Swivel TV Stand with Mount wth Moveable Wheels for TV Up to 65”

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 43.3” x 15.7” x 50”

Weight Capacity: 110lbs

Rfiver Swivel 4 Shelf Wood TV Stand With Mount with 4 Legs for TV Up to 70”

(via Wayfair)

Dimensions: 43.3” x 15.7” x 50

Weight Capacity: 110lbs

#4. 4 Shelf TV Stand with Fireplace – Add Cozy & Warm Mood

wooden 4 shelf tv stand with fireplace

If a cozy living room atmosphere is what you’re after, choose a 4 shelf TV stand with an electronic fireplace.

The wood furnishing adds a rustic farmhouse tone additionally. Although the storage space is limited, you will get the warmth and cozy mood without burning wood.

As for heating performance, most inserted fireplaces on the market can heat up to 400 sq. ft. (4600 BTU). On the other hand, setting one of such TV stands in your bedroom is highly recommended.

Proper warmth can help you fall asleep and prevent you awake due to cold flow at midnight. More importantly, it saves you space compared to an additional room heater.

Our Tips:

Choose one with remote control. You can have a better control of turn on and off.

And in most cases, fireplaces that offer a remote control will have additional features such as temperature setting, more options for flame mode, and time settings.

What We Selected:

Walker Edison Rustic Glass Door 4 Shelf TV Stand with Fireplace for TV Up to 80”

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 63″ L x 35″ H x 18″ D

Weight Capacity: 150 Ibs for the top surface

30lbs for adjustable shelves each

Millwod Pines Opening 4 Shelf TV Stand With Fireplace for TV Up to 78”

(via Wayfair)

Dimensions: 70” W x 26.25” H x 16” D

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

#5. 4 Shelf TV Stand with Drawers – For Albums / Disk Storage

wooden 4 shelf tv stand with drawers

If you think the storage design of a 4 cabinet-style TV stand is not friendly enough for storing books and games, then try a 4 shelf TV stand with drawers.

The drawers allow you to organize your books, albums, and games in a more neat and organized way. Or store all the clutter like cables and remote controls when you don’t use them.

In addition, the space arrangement is more clear. You can use the open shelving for decoration while storing your things in the drawers.

What We Selected:

Besiter Industrial 4 Shelf TV Stand with Fabric Drawers For TV Up to 65” (Under $150)

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 59″(L)×15.7″(W)×21.9″(H)

Weight Capacity: 10lbs for the each drawer

Soges Modern Wooden Finishing TV Stand with Storage Drawers For TV Up to 55”

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 13.8″D x 55.1″W x 23.6″H

Weight Capacity: /

#6. Floating Style 4 Shelf TV Stand – For Even Better Space Saving

floating space saving 4 shelf tv stand

Looking forward to saving your living room or bedroom space furtherly? Set a floating 4 shelf TV stand to get it done.

Just like a wall-mounted TV, a floating (or wall-mounted) 4 shelf TV stand saves a lot of space as they are almost half the size of a traditional floor-mounted TV stand.

Since the lower space is released, this stand style is also more friendly if you use a robot vacuum at home.

In addition, the floating design gives the room a modern design feel. If your entertainment area is designed with LED lighting, then a wall-mounted TV stand adds even more vibe.

From this point, you can choose a non-wood finishing TV stand. But the coordination of style is the essential rule.

You can never go wrong with a floor finishing media stand with mid-century room decor.

Our Tips:

Note that the wall-mounted TV stand has a limited weight capacity. You can choose to store up to two electric devices, then use the other two shelves to store the corresponding discs.

What We Selected:

South Shore Munich Wall Mounted 4 Shelf TV Stand for TV Up to 75”

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 68.25” x 12” x 16.25”

Weight Capacity: 100lbs

Prepac 70” Wide Black Wall Mounted TV Stand for TV Up to 75” (Under $200)

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 16” x 70” x 9.25”

Weight Capacity: 100lbs

#7. Opening Non-parallel 4 Shelf TV Stand – Best for Decoration/ Item Storage

4 shelf tv stand with opening shelving area

Whether you want to store some large items or have more space for clutter baskets, an opening 4-shelf TV stand is always handy.

The shelf has different heights very helpful. You can store various sizes of baskets or boxes.

But not all furniture has to conform to utilitarianism. The plenty of space gives you another way to arrange your media area. Just use the 4 opening shelves to show your decorative talent.

The clean lines of the design are full of modern simplicity. You can use framed photos and potted plants to finish the decor.

Our Tips:

The opening shelving TV stands most uses metal tubes to support the whole stand. Thus the corner will be sharper and pay attention to it especially if you have kids or pets in your home.

What We Selected:

Tribesigns 47 inches Vintage Industrial Media Stand for TV Up to 55”

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 15.75″D x 47.24″W x 29.53″H

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

NSdirect Industrial Rustic TV Stand for TV Up to 55”

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 5.7″D x 59.8″W x 16.5″H

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

#8. Classic 4 Cube Shelf TV Stand

black wooden 4 shelf tv table

If you want a broader range of choices without fewer limitations, then you’ll want a 4 cubby shelf TV stand as your goal.

The basic 4 cubby design maintains the initial function of a separated storage area.

Hence you can still arrange each shelf individually, while the basic style brings you a rich choice of styles and materials.

You can opt for a metal-glass stand for a modern feeling or stick to the retro wooden design to add a vintage vibe.

What We Selected:

Tangkula 4 Cubby TV Stand, Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65”

(via Amazon)

Dimensions: 16.5″D x 58″W x 24″H

Weight Capacity: 150lbs for Top 50lbs for shelf

Sunbury TV Stand for TVs up to 65″ with 4 Cord Managements

(via Wayfair)

Dimensions: 58.125” W x 23.375” H x 15.75” D

Weight Capacity: 75lbs for Top/30lbs for shelf

4 Shelf TV Stand Options Round-Up

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