90s Dining Room Flashbacks – Arouse Your Childhood Memories

Do you remember the days when your mom made your dinner as long as you were home after school? Years passed by; do you reminisce these happy times? Today, I will take you to travel through time to the 1990s and see how our parents decorate the dining room.

Please keep reading to see if these ’90s dining table pictures in this post arouse your childhood memories.

Keywords of 90s Dining Room: Dramatic Colors, Countless Patterns, Decent Furniture

When talking about 1990s dining room, three key elements will pop into our mind, color, patterns, and furniture. I am sure you will see at least one of these features in your dining room if you are a 90s kid.

1. Dramatic Colors From Wall to Carpets

You can forget anything but not the colorful painting on dining room walls, upholstery, window treatment and carpets, etc.

Walls are always painted in bright colors.

Red, green, yellow, and orange are the primary colors for 90′ s dining room. And sometimes walls are faux finished in these colors to look like a church.

Our mom and grandma were obsessed with dramatic color at that time. They will also use other bright pieces to match the wall color, such as curtains, chairs, and carpets.

Window treatment adds extra color to the room.

The popularity of large and colorful window treatment go wild on 90’s, and there are probably 2 or more window treatment with extra colors.

The dining wall is a bright color, while moms and grandmas choose the same color or other extra colors curtains and window treatment. They were in pursuit of antique and decent dining room decor.

Carpets are always mixed colors.

We just can not get enough about the carpets, especially the dining room carpets. Now we prefer the plain color carpets or rugs to create a modern or minimalist style. Well, back to 90’s, the carepts are just like painting art with so many colors and elements.

Is it familiar that all the carpets under the table are mixed colors with lots of patterns? Apparently, such carpet goes with damask wallpapers, which is also iconic for 90’s dining room styling. They add some character to the room and enrich the room accent.

2. Countless Patterns Are Dazzling

Patterns are everywhere! In terms of the dining room, it mainly appears on the tablecloth, lampshade, chair cushions, and window treatments. This is a predominant style trend on 90s room decoration.

Gingham is a mainstay.

Gingham is the most commonly seen pattern in 90’s dining room under the influence of TV show and M. C. Hammer.

There must be gingham in your dining room, at least one thing. The American television sitcom Full House made gingham mainstream, and every mom was obsessed with this pattern. It could be the top priority when comes to dining room ornaments in the 1990s.

Stripes can not be neglected.

Decorate softness such as carpets and curtains with stripes to make the space more lively. In addition to the uphlostery, it can also be used on the walls and top surfaces.

Will your mom yell at you when you accidentally spill coffee on the table and leave a mess on the beautiful tablecloth? Well, my mom will. They love to use strip patterns to decorate the whole dining table; we must admit that these are pretty.

Now these strips are still on trend! Stripes are eternal elements in the fashion; wide stripes are graceful; thin stripes are the most classic.

Florals are just not enough.

Large carpets, window treatment, upholstery fabrics, gorgeous floral patterns become the most eye-cathing print of the entire space.

How can our mom satisfy with floral pattern interspersion? They want everything to be florally patterned! They appear on the wallpaper, chair textures, carpet, and everywhere you are not expecting.

3. Decent furniture is essential

Wood is the most sought-after element in the past 3 decades of home design trends, as everyone has seen. In the 90s, we saw a lot of furniture made of oak dyed orange and some made of golden pine.

A large oak/walnut/wooden dining table is a must-buy.

The furniture of 90s tends to be decent and delicate, many of them are finely craftmade. And they can lasts for years and you may still use them now.

We all have a large square or round dining table in the center of the room, and they are sturdy with high quality. A big family will enjoy dinner and share interesting things in school or work! It is also the central place where we celebrate Christmas and festivals and eats feast!

The demand for wicker chairs goes wild.

Wicker furniture remained popular until the late 1930s, but less so in later decades. But by the 90s, wicker furniture was back in vogue.

The rattan and wicker furniture is also commonly seen in the 90’s dining room. Well, mostly they are for coffee time, not the formal dinner.

So, Which One Is Your Dining Room that Brings You Back to the 1990s?

Here are the 90’s dining room pictures of different styles and decors; now check one by one to see which one your dining room in your childhood.

Farmhouse-style wood dining table fo 80 or ’90s is quite common. The unfinished tabletop is easily scratched. so did you ever carve the table top and write your name on it when you were a teenager?

Lots of STUFF! The patterns will are never enough. There are patterns in the wall, tablecloth, carpet, curtains, wherever we can. Is your dining room like this?

Oh! How can we forget about the pumpkin decoration? They can be dining table vases for fake flowers. Dramatic candle holders, wicker basket are also old friends.

Green has been a dominating color for the past few decades. The movies in the 1990s influenced people’s aesthetics in terms of room decoration. Blue, green, and red are classic color palettes that are still not outdated.

Moms love the wallpaper and often use the same color carpet to match it. But we need to admit that it was pretty.

And table lamps and transparent vases are always iconic pieces. If you are an Asian kid with a big family, there must be a large round oak dining table!

Wood cabinet, cupboard, basket, dining table, chairs are so familiar. The pursuit of natural wood furniture in the 90s is incredible! The kitchen leaves a small area for dining, which is blessing and warm.

Some family was trying the modern style by using many cupboards, ceramic tiles, and bar tables in the 1990s.

It is beautiful as the French film, isn’t it? The yellow and green mixed color makes the dining room bright and artistic. I would admire you so much if this is your kitchen!

Parents would also love to place a smaller coffee table beside the dining table. We will be waiting for food beside the table while moms are cooking. What a wonderful life!

The blue & purple dining rooms are popular because of Friends. Probably every mom fantasizes she is another vision of Rachel, and have something in same with Monica’s home, such as a cupboard, purple door, and ceramic vase are the cloest thing she can do.

A classic dining room with gingham patterns everywhere, even the fireplace! Some china plates on the wall are artistic too, which are somehow consistent with blue and white gingham.

A decent long dining table, tapestry, and cabinet for plates are just top-notch; if you are a 90’s kid born in a wealthy family, this might be your dining room.

At Last

Our trip to glory 90’s days is over now. So tell us, which one is your dining room in childhood? And what is your memory about the 90s dining room? Contact us and leave a message. Your story will have a chance to be shared in this post!

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