About Us

Boasting of the latest design trends, HB Collaborative would like to provide our clients with the best-suited interior design solutions for both homes, offices and other businesses.

If you prepare to renovate or design your space, HB Collaborative is a go-to source you should know, as we offer dozens of articles, including:

  • Trends analysis,
  • Room styles and how to match,
  • Home renovations,
  • And furniture comparisons

Team Members:

Aine T. Wray – Interior Designer

Aine has been an interior designer for about 10 years, with a rich experience in decorating houses in various styles, and recognizing what is the best-quality and best-fit furniture and home improvement products ranging from cheap to high-end tags.

Cora S. Alvarez – Furniture Designer 

Cora is a furniture designer based in London. Since 2007 she has released over 75 pieces of furniture, which she designs and manufactures under her own label, and has created more than 20 products for other brands. She has also designed over 40 commercial retail, restaurant, bar and residential interiors.

Romona Moreno – Room Styling Artist

Romona is a sophisticated interior designer and artist with the goal of improving your home styling. She shares cutting-edge ideas and advice in this field here to give your home a new look.

Nick Epps – Room Decor Expert & Researcher

Nick is a home interior designer. He has learned how to decorate different style of homes for over 8 years. Research over 7,000 pieces of furniture and hundreds of styles to provide the best quality, and most suitable products to improve your home. Both your budget and needs will be satisfied by him.

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