Elegant Connoisseur Living Room Decor Idea

elegant living room

Have you heard of Elegant Connoisseur before? If you are familiar with Modsy, you’ll know that it is the second most popular interior design style ranking one level below Mod Visionary Aesthetic. Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy, defines it as “someone who loves vintage and loves a pop of glam. Their space is … Read more

How to Arrange Reclining Sofa and Loveseat? – 4 Principles to Follow

arrange recliner sofa and loveseat

According to a statistic, the average American has spent at least two hours a day sitting on the sofa, totaling 448 hours in the 32 weeks. That further illustrates how vital the sofa and living room environment can be. A proper arrangement on the sofa, especially the reclining sofa and loveseat, is the key to … Read more

Why Are Sofa Beds So Uncomfortable? – Do These Suggestions Really Work?

how to make sofa bed comfortable

You may experience that every time you sleep on the sofa bed for a night or two, you’ll feel every bone on your back separate from each other as if being punched during the night. And the pain gets even worse as time goes by. If you google, “how to make my sofa bed comfortable?” … Read more

Morning Zen Behr Bedroom – What Colors to Pair With?

morning zen behr bedroom

If you are looking for a perfect paint color to create a contemporary yet warm bedroom, then morning zen from Behr is what you are looking for. Why is Behr morning zen a suitable choice for bedrooms, and how to arrange other color palettes to pair with morning zen in the bedroom? Let’s crumble these … Read more

How to Integrate Church Pew in Your Living Room? (3 Must-to-do Things & 35 Ideas)

how to integrate church pew in living room

Have you ever tried to integrate a church pew in your living room? If not, then I highly recommend you do so. The thick wooden or pine church pew, with a vintage sense, will upgrade your home significantly. And do not take it as a church pew only, for there are great possibilities to discover. … Read more

8 Steps to Create A Neon Aesthetic Bedroom ( With 38 Decor Ideas)

neon aesthetic bedroom

What’s the most popular bedroom design now? You will be familiar with the bedrooms shown in the video if you are active on Youtube, TikTok, or Instagram. Yes, it’s the neon aesthetic bedroom. With more and more Youtubers and TikTokers bringing neon light into their bedrooms, they set a new trend for room decorations. The … Read more

3 Seater Sofa Dimensions

3 seater sofa dimensions

3 seater sofa, also known as a standard size sofa, is the most frequently used sofa type. It best fits a small family with 2 or 3 people and gains favor with small apartment owners for its compact size. Then what are the dimensions of 3 seater sofa? And how to arrange various sizes of … Read more

Luonto Sleeper Sofa – 14 Ideas on How to Style Them

style luonto sleeper

If you ask, what brand is the most popular sleeper sofa on the market? I am sure most people would answer: “Luonto!” Compared with other brands, the price of the Luonto sleeper sofa is a bit high. So is the Luonto sleeper sofa really worth buying? As a furniture designer with more than 10 years … Read more

What Chairs to Go With Chesterfield Sofa? – 36 Matching Ideas Given

what chairs to go with chesterfield sofa

If you trace the history of the Chesterfield sofa, the result will surprise you immediately. It was until the mid-1700s that the Chesterfield sofa popped into people’s life. So is the Chesterfield sofa out of style now? Surely not. It is still the most commonly used sofa style in the world. The vintage look it … Read more

L Shaped Sofa Dimensions – How to Ensure It Fits My Living Room?

dimensions of standard l shape sofa

If you are the sort who enjoys snuggling up on the sofa with movies or being a couch potato during your spare time, a comfortable sofa is a must-have in your home. Of course, the bigger, the better. If you want to experience the same comfort in your small living room, an L-shape sofa will … Read more