37 Small Guest Bedroom Office Combo Ideas and Principles on Maximizing Space

small guest bedroom office combo ideas

Still working from the bed, sofa or kitchen table due to the limited space? Want some privacy and be far from kids’ or pets’ disturbance when you are working? If you are those who have a small guest bedroom, why not utilize it for a workplace at home? Turning your small guest bedroom into an … Read more

Pendant Lights Not Centered over Island – Solutions and Tips to Follow

pendant lights not centered over island

Pendant lights centered over a kitchen island act as a focal point and diffuse evenly spread light for both seating sides. But what do you do when you find your electrician had put your pendant lighting circuit in the wrong place, which is off-centered above the island? Or, what do you do if you have … Read more

How to Make King Sheets Fit Queen Bed? – 6 Solutions and Videos Included

What is a pity if you throw away your king sheet when you replace your king size bed with a queen size one! What do you do when you buy a lovely set of king size sheets but only find it a lousy job to make it fit in your queen size bed? How to … Read more

How to Find the Perfect Sink Cabinet for Your Laundry?

laundry sink with cabinet

It is a tendency that a sink and cabinet combo is an essential part of the laundry room. But there are extensive options available on the market. How to choose these functional additions to perfectly fit your needs? We break down the selection guideline on laundry sink with cabinets into: How big should a laundry … Read more

Oversized Floor Mirror to Add Flair

best oversized floor mirror

Are you heading to an important meeting but find you can’t look at the effect of your outfit? Is it difficult to check yourself with a small wall mirror? You need an oversized floor mirror! With it, you can confirm you did everything right before dating and conference. But how to choose a right oversized … Read more

Long Narrow Closet Design – 21 Ideas from Pro Interior Desingers

long narrow closet design ideas

A long narrow closet is a big challenge for homeowners to design. How to make the most of a long narrow closet? How to create an illusion to make it look larger? We rounded up a few long narrow closet design ideas on how to optimize the usage space and on how to make it … Read more

Everything You Should Know about Cedar Closet

cedar closet system

Think about when you take out your most favorite sweater out of storage, but only have been dismayed to find a moth has made a meal of it. So, what is the best solution to solve it? Cedar closet with natural aroma helps stock up your clothing from the spread of mold, mildew, moths and … Read more

Walk in Closet Dresser Ideas – How to Design in Style?

walk in closet dresser ideas

Walk in closet dresser is a creative and convenient design for trend followers and obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferers. Dressers well keep your sweaters and pants from out of the shape. Certainly, you can hide your linens, hygiene stocks and a variety of household items to maintain your closet neat and tidy. So, how to prevent putting … Read more

26 Popular Double Hanging Wardrobe Closet Options in 2022

top double hangingn wardrobe closet on the market

As a homeowner, have you ever been, Tired of spending loads of time folding your laundry? Difficult to access your wanted OOTD in the piles of shoved clothes? A closet is an essential addition to any home, but less closet storage or an unreasonable inside layout may ruin your life quality, making your relaxing bedroom … Read more

4×4 Walk in Closet – 6 Layouts and Design Tips

If you have a passion for fashion and follow the close trends, you must have a collection of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. A walk in closet is the room most women dream of and definitely the most favorable place which expands your storage space. It’s practiced that 4 feet in width and 4 feet … Read more