Elegant Connoisseur Living Room Decor Idea

elegant living room

Have you heard of Elegant Connoisseur before? If you are familiar with Modsy, you’ll know that it is the second most popular interior design style ranking one level below Mod Visionary Aesthetic. Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy, defines it as “someone who loves vintage and loves a pop of glam. Their space is … Read more

Navy Blue TV Stand: the Best Living Room Decor for Elegance

best navy blue tv stand for living room

Brown, white, black, and what can you try if you are tired of a common color TV stand? I have been thinking about this question recently, and I got inspiration from a calm and soothing vibe color: Navy blue, a color associated with vast ocean and space, can easily evoke all kinds of emotions. And … Read more

How to Arrange Reclining Sofa and Loveseat? – 4 Principles to Follow

arrange recliner sofa and loveseat

According to a statistic, the average American has spent at least two hours a day sitting on the sofa, totaling 448 hours in the 32 weeks. That further illustrates how vital the sofa and living room environment can be. A proper arrangement on the sofa, especially the reclining sofa and loveseat, is the key to … Read more

How to Arrange Boho TV Stand Decor (4 Simple Steps)

boho tv stand decor for natural feeling

Hello, my fellow; I have been researching a new natural style of TV stand decor since the last time I dug deeply into rustic style TV stand decor. Finally, let me introduce the Bohemian style to tug your heartstrings: That’s a stunning look right? You can embrace the natural and laidback vibes with Boho style. … Read more

Why Are Sofa Beds So Uncomfortable? – Do These Suggestions Really Work?

how to make sofa bed comfortable

You may experience that every time you sleep on the sofa bed for a night or two, you’ll feel every bone on your back separate from each other as if being punched during the night. And the pain gets even worse as time goes by. If you google, “how to make my sofa bed comfortable?” … Read more

6 Rules for Rustic Sage Green Living Room (with Stunning Ideas)

rules and ideas for rustic sage green living room

Rustic styles match well with neutral colors. Try sage green if you want to enhance the natural feel of a rustic living room. A rustic sage green living room adds earthy and relaxed vibes. If you are into this idea, here I prepared 6 need-to-know rules for using sage green color and rustic elements to … Read more

Oversized Floor Mirror to Add Flair

best oversized floor mirror

Are you heading to an important meeting but find you can’t look at the effect of your outfit? Is it difficult to check yourself with a small wall mirror? You need an oversized floor mirror! With it, you can confirm you did everything right before dating and conference. But how to choose a right oversized … Read more

How to Integrate Church Pew in Your Living Room? (3 Must-to-do Things & 35 Ideas)

how to integrate church pew in living room

Have you ever tried to integrate a church pew in your living room? If not, then I highly recommend you do so. The thick wooden or pine church pew, with a vintage sense, will upgrade your home significantly. And do not take it as a church pew only, for there are great possibilities to discover. … Read more

6 Stunning TV In Front of Window Ideas That Feasible and Stunning

6 feasible and stunning tv in front of window ideas

When furnishing rooms, the center place might have been taken, or the room has limited space. Hence this non-fatal but annoying problem occurs: Every piece of furniture’s position is perfect and under control. But wait, where supposed the TV to be? In fact, why not position your TV in front of the window? Off-center TV … Read more

20 Rustic TV Stand Decor Ideas To Add Natural Beauty to Your Room

20 rustic tv stand decor ideas

Rustic style hits the trend for decades. If you want to try it in your home, I highly recommend you start with the TV stand area. Decorating your TV stand truly makes a huge difference to your living room. Moreover, you can try a lot of different things to find your taste with little cost. … Read more