20 Cheap Black TV Stands That Don’t Skimp Style and Quality

how to find your best cheap black tv stand

Black TV stands? Sounds like a good idea for any modern or mid-century style room interior. If you have ever gone for shopping a tv stand, you’ll find they are not so costly. However, that doesn’t mean you should give in a cheap one that lost quality and style. And I am NOT going to … Read more

3 Seater Sofa Dimensions

3 seater sofa dimensions

3 seater sofa, also known as a standard size sofa, is the most frequently used sofa type. It best fits a small family with 2 or 3 people and gains favor with small apartment owners for its compact size. Then what are the dimensions of 3 seater sofa? And how to arrange various sizes of … Read more

20+ Ideas About Luxurious Looking TV Stand That Won’t Dry On Your Wallet

luxury tv unit design

If your living room decoration is a bit dull and lacks vibrant, adding a touch of luxury is a good way. On a budget? Luckily, an expensive-looking piece of furniture won’t dry out your wallet as long you know what finishing, color, and style will give a luxury accent. Then where to start first? As … Read more

Luonto Sleeper Sofa – 14 Ideas on How to Style Them

style luonto sleeper

If you ask, what brand is the most popular sleeper sofa on the market? I am sure most people would answer: “Luonto!” Compared with other brands, the price of the Luonto sleeper sofa is a bit high. So is the Luonto sleeper sofa really worth buying? As a furniture designer with more than 10 years … Read more

What Chairs to Go With Chesterfield Sofa? – 36 Matching Ideas Given

what chairs to go with chesterfield sofa

If you trace the history of the Chesterfield sofa, the result will surprise you immediately. It was until the mid-1700s that the Chesterfield sofa popped into people’s life. So is the Chesterfield sofa out of style now? Surely not. It is still the most commonly used sofa style in the world. The vintage look it … Read more

18 Options of 4 Shelf TV Stand with Ample Storage Area in Different Styles

4 shelf tv stand for any living room

Mainly, TV stands store and work as platforms for displaying other than supporting your TV stand. And that’s why 4 shelf TV stands are popular among families. 4 shelves mean you can arrange different uses for each shelf space. And the sizeable storing area makes your living room look tidier and much cleaner. However, such … Read more

10 Quality and Stylish TV Stand Options for 80-Inch TV

different options for 80 inch tv stand

Owning a big TV up to 80 inches is enjoyable. But it may be hard to decorate the entertainment area. Placing A TV stand to enhance your living room’s main style and tone is an easy trick. Moreover, a properly sized TV Stand will support your 80-inch TV stably and offers you enough space to … Read more

L Shaped Sofa Dimensions – How to Ensure It Fits My Living Room?

dimensions of standard l shape sofa

If you are the sort who enjoys snuggling up on the sofa with movies or being a couch potato during your spare time, a comfortable sofa is a must-have in your home. Of course, the bigger, the better. If you want to experience the same comfort in your small living room, an L-shape sofa will … Read more