20 Cheap Black TV Stands That Don’t Skimp Style and Quality

Black TV stands? Sounds like a good idea for any modern or mid-century style room interior.

If you have ever gone for shopping a tv stand, you’ll find they are not so costly. However, that doesn’t mean you should give in a cheap one that lost quality and style.

And I am NOT going to just dump this plain advice and leave.

To save your wallet, I researched over 2,000 pieces of cheap black tv stands on the market, finally, I picked out these black TV stands that look anything but cheap.

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What Are Our Picking Rules?

To avoid any trust issues and intend to show you all some useful tricks, check what a pro interior designer considers when buying a black TV stand with a limited budget.

#1. Basically, They Should Be Affordable!

First of all, what price count for a cheap price?

On an average level, a TV stand under $300 is budget-friendly enough.

In this range, you can find the most suitable black TV stands for various sizes of TV. Hence the options and dimensions are still sufficient for filtering.

But I won’t let the average data knock you out. I manage to give you a much more money-saving list. I pick a lot of quality TV stands that under $200 and even $100.

Feel at ease now? Let’s move on.

#2. Their Black Finish Should Look Decent as Well

Sometimes our users complained about how their TV stands lack in style and looks ”cheap”(true for the price though).

The key difference is about the finishing. Over gloss finishing makes your TV stand look like a plastic model.

Most people can tell the price of furniture due to this very reason. So here comes our tips:

When picking cheap black TV stands, hunt for wood or stone finish that adds sence of elegance; if you stick to pure black finish, then matte texture looks more high-end.

#3. Their Quality Should Be Unquestionable

Basically, the quality differs from the materials of TV stands.

Though it’s impossible to buy a solid wood TV stand at such a price, we won’t muddle through the quality issue.

Due to the budget limitation, engineered wood like particleboard and MDF are available options.

Being made out of wood fibers, MDF is stronger and denser than particle board. And you can find that the MDF features a smooth surface, thus the MDF TV stands have a more decent and elegant black finish.

Therefore, MDF is the best choice and most recommended for a cheap black TV stand.

20 Options for Cheap Black TV Stands That Adds Style to Your Room

In this part, I intend to give you more options in case you have different needs for the same situation.

Now, let’s dive head first into the ocean of budget black TV stands that can be anything but cheap looking!

Small Space? Why Not Fit A Black Corner TV Stand In

Whether you need a TV stand for a smaller living room or bedroom using, a cheap black corner TV stand that takes up less space is worth the cost.

Glad that I find these pieces of elegant TV stands. They still steal the shows even at the corner.

2 Options for Cheap Black Corner TV Stand

By Walker Edison

Above: Vintage Wood Black Corner TV Stand for TV Up to 50” via Amazon (Under $200)

Need some elegance? A black wooden TV stand gets you covered.

I love how it hides those assemble traces to finish the look of wood. It satisfies both style and function needs of mine, and this vintage-style TV stand looks decent as well.

By Latitude Run®

Above: Black Modern Corner TV Stand for TV Up to 50” via Wayfair (Under $200)

I also picked this contemporary corner TV stand to match your modern room decor. A more sleek black wood finish gives it a modern look rather than a vintage one.

Too Much Miscellaneous Stuff to Store? Then Choose TV Stands with Cabinets

Source: overstock.com

Sometimes your living room looks messy since all the odds and ends have been shown on the TV stand.

You may consider using a black TV stand because they are easy to clean, why not buy a black TV stand with cabinets to help you with clutter.

2 Options for Cheap Black TV Stand with Cabinets

By Walker Edison

Above: Black Wood Finish TV Stand with Cabinets via Amazon (Under $150)

The cabinet door design truly catches my eyes. I love how the wood finish goes well with the dark matte texture of the whole look. This cheap TV stand is very pratical without a doubt.

You can place streaming devices or decoration ornaments in the opening shelving area, while store those cords and clutter stuff in the cabinets.


Above: Black Dresser TV Stand For TV Up to 45” via Amazon (Under $100 )

Who needs a bulky dresser if you have this black TV stand like this.

The wood accent on top gives a vibe and I like it. And it hides the farbic texutre and make the whole stand look like a wood one.

But the most satisfying part is about the large storage drawers it brings. I mean honestly, isn’t saving money on a dresser enough to make someone happy?

Live in A modern Room? Check These Low Profile Black TV Stands

source: homary.com

Low-profile design hit the trends in recent years. Indeed they match the various home decoration perfectly.

But if you want to enhance the modern style in your room, then the black low-profile TV stand is what I highly recommend. Neutral color is an important element of the contemporary interior.

Another selecting tip for a low TV stand is the door’s opening style: you will find it how smoothly when you move or store things with sliding doors.

2 Options for Cheap Low Profile Balck TV Stand

By Bestier

Above: 70 Inch Modern Black TV Stand for TV Up to 75” via Amazon (Under $250)

After seeing a bunch of TV stands, finally I get this black one and it should perpectly fit your neutral modern room. I admire how they combine the black matte texture and wood finish to make a high-end look.

By Modway

Above: Render Mid-Century Modern Black TV Stand for TV Up to 70” via Amazon (Under $300)

Since Mid-century modern style room hits the popularity, a more natural look wooden TV stand should be in our list. I bet you will love the boho feeling from the wooden sliding doors.

Tired of Square Cabinet? These Open Shelving Black TV Stands Shall Brighten Your Eyes

If you love to try something unusual like I do, replace your old TV cabinets with these cheap and cool black open shelving tv stands.

From a designer’s point of view, I enjoy inspiring the aesthetic potential of these TV stands.

And their Practicality should not be underestimated. The following two are the ones I finally picked out.

2 Options for Cheap Opening Shelf Black TV Stand

By Furinno

Above: Turn-N-Tube No Tools TV Stand for TV Up to 32” via Amazon (Under $30)

Open space gives you the right to store large items like shelf speakers or heavy devices.

Or you can put some natural potted plants on the shelves on both sides. Just like me, enjoy the green while watching TV.


Above: Opening Shelf TV Stand for TV Up to 65” via Amazon (Under $90)

Time for a brainstorm about room decoration with this horizontal shelf TV stand.

It’s always full of fun to have the freedom to arrange decors. In my experience, I unify the color or texture of the ornaments each time; thus the clutter issue should be gone significantly.

Seek A Taste of Farmhouse Style? Try Barn & Rattan Door Black TV Stands

Source: amazon.com

Who wouldn’t want to experience the natural farmhouse mood without moving legs? Now just you just need to click your screens and buy a cheap farmhouse TV stand.

But will the black color be a bit out of sync with the natural style?

In fact, color works little; the key elements of the rustic style are barn doors and rattan fabric. You can understand what I mean with the two TV stands below.

2 Options for Cheap Farmhouse Style Black TV Stand:

By Mopio Haylee

Above: Farmhouse Boho TV Stand for TV Up to 65” via Amazon (Under $250)

The woven rattan doors and the natural wood grain finish add a boho look especillay if you have hardwood floor in your room. The rattan part is made from natural fabrics so you won’t worry about they will lose colors or its shape.

By Sand & Stable™

Above: Florian TV Barn Door Style Black TV Stand for TV Up to 65” via Amazon (Under $300)

This black TV stand’s finish is sleeker and more neutral, so I would recommend this if you want a coastal farmhouse feeling in your room.

Minimalist Is Your Appetite? Use These 2-Tier Floating Black TV Stands with Simple Designs

Minimalism has been accepted and become many people’s life attitude. Personally, I also admire and am fond of how the minimalist aesthetic leaves imagination space for my eyes.

Luckily, the Floating design leaves blank space visually and less bulky. Hence these cheap simple design black floating TV stands are on my list.

2 Options for Cheap Black Floating TV Stand:

By Ebern Designs

Above: Rik Floating Black TV Stand For TV Up to 65” via Amazon (Under $100 )

These gold grooves work well with the black wood finish and look not cheesy. I won’t hesitate buy this TV stand with such a low price.

There’s cable management on the top tier for you to hide the cords. So enjoy the tidy looking.

By Rolanstar

Above: Wall Mounted Rustic Black TV Stand for TV Up to 60 Inch via Amazon (Under $150)

I know you have storage requirement even if you have a minmialist life style. This cheap black wall-mounted TV stand has 3 open shelves for you to store cable box and other devices.

Hunt for Luxe? Get Luxury Feelings from These Black TV Stands with Golden Elements

Golden element is such a hack trick when you build a touch of luxe. And black is the best basic base color for a luxury TV stand.

For a more creative look, I selected these cheap black TV stands with gold elements, but not on legs.

2 Options for Cheap Black and Gold TV Stands:

By Manhattan Comfort

Above: Black Gold TV Stand for TV Up to 65” via Amazon (Under $200)

The gold color grooves break the dull feeling of this black wooden TV stand. This piece gives a mid-century modern style that won’t drag your room down to a cheesy look.

By Ivy Bronx

Above: Euna Black Gold TV Stand for TV Up to 70” via Wayfair (Under $250)

The clear-lined and golden furnish frame build out this ultra-modern TV stand. You won’t believe it costs less than a quarter of a real luxurious TV stand.

The faux marble box in the middle adds a touch of elegance. Want to suprise your vistors? Use this to win their admiration.

Look for Black TV Stands for Game Consoles? These Black TV Stand with Cord Management Are What You Need

Crazy about games? So am I! And you will have a high requirement about the TV stand.

To have more money left on the games, I select these cheap black TV consoles with ample room and cord management for your streaming devices.

2 Options for Cheap Black Gaming TV Stand:

By Panana

Above: 6 Cubby Style with 6 Cord Holes for Multi Game Devices User via Amazon (Under $200)

One with 6 cord management helps a lot if you have more than one game console or streaming device. If such a size is slightly big for your room, you can get a smaller sized one from Tangkula.

By Convenience Concepts

Above: 4-Tier Black TV Stand for Floating TV via Amazon (Under $150)

This is what I talk about when gamers ask me to recommend a practical and budget TV stand for a floating TV. You have a lot of room to arrange your game consoles.

And you can move or manage the cords easily with the open shelf. If you pursuit practicality then this is the best.

Kind of Glass Tabletop Lover? These Glass Top Black Stands Won’t Disappoint You

I enjoy the glass material and I know you do too. A glass TV stand will brighten up your room and add a stylish look to the interior. Visually, black colors make a contrasting impact with glasses.

But I am not satisfied with the common 4-tier glass top TV stands. They just lack in style and look too normal.

Glad that I find these stylish pieces to add highlights to your home.

By Ivinta

Above: Glass Table TV Stand for TV Up to 48” via Amazon (Under $180)

The black slim leg design catch my sight immediately. The whole piece shows a mid-century look and you will love how it enhance the mood of the whole space.

I prefer to put it in the bedroom since it holds a small size TV. If you have a boho or rustic room, you will want to buy it.

By Orren Ellis

Above: Auzenne Glass Top TV Stand for TV Up to 58” via Wayfair (Under $300)

Another budget black TV stand with geometric beauty. You can use it to decorate your living room for a modern look. The tempered glass top is sturdy and will hold your TV stably.

Prefer a Cozy Hut Feeling? Black TV Stands with Fireplace Will Satisfy Your Demands

If you want your room to look cozier and warmer, you can light up the electric fireplace without chopping wood and handle the ashes.

I picked these black TV stands with fireplaces that can warm up a 400 ft room. Besides, you can control the flame with remote control with various settings for maximum convenience.

2 Options for Cheap Black TV Stand with Fireplace:


Above: Black TV Stand with Fireplaces for TV Up to 80” via Amazon (Under $300)

Changeable flame, temperature control, and timer setting, all the advanced functionality you can find on this fireplace. And even more great, it only cost your no more than $300.

By Zipcode Design™

Above: Kohn Black Mirrored TV Stand with Fireplace for TV Up to 65” via Amazon (Under $250)

The natural finish and mirror doors are the biggest reason that I recommend this. If you demand more on the look and style of things, get this one without hesitation.

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