How to Integrate Church Pew in Your Living Room? (3 Must-to-do Things & 35 Ideas)

Have you ever tried to integrate a church pew in your living room? If not, then I highly recommend you do so. The thick wooden or pine church pew, with a vintage sense, will upgrade your home significantly. And do not take it as a church pew only, for there are great possibilities to discover.

When you arrange the church pew well, you get a bench and a decoration simultaneously.

Then how to integrate the church pew into the living room?

Here are 3 must-to-do things you should bear in mind:

  • Consider the style of living room.
  • Get your church pew into needed color.
  • Determine the use and placement of the church pew.

Now let’s start our trek.

First, You Need to Match the Style of Your Living Room with Pew Color.

Your living room’s style determines what color your church pew should be. In general, the church pew on the market is typically in hardwood color; it is the easiest to match with any home style.

But if you want your room to get a more elegant texture, pair your church pew color with the following principles:

White color goes with any style, yet modern style is in the first line.

When your living room is in modern style, getting a white church pew will always be a wise choice. The modern interior design focuses on simple form and function; thus, placing a white church pew won’t disturb the sense.

Pure white gives a sprinkle of cleanness, and the rustic white with a shabby sense brings an elegant touch.

Source: fancyashley

In terms of contemporary style, always pick the grey color.

The contemporary interior home design adopts neutral palettes and stark minimalism to show the personality. Under this type of atmosphere, a grey color church pew with clean lines endows the room with a cool sensation. While adding the same color cushion to the church pew helps to create an inviting feeling if you prefer a warmer tone.

Source: @M21arie

Natural wood is also a joker color, like white, especially for farmhouse style.

When it comes to a farmhouse-style living room, expect to see loads of natural textures and materials, large areas of warm neutrals, sleek lines, and vintage accessories. Living in a farmhouse-style home allows you to experience wildlife and immerse in nature wholeheartedly. Just extend the sense by arranging the natural wood church pew.

Source: etsy

Yes, natural wood color is tailored for rustic style. But how’s the light blue color?

Rustic style is defined by the prolific use of reclaimed and wholly natural wood, so indeed is natural wood church pew a perfect match; the same goes with other natural wood furniture. If your living room is crowded with such theme furniture, why not try the light blue one? The low saturation color mixes the whole style but pops up a bit to bring vigor to your house.

Keep the dark wood color; it matches perfectly with the vintage style.

Vintage style is known as the utilization of antique collections to create an environment of living in the past, so natural wood church pew is the perfect thing this style is looking for. Compared with light wood, dark wood, such as oak material or hardwood material, tends to present thicker historical touch and can be an ideal match with any other antique furniture in your house, whether it is mid-century, catholic, or victorian style.

Alright, that’s all about color selection on a church pew and living room style; just a reminder, the above-recommended colors are not the must color for each style.

Let’s say, white color for contemporary style, then can light wood color matches with that style?

Sure, it matches well too. We only give those colors for reference; you can also determine the color pallet yourself.

Get Your Church Pew Painted or Buy A Colored One.

Most of the church pews you can get from antique market are in natural wood, if that’s the aim color you want, let it be. However, if your space requires a colorful pew, you’ll want to buy a colored pew or repaint it, the process of repainting is quite easy and all you need is a paint sprayer.

Here is how you can repaint and upgrade the old church pew:

Color Is Done, Then What to Do with Church Pew In Living Room?

Unlike a mirror or a shelf, a church pew, as a piece of bulk furniture, is vital enough to set the area’s tone. Other than in decor, it also gives magnificent value in practical use, such as being an entry bench or storage in your house, not to say its outdoor functions, like being a church pew swing or a coastal lying bench.

Here we only discuss its magic use in the living room, ready to be amazed at how functional it can be.

Use It as a dining bench

If you plan to arrange a dining table set in your living room, try to replace your dining chairs with a painted church pew. Why? Because they are narrow but sturdy, the high back supports you for a long-hour meal or afternoon chitchat. Most importantly, it brings an aesthetic feeling to your dining area.

What to Match: Brown wooden dining table & same color dining chairs.

How to Decor: Light color pillows/blanket & green plants.

Source: @casslynne88

A white church pew with a white dining table cooperates well in this farmhouse-style room. The throw pillows also pair with the chair and blanket in the same color. Green plants on the dining table and the ground work as an echo.

Source: @blesserhouse

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These two ideas adopt the same matching principle: using the white church to pair with a wooden dining table. It is precisely what this whole room designs: white wall echos with a white church pew, while the wooden cupboard uses the same material as the wooden dining table. Also, the green plants and stripe blanket warmed the living room atmosphere.

Wooden church pews with metal chairs are also worth drawing on. When your living room is full of thick wooden elements, think wooden floor, wooden side tables, and wooden doors or cabinets, you’ll want some light texture or light color to relieve the burden brought by large areas of wooden. Metal chairs, especially in white color, work perfectly well.

Use It as an entry bench

If there’s no way to distinguish your porch and your living room, adding a church pew as an entry bench solves the problem. The long narrow design occupies no large space and leaves a wide upper area, where you can place wall arts as decoration or hang stuff as a wall shelf.

How to Decor: Wall arts, floor green plants, entry shelf & blanket.

The wooden frames of wall arts go with wooden church pew to keep a balanced color scheme in this area; only use white throw pillows and blanket to neutralize the thickness. The green plants set next to the church pew give vividness to the room.

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The white church pew has excellent power in matching, making the colorful blanket and fake pumpkins jump out of the scenic without visually causing chaos. At the same time, the other decoration lies peacefully in neutralized colors.

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Unlike a regular wooden or white pew, the light green pew tends to be more attractive. It brightens the area but not too much; with wrinkle blanket and throw pillows and plants in the metal bucket; it creates a cozy and lazy atmosphere.

Source: etsy

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If your living room foyer goes with white and wooden elements, plants can be an ideal choice to mix them together, just sprinkle them all around.

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Well, if you want your church pew to be a pure decoration, just load with other stuff. Multiple throw pillows are the trick to bring warmth into your living room immediately.

Use It as a living room chair

You can not imagine what sparkles will appear when pairing a church pew with your sofa; it works for fabric and leather sofas.

How’s it happened? Well, when used as a living room chair, the church pew is generally in wooden or white colors; these two, we have talked about a lot of joker color pallets that go with nearly all colors. And when they were placed near a sofa, the smooth seat collided with the soft sofa seat and flamed into warmth. To put it simply, think of putting a fabric throw pillow on the wooden church pew.

What to Match: Wooden coffee table, fabric sofa.

How to Decor: A throw pillow.

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The wooden church pew, especially with smooth finish has high level of texture and is the key to make your room more luxurious. If your living room is of vintage style, all your decorative stuff should be with the same style, like the rugs, wall and candle holders.

Source: @casslynne88

Use It as a storage

When you have mountains of clutter in your living room, you’ll know how important to have a church pew for storage. The church pew was born to be a storage tool; you won’t question me if you know how large space is designed under the pew. It provides a chance to give a safe home for your shoes, garments, or anything you want to hide; as for the house choice, large boxes or baskets are your top choice.

How to Decor: storage baskets or boxes, throw pillows & blanket, plants.

Source: @margaretbils

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When you have no idea about upgrading your church pew surroundings, try a mirror. A quirky but well-designed mirror gives special touch to your areas, and it won’t cost you too much.

Source: @designsponge

Use It as a laidback seat

Have you ever thought of getting a seat before the large window, laying on the bench for a relaxing sun bath? Most people will choose a long sofa, but you may try church pew, it appears to be more extricate and combines better with the surroundings. All you need is to place a rug under it and equally important, the throw pillows.

How to Decor: Rugs, throw pillow & bunch of flowers.

Source: @bethompson9

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Sitting on the light blue church pew, with a breeze blowing the white curtains, you spend the whole day feeling the coolness of the glass in hand, closing eyes to shut off all the visual senses that might disturb the sounds and smell of spring. How do you like it? Try to integrate your pew like this.


Use It as a corner chair

A good interior design is to make most of the corner spaces. A floor plant is good but not enough; a church pew will dramatically change.

  • For a small corner, a small pew around 4 feet fits well.
  • You’ll find a 6-foot church pew a good match for a staircase corner.
  • You get an 8-foot pew to create a tiny dining area for a more extended corner.

You can place a tiny floor plant if there’s no ample space for other decorative stuff besides a pew. Once you find ample space left around the bench, you may add a cabinet and some decorative boxes.

How to Decor: Green floor plants, throw pillows & blanket.


The 4-foot church pew can be an excellent helper in decorating small corners in your living room; just paint it a neutral color; light grey is suitable for almost all home styles. And then place several baskets around; now, you harvest a corner for a relaxing daze time.

There will always be a corner under your staircase; why not use it? Set a wall shelf or a wall art set, and then get your pew here. If the corner is large enough, place a floor plant or a small cabinet around.

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Use It as a part of the decor

The church pew can be a single decor in your house; you need only spare one wall in your living room and place the bench and wall decorations. As it emphasizes decor rather than function, you’ll want the whole area in the same style. For example, when your pew is painted white, leave large areas of white on your wall to match; or you can choose the wooden type and use the wooden wall art frame as an echo.

How to Decor: wall arts, wall shelf, small plants & throw pillows.


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Getting the wall arts covered all around the wall can be the easiest solution for any home style, and when picking the wall arts, get various shapes.

Source: @Cutertudor

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Source: @l3d

If the pew is long, you may also consider hanging a wall shelf next to the wall arts; make it a classic style and they’ll work perfectly well with the French home style.

Source: sarahpowell

Placing a rug under the church pew will effectively change the tone of the whole room; large areas of white on the wall, pew, basket, and blanket give enough space for the colorful rugs and pillow to show their beauty. The round better-designed mirror pair with the round side table and the cloth basket.

Finally Comes Your Time, Do with Your Church Pew Now.

Let’s make a review, in integrating church pew into your living room, you need to:

  • Determine your living room style.
  • Get your church pew painted.
  • Think where and how you intend to use them.

We will constantly upgrading our posts, so if you have better ideas on how to arrange church pew in house or if you intend to share your experience on decorating your living room with the pew, please let me know through here.

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