Dining Table Vase Decor – Set Your Graceful Table (Flower Arrangement Included)

Here is a misconception that dining tables need multiple decorations to style. That is why many people give up setting their dining table. The truth is, a vase and a bouquet will make a difference.

Before the food is served, the first thing that catches your guest’s eye is the decorations on the table, vases, flowers, tableware, etc. The beautiful dining table vase decors impress your friends and offer a warm dining atmosphere.

Here are three factors to consider before you investing a dining table vase.

  • Vase type, color and size
  • Rules to style dining table with vase
  • Flower arrangement tips
  • Samples for different occasions

I will also give you some ideas on vase styling. Now let’s explore how to determine which vase you will need.

First, Dining Table Material Determines the Vase Type

There are millions of vase choices for dining tables, and the first thing is to figure out what vase type is the best one to buy. I suggest you choose the vase type according to the dining table material.

>> Wooden dining table, go for a ceramic vase

The wood dining table is very popular for its elegant appearance and streamline. It combines the unique feel of the countryside and the pastoral.

It looks best with a ceramic vase to create a warm environment. The ceramic vases are extremely elegant and graceful, therefore it matches the best with wooden tables.

Plain-colored ceramic vases are probably the “high-end basics” in vases. They look good when placed alone, and can set off the bright colors of flowers. With the antique ceramic vase, your table becomes a sculptural piece of art.

>> Marble dining table, go for a glass/ceramic vase

If your dining table is made of marble, choose a glass vase to decorate the table, showing shows a fashionable atmosphere.

The marble dining table has a unique style of stone material. In particular, some marbles with natural textures are more artistic. Therefore, the glass and ceramic vase will bring out the marble desktop.

When using transparent glass vases, you need to trimm the roots that may be exposed, otherwise the messy roots will steal the thunder of flowers.

>> Tempered glass dining table, go for a metal/rattan vase

Compared with the traditional wooden dining table, the tempered glass dining table is bolder and more avant-garde. It brings clearness and a modern sense to your room.

Therefore, you can use a metal or a rattan vase to emphasize the simple lines. The metal/rattan vase usually are specially designed and artics. They will not break the make a loud sound when they accidentally fall. They will impress your guests!

Second, Dining Table Color Determines the Vase Color

If you want you vase looks eye-pleasing, you should avoid color disharmony. I’ven seen lots of fail cases, so I would also consider the dining table color. The right color scheme will improve your dining room style.

>> For warm color dining table

If your table is warm color, such as orange, yellow, brown or red, you can choose the bright colors to match with it.

The recommended vase color are:

White, purple, sapphire blue, peach red, rose red, light pink, tender pinketc, which looks aristocratic.

Decor samples:

>> For cold color dining table

If your dining table are blue, grey, black, you shall choose the same color tone to match with the table.

The recommended vase colors are:

White, blue, green, grey, gold, silver, etc., which add more modern decor and peace.

Decor samples:

Third, Dining Table Size Determines the Vase Shape and Size

If your dining table is longer than 170 cm or with a 6-seater capatity, then you have two choice:

  1. Choose a tall vase (12”or 35 cm above) if you want use a single vase to make your table less dull.
  2. Use several small vases in group if you want fill you table with flower cluster to create a paiting-like decoration.

The large vase can be placed on the dining room as a show stopper. A little flower embellishment is also needed to enhance the delicacy of the entire room.

You can choose cylindrical shape tapering to a narrow round mouth if you want to bring out the vase design instead of flowers.

If your dining table is 4-seater or less, the smaller gourd-shaped with a narrow neck and opening vase is best. Or you can choose a round vase with a wider mouth. Remember, if you are not planning buying flowers often, narrow-mouth vases are the most suitable ones.

Want to decorate your small coffee table? Small vases under 20 cm long are a good choice if you wan to add some elegance to your coffee table.

In short, if your dining table is for 6 people or large, choose the vase of at least 12”; if your dining table is for 4 people or smaller, choose a round vase of 8”; if you have a smaller coffe table, choose a vase around 6”.

Never Go Wrong with Dining Table Vase Display Rule

Here are rules to keep in mind when style your dining table with vases.

Rule 1. Arrange vases in groups and series

If you want your vase to eye-catching, you can arrange your vase in groups and series. Avoid using only one or two tiny vases. As for dining room decoration, a small single vase is often ignored because of its small size.

So the solution is to put the right size and number of vases in the right space. You can use a medium size vase and couple of small vases to enrich the table decoration.

Rule 2. The vase height should not block the view

The dining table is a place for everyone to dine and communicate. I suppose it is inconvenient if there was a particularly tall bunch of flowers in the middle, right?

Therefore, the height of the vase should not be too high, otherwise it will block your guest’s view. The flowers should also be placed in the side of the table when start eating.

Rule 3. Do not use fake flower for arrangement

Remember that not each vase needs to be filled with flowers. In addition, it is best not to insert fake flowers. Even if the flowers slowly dry, they will be much more beautiful than the artificial ones.

Of course, flower arranging is an art. If you don’t know how to arrange flowers, then remember the most important principles. The flowers should not be the same size and height.

So, how to arrange the flower? Here are some ideas for you own a beautiful vase and flower bouquet.

Flower Arrangement with Right Vase to Impress Your Guests

The first question is: how long the flower stems should you cut?

The length of the flower is about 1.5 to 2 times the length of the vase. For example, a bunch of carnations of about 30 cm is more suitable in a vase of about 20 cm. If your roses are half a meter high, you need a 30 cm tall vase to support.

Now you may wonder what vases match best with different flowers.

Idea 1. Cylinder or cubic vase & leafy flowers

The cylinder vase provide a concise and clear structure for your dining table. No matter it is tall or short, you can always find the suitable flower for it, such as lilies, sunflowers and other long-branched flowers.

Flowers with flourishing leaves create a lush sense of volume and also provide cover for the stems in the glass vase.

Idea 2. Vase with wide opening & large flowers

Any large flower need a vase with a wide opening, including those giant roses that are half a metre long or tall hydrangeas. Using such a vase, you can avoid the problem that the flower branches are scattered and difficult to fix in the center. You can add pebbles to the vase for a better decor.

Idea 3. Round vase & Short branched flowers

Round vases look best with plump, large flowers such as tulips, orchids, and roses. The bouquets you receive can be inserted directly into them without having to rearrange them.

Remember to trim to the right height for the vase. The mouth of the round vase is wide, and the flowers with thicker stems are easier to fix in it.

A slightly taller oval vase might be more practical, so that the branches don’t have to be cut too short and won’t spread too easily.

Idea 4. Small vase with narrow opening & twig flowers

Owing to the narrow mouth, just one or two flowers can be concave to form a good shape. If you put too many flowers in it, the vase will loose the point.

In addition, twig-like herbs such as magnolia and wicker are beautiful in a vase and placed on a cabinet, or with a single flower to create a floral layer.

Dining Table Vase Decors for Different Occasions

Here are some dining table vase decors for your reference.

1. For a romantic date

You can choose a cermaic vase for white candles and minimalistic flowers. In addition to flowers, fruits, potted plants, and green plants such as vines are also good decorations.

2. For a wedding banquet

First, the color should be consistent with the flower arrangement of the church. Choose flowers that are in full bloom. The white flower is the best choice!

Therefore, the glass vase is the best choice to show the flowers. They brings clearness and simple lines for the table.

Use interesting creative decorations on the table, such as plates with fire patterns, wooden tables with gold leaf and hanging hydrogen balloons, vintage wood decorations, colorful flower arrangements, ect.

3. For a personal party

If it is a private banquet, the arrangement of flowers and vase on the dining table can be creative, not limited to traditional vases (ceramic vases, glass vases, etc.).

Use wine bottles, teacups, wine glasses, kettles, and other eye-catching container as to decorate.

Pick the Best Dining Table Vase and Start Styling Now

At Last

I hope this post helps you with dining table vase decor. We are providing your more ideas on decorating dining rooms! If you are interested, please follow our website.

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