26 Popular Double Hanging Wardrobe Closet Options in 2022

As a homeowner, have you ever been,

  • Tired of spending loads of time folding your laundry?
  • Difficult to access your wanted OOTD in the piles of shoved clothes?

A closet is an essential addition to any home, but less closet storage or an unreasonable inside layout may ruin your life quality, making your relaxing bedroom a mess.

In this way, we recommend you try a double hanging wardrobe closet, as it increases your hanging space, saving your time and sanity.

A double hanging wardrobe closet will cut down your folding time and always makes garments easier to access among numbers of fresh laundry.

Here are several options for you to consider and space requirements for DIY your double clothes rack in your closet.

Space Requirements for a Well-Kept Double Hanging Wardrobe Closet

Double hanging wardrobe closet mainly consists of 2 types, up-and-down double-tier ones and left-and-right ones.

Here are some important numbers to keep in mind for these 2 types of closets.

Up-And-Down Double Hanging Closet

  • The depth of an up-and-down double hanging closet should be at least 19.6in or 50cm, and the standard depth could be 23.6in or 60cm. If you plan to hang bulky items, the depth should be 28in or 71.1cm.
  • Ensure there leaves at least 2in or 5cm to allow hangers for passing over the top of the rod. If you have ample space, 4in or 10cm is a convenient space.
  • The long-hang rod for hanging dresses, coats and other long items should be 68in or 172.7cm above the floor.
  • The short-hang rod for hanging pants, tops and T-shirts could be at a minimum of 36in or 91.4cm, most preferred at a height of 43.2in or 91.9cm.

As a thumb of rule, it is normally seen in homes with a double-hang configuration (both for short items hanging) with one rod placed at the height of 42in or 106.7cm and the other rod at 82in or 208.2cm above the floor.

Left-And-Right Double Hanging System

  • The left-and-right double hanging garment rack should be apart from another rail with a minimum depth of 21in or 53.3cm, and a standard size of 24in or 60.9cm.
  • Its height ranges from 47.2in or 120cm, to 72in or 182.8cm.

Generally, the truth of the dimensions is not set in stone. Measure your clothing, hangers and adjust them accordingly.

Top 26 Armoire Options with Double Hanging Rods

Here are 26 top rated double hanging closet organizer options to direct the best-suited one for you.

Tall Double Hanging Rail Wardrobe

reach in closet with 2 hanging space

A tall and large double hanging rack system is a great choice for a reach-in closet. This type of organizer is often built with expandable racks in the middle and shelving space on both sides.

If you have a long and narrow wardrobe closet, a tall expandable frame system is the first choice.

Note when you pick an expandable rack organizer, ensure you get a solid stainless steel frame which is the strongest structure with a high bearing capacity.

Check the Tall Single Closets with Double Hanging Spaces:

Chrome Double Hang Closet Rod

chrome double hanging closet organizer

If you’re buying a double hanging closet system for a laundry room, the one with a polished chrome oval hanging rod will surprise you.

The chrome finish protects from water and heat damage, and is rust resistant.

Therefore, if you plan to put the garment rack close to the bathroom or if you live in a damp area, don’t miss the chrome double hanging closet rails.

Plus, the chrome coating revitalizes your closet’s appearance and keeps your closet system brand new always.

It’s a smooth and sleek finish that is bright and eye-catching. The closet system with this aesthetic appeal is a popular choice and go-to option for modern homes.

Check the Chrome Double Hanging Garment Organizer:

White Double Hanging Wardrobe

white double hanging wardrobe

White furniture is always a trend to go and match any type or color of interior design.

If you want your home to be clean and neat all year round, a white double hanging closet should be in your pocket because white furniture brings an incredibly cozy and tidy feel to a home.

If you want a brighter and larger space, you shouldn’t shy away from the white double hanging wardrobe closets. White furniture, like the function of the mirror, often gives an illusion of space. White walls and closets make a room feel more spacious by reflecting more light.

Note when you decorate your room with white furniture, always union the “white color” in walls, closets, doors, etc.

Check the White Double Hanging Closet Wardrobes:

Large Freestanding Wardrobes with Two Hanging Rails

large double wardrobe with two hanging rails

Are you a person with a tight budget but want to tidy up your piles of clothes by hanging all of them up? A freestanding wardrobe with 2 hanging rails is for you.

Compared with fitted wardrobe closets, the freestanding type is far cheaper, often $300 – $500 lower than the fitted one.

In addition to its low cost, it is portable to move around. If you live in a rented house, freestanding wardrobe with double hanging, no damage to your walls, is an ideal addition for you.

Check the Large Freestanding Closet with Double Hanging Rods:

Double Hanging Space with Shelves in Closet

freestanding double hanging wardrobes

A double hanging space with extra shelves subdivides your storage space into compartments which allow for specific clothing storage and easy access to your garment.

If you want to keep your sweaters and shorts in shape, you shouldn’t hang them up.

The shelves give you more options. You can fold or roll them up and lay them onto different tiers. Certainly, jewelry boxes also can be placed on the shelf.

This design aims for people who are going to get the entire outfit together in one area.

Plus a full length mirror and a laundry hamper (Check the GREENSTELL rattan basket with lid), this space can be a portable mobile walk-in closet.

Check the Closets with Double Hanging Areas and Shelves:

Double Clothes Rack in Closet with Dustproof Cover

armoire with double hanging rods

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you hate to clean the inside of a closet, or if you live in a windy and sandy area, a double hanging wardrobe closest with a dust cover is a must-have item for you.

The cover offers an added layer of protection from dust, snagging, and sun damage.

Already have a double hanging rack system? You may need garment bags (Check Univivi suit bags) to be dust free.

Check the Dustfree Double Hanging Closet:

Double Garment Hanging Racks with Adjustable Height or Width

adjustable double hanging space in closet

If you don’t want your closet cluttered, a double hanging wardrobe closet with adjustable features is an excellent way to improve and simplify your home lifestyle.

Whether with the adjustable height or expandable width, an adjustable double hanging rail organizer is a great method to expand space and customize whatever size to help you clear up your temporary, seasonal and all-year-round clothes, shoes or boots.

Check the Adjustable Double Hanging Closet Organizer:

Industrial Style Garment Clothes Rack with Wheels

industrial double hanging wardrobe

If you have a small apartment, and your friends visit your house very often, getting a double hanging rack with wheels will not disappoint you.

It makes the advantages of your small space, which will not affect the natural light into your bedroom or ventilation.

And you can push it to another space when you give your visitors a tour.

If you have decorated your house with industrial or farmhouse style, the black or gold finish double garment rack makes your interior design even better.

Worry that the casters hurt your floorings? Put a rug under it or just look for a rack with plastic rollers.

Check the Industrial Style Double Hanging Organizers with Wheels:

What If You Divide A Long Hanging Space into 2 Short Spaces?

If you already have a closet area for hanging longer items and prepare a makeover for 2 shorter items hanging spaces, consider using an adjustable closet rod hanger to help you out of the dilemma on a very short budget.

Among so many hangers rushed into the market, the STORAGE MANIAC is a positive choice. It is built with alloy steel coated with a chrome finish, lasting for long and won’t crack.

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