Dusty Pink: Check How to Use It In Bedroom Decor

Need some inspiration about bedroom decor colors? I’ve talked about the natural-inspired greenery interior ideas but left another trending warm color out of the box.

So today I’ll show you something different. An elegant, romantic, and neutral as well bedroom interior color:

Dusty Pink, the Best Pink Color for Adult Bedroom

What color is it exactly? Dusty pink is a neutral, a bit deep, and soft pink color. The dusty look is a result of adding beige with white and red.

Different Shades of Dusty Pink via color-hex

For adult bedrooms, this is the perfect color for your private space.

Dusty pink has powerful soothing properties as a soft color. You can relax your mind and body peacefully in a dusty pink bedroom.

Moreover, the white and beige undertones make dusty pink a perfect base color. You can enjoy the subdued and mature touch, whether with modern, boho, rustic, or any style you prefer.

It’s full of fun playing with such a versatile color and designing your bedroom interior.

But more inspiration, more creative thoughts. Let’s check the following 5 dusty pink bedroom decor cases. Hence you can get a few stunning ideas.

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Dusty Pink Bedroom Inspiration

– 5 Realistic Room Interior Cases –

#1. Modern Rustic Vibe Dusty Pink Bedroom

Afraid that a dusty pink bedroom will look dull? In fact, dusty pink looks brighter than other neutral colors like gray and beige.

Check this bedroom from Topology’s Airbnb project in Coventry, Uk. Under sunlight, the dusty pink wall finish is full of airy feelings.


Thus, instead of serenity, this bedroom is full of life; you can feel it through the floor plant and rattan rug.

Another way to freshen up a dusty pink bedroom is by adding natural elements. Wood, plants, rattan, ceramic, and linen decor hits the point.

Here you can find the dusty pink element in the wall art. Such a romantic color matches well with any artistic decor.

And you can see how the beige undertone compliments the dusty pink through the curtains and beddings. Similar neutral colors make the room’s palette gentle and soft.

  • How Does the Bedroom Feel: Modern, Vibrant, Cozy
  • Dusty Pink Decor To Use: Wall Art, Wall Paint, Pillows
  • Other Decor: Floor Plants, Rattan Rugs, Braided Wood Stool, Ceramic Vase, Linen Throw Blanket

More Details About the Bedroom –


#2. Dusty Pink Bedroom Decor In a Simple Way

Compared with other neutral colors, dusty pink is full of emotions. So why not let the pinky walls become the room’s focal point?

This is a lovely bedroom room from the apartment sold on the Kvarteret Makleri website.

Different tints of dusty pink fall on the beddings, the rug, and walls. They only use black or white to accent the room to let the pink visually pop up.

@Kvarteret Makleri

And the room interiors focus on dedication instead of quantity.

I particularly love the few decors they used near the bed; the monochrome artwork and the simple white coffee tables add an artistic vibe to the bedroom.

It’s easy to recreate the decor in your bedroom. Declutter the unnecessary stuff and pick out several simple designed decorations you have.

Plus, this style is very ideal for bedrooms with walk-in closets. You have enough room for storing while you can enjoy the minimalist dusty bedroom decor. (Check more ideas about walk-in closets in this post!)

@Kvarteret Makleri
  • How Does the Bedroom Feel: Minimalist, Pinky
  • Dusty Pink Decor To Use: Walls, Rugs, Beddings
  • Other Decor: White Coffetable, Black-White Wall Arts

More Details About the Bedroom –

#3. Vintage Dusty Pink Bedroom Decor

Speaking of elegance and romance, try to make a vintage look with this soft pink color in your bedroom.

@Elle_the_home_bird shared this beautiful retro dusty pink bedroom on Instagram. Florals are everywhere and accent the softness of dusty pink.

Nothing will be fancier than this for a girls’ boudoir. Various shades of dusty pink and flower patterned pillows are so chic and feminine.

The vintage vibes are properly expressed. You can find that the wall lamp and candle stand of traditional metal materials give a unique 19th-century look.


Without a doubt, a cottage closet and crystal chandelier are essential for the look. And the rug is the expansion of dusty pink on the floor.

The main colors on the palette are white and pink( such a good match), or you can make an accent wall with some pop-up colors like this below.


How Does the Bedroom Feel: Retro, Vintage, Cottage
Dusty Pink Decor To Use: Walls, Rugs, Beddings
Other Decor: Retro Design Cabinets, Florals

#4. Bedroom Accent Gallery Wall In Dusty Pink Color

Still a little wary about painting the whole room dusty pink?

Here aclassymess gives us a different way of painting pink in bedrooms. They incorporate the dusty pink into the gallery wall and use it as an accent.

Like I said before, dusty pink walls are perfect for artistic work, and they are emotional enough to give the bedroom a well-done look.

And the dusty pink gallery wall makes good use of these features.


You can freely choose any art style but pay attention to the colors. Neutrality is the only rule of thumb to follow.

The beddings also inspire me. Unlike the cases above, they use a headboard to create layers of dusty pink instead of beddings. Hence you can feel the beauty of a clear arrangement of colors.

  • How Does the Bedroom Feel: Elegant, Artistic
  • Dusty Pink Decor To Use: Bedding, Accent Wall
  • Other Decor: Wood Frame Wall Arts, White Night Stand, Metallic Lampshade

More Details About the Wall Art –

#5. Modern Chic Dusty Pink Decor with White Wall Bedroom

Prefer an even more neutral look? The bedroom posted by Westwing Polands will inspire us.

For the modern vibe, they remain the white color to be the main tone of bedroom paint. However, you will find that the dusty pink color is not overwhelmed.

Tints and shades of dusty pink splash on anywhere. The armchair, throw blankets, knot pillows, and the stools.


I love the contemporary feel of the decorations they selected. But for the bedding design, I prefer to recommend the @vtwonen’s high contrast beddings.

Shades of black color pillows enrich the whole layers of color with the dusty pink bed sheet. And they look vibrant with the dusty pink bed sheet instead of dull.

  • How Does the Bedroom Feel: Modern, Neutral
  • Dusty Pink Decor To Use: Pillows, Knot Pillows, Throw Blankets
  • Other Decor: Fluffy Rugs

Bonus: Popular Dusty Pink Bedroom Decor Color Schemes

We have checked enough for the white and dusty pink bedroom decor. But what about other color combinations?

If you want to have a more colorful one, I picked out the most popular color palette for a dusty pink bedroom.

Navy Blue and Dusty Pink

  • Color Palette: Navy Blue, Deep Gray, Light Gray, Dusty Pink
  • Mood: Calm, Peace, Serenity

Teal and Dusty Pink

  • Color Palette: Cyan, Dusty Pink, Gold
  • Mood: Energetic, Satisfied

Gray and Dusty Pink

  • Color Palette: Different Tints of Gray, Dusty Pink
  • Mood: Modern, Cozy

Final Words

Well, that’s the end. Each of the 5 dusty pink bedrooms has a different style of decor and usage of pink color.

I love a more neutral look, so I’ll use different shades of black and gray to pair with dusty pink in my bedroom. What about yours?

I hope you can get the best one for your room arrangement.

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