16 Favorites: Foldable Outdoor Dining Table to Enjoy Summer Breeze

I don’t know about you guys, but I love having dinner in my garden and enjoying the good weather. Check out my backyard. Isn’t it seems nice to drink wines, sing songs and enjoy the summer breeze at night?

If you want your backyard to be comfortable and functional like mine, I highly recommend foldable outdoor dining table sets to fill your space.

Yes, I tried many patio furniture and only to find that the fold outdoor tables are the most convenient one to avoid troubles. For example, the folding dining table can be stored in a narrow space and is easy to move and clean.

Suitable outdoor dining table will make your backyard a new favorite spot for entertaining. But don’t rush to make a purchase. Here are a few things to confirm first.

Thoughtful Foldable Dining Table Planning, Better Outdoor Time

Make thoughtful planning by figuring out the following questions. It helps you get the perfect dining table and build a beautiful outdoor area you dream of.

Q1. How will your outdoor space function?

What would you do in your outdoor area? Think carefully, do you want to have dinner with your family in your garden or backyard? Or will you invite your friends for a dinner party? Do you just need a peaceful place and spare some time reading or relaxing?

Well, choosing a foldable dining table is the primary choice if you have dinner enjoy a warm summer night with 2 – 5 people. Sit around together to enjoy the leisure time, chatting and drinking.

The small foldable table is also worth buying If you would like to create a cozy place for your friends and besties for an afternoon. (Have a glance at Amazon first.)

If you often host a party, I would suggest you give up a dining table. Go for a sectional patio sofa with cushions and a table. (Shop Flamaker Patio Sofa Set now). They provide conformable seats for your friends sitting and lying. 

Q2. Do you have a small or large outdoor space?

If your available outdoor area is small, such as a balcony, limited front door area, or garden, you can buy a foldable dining table that allows chairs to tuck in. Or you can simply choose folding or stackable chairs. By the way, the extendable dining table is an option to save storage space.

If you have a large outdoor room, you can buy a table with an umbrella hole on it. You can also try a patio bench table and chairs with backs.

Q3. Will you leave your dining table outside for a long time?

If so, get a weather-resistant dining table. If you buy a wood patio table, make sure it is sealed and stained. In fact, wood, wicker, and rattan outdoor tables take a longer time to dry after a summer rain, but they are lightweight and low-maintenance. If you don’t wanna replace them when summer ends, don’t forget to place them in storage when not in use.

All in all, if you use a dining table regularly, consider aluminum, sealed hardwood, and coated metal table. These are more weather-resistant and resilient. If you prefer a more stylish and unique dining table, softwood, plastic, wicker, or rattan dining table will be great options.

Here are the 16 best foldable outdoor dining tables I picked for you:

1. Foldable Outdoor Dining Table with Stackable Chairs for 4 – 6

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The all-black color makes it cool and matches the marble floor in the front doors. It looks pretty at night when the lights are on. The table and chair are both foldable to transport and store when you don’t need them. The all-weather modern dining set can be used indoors and outdoors, so you don’t have to purchase a new one for different uses. If you have a tight budget, here are cheaper alternatives that have the same functions.

Cheaper choices:

Under $200

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Under $50

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2. Outdoor 5-piece Slatted Table Sets with Wheels for Moving

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The wheel allows you to move it anywhere without effort. Small but enough for drinking tea, coffee, and sharing snacks with your friends. You can also put your laptop and start work here on a lovely morning. If you sit for a long time, you can put a cushion or blanket on the chair. Want your table to be chicer? Use tablecloth!

Buy tablecloth:

3. Foldable Wooden Top Picnic Table for Patio Use

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This bench outdoor dining table is great for a family party, or picnic barbecue. It keeps balance whatever you put on it, however, you don’t want to put over large plate on it. It is perfectly adequate for drinks and bread, bears, pizza, etc. Sturdy but lightweight to pack up.

4. Round Folding Deck Table with An Umbrella Hole

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Isn’t lovely to take a break and grab a bite and drink in the afternoon? The round foldable outdoor dining table is perfect for 2 or 3 people. Want to sit outside in hot summer? No problem. It has an umbrella hole in the center. If necessary, you can buy an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

Pair with an umbrella:

5. Foldable Easy Latch Slatted Patio Dining Table

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You are probably considering purchasing a large dining table for intimate brunches in the backyard. Wait. The butterfly leaf opens to fit your party. so when the party is over and everyone has left, you can continue enjoying your outdoor setting.

Chairs to pair with:

6. Folding Bench Set Patio Poolside for Lawn Dining Party

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This bench is safe for kids since the corners are not sharp, avoiding unexpected bumps and inquiries. You don’t need to buy extra chairs to pair with it! And it can be folded into a small size, so you can put it in your truck for camping.

More options:

7. Portable Folding Rattan Dining Table for All Weather

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The outdoor rattan table adds some chic feeling. It is water-resistant, so it doesn’t matter when drinking spills. You will always have a good time at this table. By the way, there is also a cut-out in the center for umbrellas to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.

8. Small Square 4-Person Folding Spector Wicker Patio Table

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The gray woven resin wicker makes it perfect for any place and any decor. The legs are designed at a slope angle to ensure stability and anti-skid. The wicker on top is even, so you can put anything on it without falling down.

9. Collapsible Outdoor Warren Teak Dining Table

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This collapsible outdoor dining table folds virtually flat to save much space. Countless possibilities for use. The solid wood table is firm and elegant for your backyard and indoor dining table. It is weather-resistant, so the color-fading is never a concern.

10. E-Coating Metal Table with Foldable Reclining Sling Chairs

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This is the ideal dining table that needs little maintenance. The E-coating aluminum and steel frame allows it withstands rain, sun, and wind. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it is a must-buy because it brings you unexpected enjoyment.

11. Space Saving Patio Table with Foldable Rattan Chairs

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The interval preservation design is a genius idea. When you need to store them, just put the foldable backrest on the seat cushion. And the chairs can be stored under the four corners. The blue color and wicker materials bring you coolness in summer! You can also buy a large umbrella for shelter.

Buy it with a large umbrella:

12. Large 10-person Folding Outdoor Dining Table

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If you have a big family, I recommend you to buy this large wood dining table. It is wide enough to place lots of plates on it. You can also put a rug under it, then your kids can play around. If you want your guests to have a great time, use cushions to make chairs more inviting.

Buy cushions for chairs:

13. Square Fliptop Outdoor Folding Dining Table for 2

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If you don’t have an open wide outdoor space, consider buying a small square dining table for 2 people. You would like to have a romantic date or enjoy brunch by yourself on an apartment balcony.

14. Foldable Square 2-person Dining Table Outdoor Bistro Set

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This foldable dining table enhances the aesthetic decor in your backyard, terrace, or garden. If you want to add a feeling of elegance to any deck area, choose this one. Perfectly match flowers, plants, and trees.

15. Weather-proof Folding Tables and Chairs for a Light Lunch

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If you want to take full advantage of your outdoor retreat, a small foldable dining tale fits best. They are super easy to store, so you can take them out and put them back anytime. The image you have a quick brunch or just sit here to feel the summer breeze. How wonderful is that!

16. Suitcase-size Outdoor Folding Long Camping Table

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This bench can be folded into a suit size to transport quickly and easily. If you have kids, this is a perfect size! ( but average adults can definitely fit there as well). You can hold a holiday dinner party for your kids, they will love this!

Build Your Outdoor Space Now! Ideas to Enjoy Summer Breeze.

Besides picking up a fine dining table, you can add more elements to make your outdoor time joyful!

1. Add the strings of lights and blankets to create a warm atmosphere.

Source: David Land / Shop lights: Globe String Lights

2. Use a swing egg chair to add fun.

3. Use rugs to enhance the outdoor decor.

Source: Overstock

4. Place a vase and flowers to make your moment romantic.

Source: Overstock

5. Use cushions and carpets to make the area lovely.

Source: David Land

Not Enough? More Outdoor Area Decor Inspirations

Source: County Living
Source: Charm
Source: Anitayokota
Source: Ikea


I hope this post inspired you to create your outdoor space and get the foldable dining table you want. If you are interested in more home-style designs, please keep following us.

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