10 Gold Dining Table Sets Ideas for Kitchen Styling

If you want to brighten your kitchen with smaller pieces of furniture, gold dining table sets will absolutely inspire you! The gilded dining tables and chairs make your kitchen glamorous and luxurious.

The glam dining table sets are always on trend to match your interior decor. As an experienced room designer, I can confidently tell you that these ornate gold accents will turn your dining space a work of art if the sets fit well.

These subtle glitzy elements add sophistication to the room. Gold elements are often seen on wooden, metallic, marble, and glass tables frame and legs or chair backs. So, here are millions of options.

If you already have gold items in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get gold table sets to incorporate. If don’t, It is fine. The gold color is coordinated with white, black, brown, red, and grey color, and I am sure you can find these common colored items in your home.

If you are not sure about your dining table styles, read these inspiring ideas to give your dining area a new look.

My Gold Dining Table Design Conceptions and Advice

Here is the fact: Gold dining tables you can find on market often have gilded frames or painted legs. Coffee tables, small round tables, oval dining tables, and square tables designed in gold color are always hot selling. They are not exaggerated furniture that makes your kitchen a sumptuous palace. However, this haute color adds elegance to your room.

The gold dining table set is a premium choice for Bohemian, traditional, rustic, industrial, modern, countryside, French, Mid-century styles and etc. You can use wood, marble, granite, and quartz stone dining table with gold elements to create different vibes.

You can pair them with many pieces. Look around. Is there any metallic furniture? Is your floor hardwood or stone? Do you have the same color accessories or ornaments? See, gold fits no matter what your home style is.

My advice is, to consider the wall color, floor types, accessories tone, cabinet color, and padded chairs when pairing gold dining table sets. Add an elegant mirror, same color ornaments, fun or artistic picture frames, plants, and a crystal chandelier.

Here are 10 gold dining table sets ideas that are bounded to inspire you.

Idea 1. Plain Rug and Simple Wall Art for Minimalist Style

grey gold dining table
Source: furniturebox
Elements: plain rug, grey chair, simple wall art, metallic frame mirror, gold table lamp

The minimalist style emphasizes the clean lines. You can use simple but functional items to create a sense of freedom and nude tone.

Focus on pure color. The glass door lets more light in and reflects on marble floors, clean and bright. The white bare wall with black artworks and a mirror creates an airy and cool style. You can also place porcelain vases to coordinate with marble floors.

Notice the table lamp with a gold fixture and gold-framed full-length mirror? They add subtle elegance and warmth. Have no these pieces? It doesn’t have to be gold items, the bronze or brown-colored adornment works as well.

The plain carpet brings visual interest, yet also maintains the minimalist accent. If you worry that extreme minimalist styles seem soulless and cold, you can choose gray padded chairs to soften this feeling.

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Idea 2. Same Colors Accessories and Warm Light for Traditional Style

pink and gold dining set
Source: Plentymarkets
Elements: Casa Padrino luxury baroque furniture set, gold framed mirror, crystal candelier, solid wood white cabinet

Traditional home styling features luxurious upholstery, carpets, velvet, and a fancy chandelier to maximize the comfort level.

The gold and pink mixed color scheme set a warm and fantasy mood. You’ll also want to lay a large white and pink carpet to match. Traditional gold dining table legs are usually exquisite. Therefore, the embroidery of the carpet should avoid modern patterns.

If you have the same color cabinet, that will be the best. If don’t, the white cabinet also fits. In this case, place two or three delicate glass vases on it. Who will say no to flowers, right? Want to decorate the wall? Consider adorning walls with a vintage mirror and glided light fixtures.

An extra tip from a kitchen decor designer: get a sliver candle holder and pinky floor lamp to set the table.

Idea 3. Tie Dye Rug and Plants for Contemporary Style

green and gold dining set
Source: furniturebox
Elements: green chair, tie dye rug, plants, metallic shelf, French window, metallic gold leg dining table

Less is more, which is always right to follow when it comes to modern style. Metal and glass are symbol materials. They create a sense of simplicity, coolness, and cleanness. The metallic gold leg dining table is made for this style!

If your kitchen has a french window, congratulations, it hits the point. The large window fills the room with natural light, adding aesthetics and bringing out the metallic items. The tie dye carpet eliminates light reflection if you don’t like too much brightness. Add blue elements such as to incorporate the carpet, chic and sleek.

No more excessive pieces of artwork hanging on the wall. Yet feel free to choose a straight-lined table to maximize the impact. The black wall is also the essence of modern style. An iconic mirrored piece stands out and makes your wall less dull.

Place a metallic shelf if you prefer, it makes a statement. But remember, keep it simple to let it shine.

  • Same color scheme dining table staging

Idea 4. Artistic Picture Frame and Blue Chairs Beside Fireplace

Elements: metallic gold table, gold wall art, white curtain, fireplace, candles, flowers bouquets, Beatrix side chair

Blue or navy blue furniture is cool and elegant to give your dining room or living room a new look. Since blue is the primary color, keep the wall, floor, or carpet plain to avoid chaos and tacky taste. I personally recommend off-white, gold, and pure white color to match with blue.

If you have a fireplace, consider placing the dining table next to it. Don’t forget to keep them the same color to maintain coordination. Imagine that it’s snowing outside, while your family is celebrating Christmas by the fireplace. Isn’t it great?

Candles and flowers help create a romantic dating atmosphere. Other romantic elements include a grey carpet and white curtain. Since table and chair legs are gold, add gold pendants, trophies, or art deco pieces. A big gold frame picture can liven up the gray wall. Try it.

Lightening idea: a gold chandelier light fixture brings a modern look to your room.

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Idea 5. All Black Furniture with Gold Chandelier for Formal Style

Elements: black marble floors, green curtain, plain walls, gold chandelier fixture, crystal vase, glass top dining table

Black and gold color matching show delicacy. The classic black, white and gray color scheme is rigid for the dining room. The combo of velvet and gold chairs works for a formal decor. The glass tabletop and green heavy curtain are visually pleasing, both formal and aesthetic.

The mirror of black edge changes the drab background wall into distinctive and keeps the unity with black cabinets and black marble floors. It represents Art Deco and Hollywood Regency styles.

If there are too many black elements in the room, try to add gold decorations. After all, the dining room should be welcoming instead of serious. So, a large chandelier is a wise choice to exude nobility.

Idea 6. French Wall Molding and Wood Floor for County Style

Elements: gold floor lamp, striped carpet, dining table sets with gold base, French wall, gray curtain, artwork, wood floor

The overall style is county style, simple and modern but values details. Antique gold finishes, white french walls, and grey curtains provide the ideal foundation for a layered look. The dining table sets with gold bases and marble tabletop are graceful.

When you walk into this dining room, the interior contrasts with the bright sunshine outside, but the large french windows show scenery. Mysterious and comfortable.

If you worry about dust and the friction between table legs and wood hardwoods, place a carpet to add personality. You will not want a bright color carpet. It is too much for this style. A white and brown rug is a good choice.

You can also place a gold floor lamp with a dimmer for the dining room. A tall pole lamp with plated gold finish also presents a glamorous outlook.

Idea 7. Black Tiles and Hidden Cabinet for Modern Style

Source: Pinterest
Elements: square gold gramed dining table, marble floors, white seating, hiddern cabinet, small table lamp

We don’t have Kim Kardashian’s kitchen, so how to use the limited space to create a comfortable dining place really matters.

I am not saying get your stuff cramming into every available space. You probably want to add a streamlined look and feel to your modern dining room. If you want to keep it cool and tidy, the black wall tiles are beyond all questions. It adds a bit of drama to the chic accents.

Well, all black is too formal or tedium obviously, so the white leather chair neutralizes its seriousness. If you don’t want a glamorous dining room, avoid using excessive gold color. The cream white cabinets are simple and classic, but some gold lines maintain elegance.

Idea 8. Gray Color-based Tone for a Mixed Style

Source: Pinterest
Elements: grey green chair, wallpaper, round edged sideboard cabinet and table, flowers

If you prefer a grey color dining room, you can choose a gold table with grey-green chairs to add a pop color to the style.

The wood wallpaper matches the tiles, tabletop, grey curtain, and white cabinet. The room is not dull when there are interesting statements to decorate it. It shows your personality and creativity.

If you want your dining room to be warm, consider changing sharp-edged furniture into round-edged ones to provide a moderate feeling. One more thing, use the less saturated color instead of bright colors to build a fairly simple color palette.

Idea 9. Glamloues Styling with Artistic Decorations for Walls Arts

Source: Pinterest
Elements: oval bronze dining tables sets, oversized arts of work, narcissus, blue chair, wood flooring

Like glim dining room style? The core is that add more gold colors to furniture, fixtures, and adornment.

A few artic pieces will do the trick. Gold-framed mirrors or sparking surfaces make your room glamourous. The blue chairs and porcelain vases along with black and gold-edged painting complete the aesthetic.

Potted plants or flowers, and plants also contribute to the stunning look. Choose a serval large glass vases to brighten the table and elevate the clearness and freshness.

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Idea 10. Plain White Wall and Indoor Tree with a Blue Carpet

Source: cdn.shopify
Elements: rose pink and white dining sets, a navy blue rug, indoor plants, painting, white cabinet, irregular celing light fixture

Pink is also a great color to match with gold. If you don’t want a pure white dining room, consider pair with pink color chairs, which are neither too obtrusive nor too boring.

Since the cabinets, window frames, and walls are all white, the room is elegant and stylish. If you want to liven things up a bit, place a colorful rug. It protects the metal table legs and also adds a finishing touch.

Personally, I recommended you put an indoor plant in the corner, which is not only vibrant but echoes the beautiful scenery. If you feel that one plant is not enough and two are too crowded, you can put some small potted plants on the table.

Other accessories like a round mirror with gold trim will make your room inviting. This style retains the freshness and artistic sense, which is pleasing to the eye.

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More Dining Table Ideas

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