How to Repurpose a Dining Room? 8 Real Cases to Upcycle It

Think about it, do your family always gather to eat dinner in the dining room? Probably not. You may prefer sitting and eating in the living while watching TV or playing on your phone, and your kids like to enjoy their food in their bedroom.

So, how to repurpose a dining room if it is not in use?

Let me give you some inspiring ideas if you’ve got this big space and don’t know what to do with it.

I am not the only one who shares the idea of converting an unused dining room into something else, but here I will show you 8 real cases that I did for my clients and give you practical and easy tips on doing this job! I will also show you the before and after of the their dining room transformation!

Keep on reading to see if inspiration catches you.

Case 1. Turning the dining room into a pub

Here is my first client’s case:



Client portrait: Sandra Romero, 32 years old, single

Goal: Need a spare room to hold parties, a bar to relax after daily work

How: She kept the boards on the wall for storing wines and added a sink on the tabletop for washing the barware. She also bought a wood bar table and placed it in front of the countertop, leaving about 80 cm to pass. Sandra is wise to use a warm chandelier and blue RGB strip light under the cabinet to create a dizzy and dream pop style. (Check for pub style dining room ideas)

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

What she says:

“It is the wisest choice I’ve ever made to turn my dining room into a pub. I can drink a couple of shots after working, and all my friends love my pub. We enjoy the music, wines, and talks. “

What can you learn form it: You can convert your unused dining room into a pub/bar or a lounge by placing a bar table and stools, installing a glam chandelier, changing the light color, and decorating the wall.

Case 2. Converting it into an indoor plants room

Now this is case of my second client who is a gardening lover:



Client portrait: Aysha Mathis, 45 years old, gardening lover

Goal: Need a space to place her potted indoor plants and a quiet small corner to keep from noise and stress.

How: She changed the dark wood floor into a water-proof light hardwood floor. That is correct because water-proof flooring is essential because you need to water your plants often. She also repainted the wall all white to make the room bright.

Do you notice that she removed the drop chandelier and installed a wall sconce or ceiling light? Aysha also placed a shelf, a small table, and a wall organizer to store the smaller potted plants.

Difficulty: 2.5 out of 5

What she says:

“I cleaned all things away and just put a chair and rug in this room. I feel so calm and relaxing when I care for my plants! I can sit here for all day long, and this plant room is really a wonderland for my chaos life.”

What can you learn form it: If you need a place to put your potted plants and flower, why not repurpose your dining room into an indoor plants room? It requires a bright dining room, allowing enough sunshine in.

Case 3. Try meditation/yoga room

Here is an interesting case:



Client portrait: Bonnie Jennings, 27 years old, live with her parents

Goal: need a quiet space to do medication and yoga every morning

How: She was obsessed with the Japanese zen room style, so she repainted the wall color and move everything out of the room. She built a bench for towels, candles, cushions, a box for placing yoga mats and clothes.

Bonnie also uses anti-slippery floor paper to prevent sliding when doing yoga. The fake windows are wallpaper, but the light fixtures are authentic and can be nailed to the wall for candles.

Difficulty: 1 out of 2

What she says:

“I live with my parents, but we do not eat together in the dining room. So I was wondering what to do with it. Romona suggests I repurpose it into a mediation room. It was a genius idea! Now my mom and I often meditate in the morning; we love this room! Oh, you don’t need to repaint the wall by the way, blue color is great for a peaceful rom.”

What can you learn form it: It is super easy to repurpose your dining room into a meditation room. You just need to remove everything out of the room. Get a blanket and cushion, and you can start meditating.

Case 4. Use it as an exercise room

Here is another case:



Client portrait: Tianna Dorsey, 36 years old, a middle school teacher

Goal: Need a home gym to work out, and enough space for workout equipment.

How: Tianna painted the wall black to match the equipment. She removed the wall arts and mirror and installed a TV for watching the exercise tutorials. She prepared a power rack, foldable treadmill, mat, etc. It doesn’t need any table and chair in this room; getting a gym rubber mat will be fine. In addition, you can put a stereo and a mirror for a more enjoyable workout. (Check for Oversized Floor Mirror to Add Flair)

What she says:

” The home workout room is economical and safe for me. I can wear whatever I like without worrying about harassment. My old dining room is mutilpurpose again!”

What can you learn form it: You change your walls into a fitness wall for squats and warm-ups. Replace your small mirror with a large fitness mirror to see if you are doing correctly and get feedback in real-time.

Case 5. Change it into a craft/makeup/art room

It is a case a mom’s real case:



Client portrait: Kimberley Petty, 48 years old, with two kids.

Goal: Requires the room to have a larger table to do craft work, both useful for her and her children.

How: Kimberley changed her small round dining room into a cabinet table for her to place her sewing machines. Her kids can paint and draw here without interruption as well. And now, she is considering posting her video of sewing ideas on Youtube, so she uses a camera and photography light for her videos.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

What she says:

I didn’t expect that happen! Romona asked about my hobby and expectation of the room, now I have a craft room! My kids now love to complete her art work here and now I finally have a suitable place to start my goal of being a Youtuber!

What can you learn form it: You can use the old room as a craft room for sewing, a makeup room for beauty or livestream, a art room to draw and do creative work.

Case 6. Rearrange it as a game room

This is guy’s case:



Client portrait: Tim Haines, 24 years old, student

Goal: Gaming room and a place for Garage Kit

How: He removed all fixtures on the wall, including lights, mounted dining table, and mirror. He prefers a darker room for immersing in the game, so he repainted the front wall black. In addition, he used another cabinet in front of the window to prevent reflection on the computer. He also uses blue neon lighting to create a dreamy atmosphere.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

What he says:

“It was the dining room that I set for my ex-girlfriend. We’ve broken up last month, so I decided to upcycle this tiny room into my new gaming room. My light is voice-control, and it is pretty cool. It is amazing! I love game!!!”

What can you learn form it: If you have a tiny dining room that you do not use often, you can turn it into a game room. Now you can play E-games with your switch, and nothing will bother you.

Case 7. Transform it into a workspace/home office

How to work at home? Check out this:



Client portrait: Esther Zimmerman, a Youtuber

Goal: Need a clean place to work with a low makeover budget

How: Esther detaches the old dining table, places a computer desk, and pairs it with a rotatable chair. She hangs a clock on the wall to remind herself of timing, which is clever since she will be more productive. She also uses a cabinet and storage shelf to put her files in a neat space.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

What she says:

“I similes every time when I see my office. It is clean and finally I got a space to focus on my work. Now I are working at home, so a office is really necessary, since too much clutter will distract my attention.”

What can you learn form it: You can change the old dining table for a sturdy one, and get yourself a comfortable chair for long-time sitting. Don’t forget to install a bright light to protect your eyes.

Case 8. Use it as a pet room

This is a lovely room:



Client portrait: Sienna Zuniga, 31 years old, with a Teddy dog

Goal: A cozy bedroom for her Teddy dog

How: Sienna put new rugs for her Teddy, and she brought a tiny bed for sleeping and sitting, a box for toys, and a bowl for dog food. She uses a dog barrier to keep Teddy safe. She also uses the basket for storing the dog’s clothes.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

What she says:

“My little Teddy now love his new room, he eats and sleeps here. When I leave home, he will come to his place. He is happy and cute!!! I was considering to upgrade the room when he grows up.”

What can you learn form it: Why not repurpose your dining room into a pet room? They would love to play and sleep here if you have cats or puppies. Also, it helps them to form good habits.

How to Repurpose Dining Tables and Chairs? (Video)

You may wonder, what should I do with my old dining table and chairs? Can I repurpose them? Yes. You can refinish them or use them as a game table, ping-pong table, or something else.

Now check out the ideas:

  • Turn your dining room into an indoor tennis table
  • DIY your dining table into a game table
  • Transform your dining chair with pool noodles

At last

I hope this post can help you upcycle your dining room. If your dining room is not in use, why not start doing the job now!

If you have more ideas or you want to share your cases and feedbacks, please contact us, and we will update this post.

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