Luonto Sleeper Sofa – 14 Ideas on How to Style Them

If you ask, what brand is the most popular sleeper sofa on the market? I am sure most people would answer: “Luonto!” Compared with other brands, the price of the Luonto sleeper sofa is a bit high. So is the Luonto sleeper sofa really worth buying? As a furniture designer with more than 10 years of experience, I would say, “Yes!”

The Luonto sleeper sofa is delicate in design and durable in use. It uses grey, white, beige, and dark blue as the major hues to embellish your home, and matches any of your interior styles, think modern, industrial, contemporary, or vintage.

Speaking of Luonto sleeper sofa functions, you’ll find how smooth it is in converting the sofa to bed – the must-to-have consideration in selecting a safe sofa bed, compared with any other brands on the market.

Though it is pretty expensive (it starts at around $1,000 for the cot size sleeper and runs up to about $3,500 for a full-size chaise sleeper), it is undoubtedly the most worth investing piece.

How would the Luonto sleeper sofa upgrade your home style? And how can you incorporate it into your living room or guest room? We are here to give you all the inspirations you’ll need.

Considerations Before Styling Luonto Sleeper Sofa


The Luonto sleeper sofa comes with 2 options on materials. For warm and cozy vibes, you can go for a fabric sofa. If you are a minimalist, the leather material will better fit your contemporary or industrial home style.

Thickness of Mattress

The thickness of the Luonto sleeper sofa mattress comes in three sizes, 4″/10cm, 5″/13cm, and 6″/15cm.

You may ask, are there any restrictions on what mattress thickness fits specific styles? No, but it does affect your user experience. If you take the sleeper sofa only for a nap, the 6″/15cm mattress will lead you to a sound break in a few minutes.

But believe me, you won’t want your guest to feel exhausted after a whole night’s sleep on a far sofer sleeper; under such conditions, 4″ or 5″ is a top choice.


The size matters greatly in styling, for it determines what decorations you can have to match your sofa.

A large sleeper, think full-size sleeper 50″W x 90″D, leaves you less room to place many decorations. Since they fit a large room, you can focus more on small pieces like plants or light as a high note.

When placing a cot sleeper sofa (30″Wx 80″D) in a small guestroom, the critical point of decorating can be the coffee table, mats, or even the bookshelf.

Ready to Style? Wait, Check These Styling Tips First.

1. Add versatile furniture to your sleeper sofa.

When your sleeper sofa happens to be the major seat in your living room, you’ll likely need a coffee table or a console table to place around. The Luonto sleeper sofa is generally large, meaning it occupies much space when you pull it out as a bed. For this reason, you’ll want your furniture easy to rearrange. After all, pushing aside a heavy stone table every time you intend to use the sleeper sofa can be a challenging task; a lightweight acrylic coffee table (Check Henn&Hart Coffee Table) works well.

2. Get storage furniture to store your bed linens.

Sleeper sofa functions as both a living room lounge and a makeshift bedroom; then come the problem, where should you place the bed linens when not in use? My advice is to use storage furniture, such as decorative baskets or an openable coffee table (Check RUNNA Lift Top Coffee Table), to hide your bed stuff.

3. All-purpose lighting saves a lot of trouble.

You won’t like the hassle of rearranging the lighting for an infrequently used sleeper. Arc floor lamp (Check Seaside Dimmable Floor Lamp) is an all-purpose choice for you. The arc design gives enough illumination for reading on the sleeper, sectional sofa, and loveseats. With its adjustable arm, you can turn it in any direction for any place using. You can also use it to match any of your interior styles.

4. Use minimalist decorative objects to maximize room taste.

From furniture to lighting, all follow the principle – they should be easy to move away from, and the same goes for decorative objects. The scented candles, hardcover books, vases, and the miniature wall arts will raise your room taste immediately, but throwing them all around sleeper will only raise your temper when you need to pull the sofa out. So keep them simple and less. You can still use them, spread them all around the house, on the shelf, console table, or hanging on the walls.

Now It’s Time to Get Inspirations

After bearing all the above tips, you can start styling your Luonto sleeper sofa. As Luonto sofa comes in multiple series and types, we give you various options for styling each popular series.

Style 1: Use large areas of grey to match Flipper sectional sofa.

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Flipper sleeper sofa uses exquisite blue as its prominent hue; putting pop-up colors along will destroy the contemporary feeling it brings to the room, worse still, leaving your whole living room in a scramble. For this reason, a large grey carpet will mix perfectly with the sofa. You can also add a grey pillow on the couch as an echo.

As for the coffee table, we use a table set instead of a single coffee table. The sectional sofa goes 100″W x 40″D x 35″H, and the bed size goes even longer, being 55″W x 90″D; a single coffee table will not fit such a long sofa. That’s why a table set is more proper. The same style shows on the curtain. White and grey are neutral colors, thus serving as a bonus in this contemporary interior style.

Style 2: Add pop-up colors for an upgrade.

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A Grey sofa is the best fit for warmth and inviting vibes, especially when matching them with dark yellow or golden colors. As the couch has a simplistic style, the decorative objects with solid design sense will strengthen your room’s taste.

The golden spot-like light on the round side table brings warm light and illuminates during the night. The brown coffee table takes the same irregular shape as the two side tables. The yellow seat chair, pillow, and wall art create a harmonious atmosphere with plants.

Style 3: Create a natural and modern style with the same color.

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Stay in the same color family is the simplest yet the most sophisticated in interior design. If you are fond of natural style, this idea will be your type. Grey fabric on the sofa mixes with a natural wood coffee table and combines with the “strange-like” lights, all upgrading the living room. Adding the same color blanket will further the style.

Style 4: Different elements collide for a sense of contrast.

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If you want to express your personality, try this style. Using multiple elements will quickly get your room into ridiculous, yet when matching them well, it gives you a surprising spark. The wooden coffee table and two-layer side shelf set the tone of classic style, and the unique lighting and multiple paintings with strong aesthetic feeling and beauty add a modern sense to the room.

Style 5: Light-vintage style brings extra taste to your room.

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The dark grey sofa best fits with the dark brown coffee table; mats also echo with the decorative wooden shelf on the side wall. The tall tree near the window breaks the solemnity atmosphere and gives a vivid sense to your room. Placing a small round side table is also a brilliant choice for coherence.

Style 6: Light grey color goes well with dark brown in modern style.

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Large areas of dark brown and light grey feature a strong sense of classic style. The side tables with the same color families will further this style. You can also place the extra color on your lamp and wall paintings.

Style 7: Warm and cozy sense best fits for small cot sofa.

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For a small apartment, the focus on interior design should be on making the room bright and broad. And the best solution is to bring in light color furniture. It will never go wrong with light brown from sofa to mats, from small pillows to coffee table. And a small table lamp with a drum lampshade creates a laidback sense.

Style 8: Vintage style will never go out of fashion.

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You can never miss a brown leather sofa if you are the vintage type. When using the couch to set the antique tone, you’ll like to get the same style coffee table and side table. A golden and white table lamp is also a plus for this style.

Style 9: A small loveseat can better fit into the cream style.

The so-called cream style is typically composed of light-colored furniture and cream-like walls. You can also match a golden floor lamp for extra illumination in your living room.

Style 10: Plant is the best decoration.

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The large sectional will leave you no ample space for extra large decorative objects, then how to decorate under such conditions? Use plant! You can place two or three (based on the size of your room) to enrich your overall space.

Other Luonto Sleeper Sofa Styling Inspirations

#1. Cooling white style.

#2. Full classic style.

#3. Light Medieval style.

#4. Natural wooden style.

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