20+ Ideas About Luxurious Looking TV Stand That Won’t Dry On Your Wallet

If your living room decoration is a bit dull and lacks vibrant, adding a touch of luxury is a good way.

On a budget? Luckily, an expensive-looking piece of furniture won’t dry out your wallet as long you know what finishing, color, and style will give a luxury accent.

Then where to start first? As the pro’s advice, your TV stand is the optimal choice. A luxurious TV stand is very budget-friendly and steals the show when everyone enters the room. And with some pieces of decors, you can upgrade the whole tone of the media area to a new level.

Ready to have a try? Here are options of over 20 ideas about luxurious TV stands and decorations to add a touch of luxury to your living room while saving your wallet.

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20+ Ideas for A Luxurious TV Stand & Decorations On a Budget

With over 10 years of interior design and researching experience, these luxurious tv stands, and decorations we selected to fulfill your needs for quality and money saving.

Wood Finish TV Stands Are Luxury, And Green Plants Fresh Them Up

Wood furnish tv cabinets give a great touch of decent. If you want to set a natural luxury tone, try to place some plants to sweep up the dull feeling.

If your TV is mounted, you can try to match it with a wooden floating TV stand and a small pot of plants. Then you can enjoy the luxe of a modern rustic home mood.

What You Can Try:

Small Glass Plant Pot with Wooden Floating TV Stand

Large Floor Plants with Walnut Finish TV Stand

Modern Wood TV Stand By Walker Edison

via Amazon (Under $200 )

Decors to Use

Use ArtWork To Enhance The Vibe

Artworks can never go wrong when you want to add a unique luxury vibe to the TV cabinet. You can turn your living room into an art space as you want.

Feel free to choose any art style based on your favor. As for the frame, you will want a simple wooden frame to set a tone of high-end with your TV console.

On the other hand, if your living room has a basic tone and you want to enhance it, do tricks on the color of the artwork. Here’re simple examples:

If your living room gives a cozy feeling, try abstract style wall arts in warm colors; and if you live in a modern style room, use cold colors and art prints in realistic style instead.

What You Can Try:

Decors to Use

Cold Tone ArtWork with Darker Color Wood Luxurious TV Stand

Decors to Use

Line Style Arts with Minimalist Style TV Stand

Decors to Use

Warm Color Art Print with Brass Metal Wood TV Stand

Aalicia Wood Metal TV Stand from Mercer41 via Wayfair ( Under $350)

Use Colorful Flowers Adds A Hint of Luxe To Single TV Cabinet

Here comes the color theory again: contrast color gives layers to a room’s decor thus avoiding it falling flat visually.

If a TV stand features eye-catching textile and finishing enough lacks in color, you can use some dry flowers to enrich the color furtherly for a luxe touch.

Also, the range of contrast should be comfortable; color Saturation will not be very solid (like a big red with a hit of blue, please do not do so.)

Some light bright colors like yellow, pink, blue, and red work well as a neutral TV stand. However, if the TV cabinet is a dark color, then the visual effect will be better with white dried flowers.

What You Can Try:

LED Gray Marble Finish TV Stand with Light Pinky Flowers

LED Grey TV Stand from i-alpus

via Amazon ($Under 200)

Decors to Use

Gray Finish Mirror TV Cabinet with Pink Dry Flowers

Decors to Use

Use Rugs to Fill the Blank Space

If a TV stand has a quite simple finish, you can place a textured rug to set a modern luxury tone.

This is a visual trap trick: your TV stand will steal the show because its texture looks so different from the fancy rug.

A luxurious modern TV stand match best with a neutral color like white, black, or gray.

What You Can Try:

Black and White Stripe Rugs with Shelf Look TV Stand

Decors to Use

Decors to Use

Gray Heathered Rugs with White TV Stand

Gloss White TV Stand with Grey Rugs

Decors to Use

Add Some Pieces of Additional Cabinet or Shelves

Since the built-in TV cabinet is very luxurious, why not use some shelves of the same color and material to create a similar effect.

Just install several pieces of wall-mounted bookshelves or small cabinets, you can have the appearance of a thousand dollars worth of design.

Even better! Some retailers offer the option of TV cabinets with matching shelves. Hence you can complete this luxurious living room decor once and for all.

What You Can Try:

#Option 1: White Modern TV Stand with Wall Mounted Shelf

Pritts White TV Stand from Orren Ellis

via Wayfair (Under $200)

#Option 2: Mid-Century TV Stand with Tree Shelf


via Amazon (Under $250)

#Option 3: Floating TV Stand with Board and Shelf

2- Shelf TV Stand from Midtown Concept

via Amazon (Under $400)

#Option 4: Double Tone Wood Tv Stand with Wall Mount Cabinet

Gold Color Give a Mood, Try It with Black TV Stand

Gold always makes the dull interior glow again. And black furniture is the best option for you to try.

For pure black TV stands, you can add some small accessories with gold elements that add a sense of gorgeous and luxury. (Here are tricks for selecting black TV stands without cheap-looking, click here to check!)

What You Can Try:

Black TV Stand with Gold Color Decors

Modern Black TV Stand from Madesa

via Amazon (Under $150)

Or you can hunt for luxurious TV stands that have gold elements themselves. As we mentioned above, put colorful dry flowers to enhance the color furtherly!

Black and Gold Marble Finish TV Stand with White Flowers

Euna TV Stand from Ivy Bronx

via Wayfair (Under $250)

Modern Rustic TV Stand with Gold Legs

Decors to Use

Declutter It

Less is more. What a philosophical phrase. Therefore, the minimalist design will give the TV cabinet the most luxurious look.

Ditch the storage function and treat the whole TV stand as an accessory; you can put some small decors as an accent. But remember the principle: declutter!

What You Can Try:

#Option 1: Floating Slim Wooden TV Stand

Asymmetrical from Martin Furniture

via Amazon (Under $200)

#Option 2: Luxurious Color Tubular TV Stand

#Option 3: Luxurious White Floating TV Stand

Fly Modular TV Stand from Orren Ellis

via Wayfair (Under $500)

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