Morning Zen Behr Bedroom – What Colors to Pair With?

If you are looking for a perfect paint color to create a contemporary yet warm bedroom, then morning zen from Behr is what you are looking for.

Why is Behr morning zen a suitable choice for bedrooms, and how to arrange other color palettes to pair with morning zen in the bedroom?

Let’s crumble these questions one after another.

Behr Morning Zen: A Mid-tone Silvery Green that Brings Airy to Your Bedroom.

Behr morning zen (color code: s380-2) is a kind of green that uses gray as an undertone. From this description, you may think of it as a neutral or even darker color; well, I’d say it is too early to draw the conclusion.

Seeing its LRV (Light Reflective Value), you’ll be surprised, for its LRV is 60, which undoubtedly pushes it to a bright color category.

However, I would still put it into the mid-tone category. The olive-like green gives a contemporary look, keeps things and mood settled, but is softened by warm gray.

Painting it on the wall as the primary color in the bedroom, you’ll be lost in freshness and coziness, precisely what you’ll need for a sound sleep.

That’s Why It Fits Bedrooms – the Bright Bedrooms, Especially.

As we discussed before, the Behr morning zen belongs to mid-tone color; once it is used in dark rooms, the gray color hidden in morning zen holds the stage and further dims the room hue. The same principle goes with light: avoid using low-hanging lamps.

For a bright bedroom, the natural bright light will complement the neutralness brought by its grayish element and reflect a touch of muted gold, giving your bedroom a luxury and sleek look. Compared with brighter wall paint, this color won’t be overly bright when the first ray of morning sun pours into your bedroom and hurts your sleepy eyes.

Then Comes the Color Scheme Part; What Colors Best Pair With It?

As the morning zen is more of a mid-neutral tone, unlike red, blue, or yellow, the color is less eye-catching when used in large areas. So you can regard it as a joker color, compatible with most colors.

However, if you want the color to be prominent in your bedroom, we would like you to add pure white for co-working; it adds extra warmth to your room and gives you more options on small areas of color pairing.

If you want some color to pop the room up, based on the emotions and moods you want in your bedroom, here are several choices that you can pair with morning zen.

#1. Create A Warm Bedroom

Colors: Green, Rose pink, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Rose pottery(S150-3), rejuvenation(S370-4), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Cleanliness / Harmony / Safety / Warm

Visualize These Colors:

You’ll see that pink is widely used in children’s rooms or clothes because the color gives a sense of warmth, softness, and coziness. And the pink we select here is some kind of rosy pink; it goes deeper than normal pink but not too much, bringing a vigorous touch to the room.

By the way, if you find using large areas of pink too attractive, you may put a small piece of that color in a bedroom with morning zen, just like the blanket in the picture.

#2. Create A Fresh Bedroom

Colors: Green, Blue, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Beef blue(S490-3), Rejuvenation(S370-4), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Calmness / Freshness / Purity / Peaceful

Visualize These Colors:

Blue represents water and ocean, when arranging it in your bedroom, it gives a certain sense of purity, peace and freshness, just as spending leisure time sitting by the sea, viewing the open sky and wide, empty sea, feeling the cold, salty wind on your face.

#3. Create A Peaceful Bedroom

Colors: Green, Purple, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Bohemianism(S570-3), Rejuvenation(S370-4), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Peace / Luxury / Elegance / Safety / Formal

Visualize These Colors:

To some extent, purple gives the same calming sense as blue, but it tends to be more luxurious and elegant. Pairing it with green in your bedroom creates a peaceful feeling, helps calm your mind, and enables you to get into a sound sleep immediately.

#4. Create A Calming Bedroom

Colors: Various green, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Roof Top Garden(S390-4), Rejuvenation(S370-4), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Harmony / Cleanliness / Freshness / Calming / Tranquility

Visualize These Colors:

If you are sick of adding eye-catching color to your bedroom but still want to increase the layers, adding multiple greens on your window frames, bed sheets, or cabinet is an excellent choice. And an all-green bedroom works the best in calming your mood.

#5. Create A Passionate Bedroom

Colors: Green, Red, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Lingonberry punch(S150-6), Eastern Bamboo(PPU9-25), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Passion / Joy / Warmth / Luxury / Royalty

Visualize These Colors:

How do you like when pairing red with green? Most people will, intuitively, reject the two color matching. Yet the red we picked here is less aggressive and thus can pair excellently with morning zen without sacrificing its passionate and luxurious sense, making it suitable for people full of vigorous and joy.

#6. Create An Elegant Bedroom

Colors: Green, Sapphire, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Poseidon(S480-6), Eastern bamboo(PPU9-25), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Elegance / Purity / Luxury / Peace / Royalty / Calmness

Visualize These Colors:

Except for purple, sapphire is also a color full of elegance. It is typically used in classic interior design, providing luxury, purity, and cleanliness.

#7. Create A Luxurious Bedroom

Colors: Green, Dark purple, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Blue blood(S560-6), Eastern Bamboo(PPU9-25), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Luxury / Royalty / Peace / Formal / Maturity

Visualize These Colors:

Want to increase the taste in your bedroom? You may want to replace light purple with the dark one, for it represents maturity and formality.

#8. Create A Sophisticated Bedroom

Colors: Green, Yellow, White

Corresponding Behr Color Name: Morning zen(S380-2), Fennel seed(S330-4), Rejuvenation(S370-4), Ultra pure white(UPW).

Key Emotions / Traits: Sophisticated / Harmony / Warm / Purity

Visualize These Colors:

The Fennel seed we selected is in the same color palette as the morning zen; to put it simply, they look quite alike, thus won’t make any contradiction when pairing them together in one room. On the contrary, the light yellow pulls the warmth sense out of morning zen and gives the room an extra sophisticated mood.

When Color Sets the Bedroom Tone, Follow These Rules to Further Increase the Taste of the Room.

We know that the morning zen behr bedroom is sleek, fresh, and luxurious in look. But improper soft furnishings will instantly destroy the sense and lead your room style to a quirky corner, a tragedy we both are reluctant to see.

So here are some principles you must follow:

1. Good lighting is essential in any space, especially in bedrooms.

If listing the primary concern on decorating a room, I am surely lighting will be on the top of the roll.

Yes, good lighting matters a lot, for it relates to the tone of the whole room: a warm light brings warmth to your room, and white light tends to show more coolness.

For a bedroom with morning zen, the VERY ESSENCE is to keep the room bright; it means you should avoid any dark lighting. To improve the quality of your sleep and boost your mood, you’ll want the ambient accent lighting. The wall scones or even string lights work well in bringing a warm and soothing glow to your room.

2. Peaceful greenery – the most budget trick to improve the taste.

The primary element in the morning zen bedroom is green, so adding the peaceful greenery will only make it better.

The houseplants, such as snake plants or heartleaf philodendron, bring vividness to the room while still keeping the room style balanced.

More importantly, it naturally releases oxygen and helps improve the airflow in your bedroom; all of these set the solid base for a soothing sleep.

3. Avoid multiple color stacking; you won’t want a disastrous interior design.

We’ve talked about color a lot here, but we still need to lift it out again. Why? Because the color is the key.

There is a rule; Your room needs only ONE prominent color.

The color affects the room’s mood and style, which should be and could be reflected by only one color; each color creates different vibes. If stacking multiple colors together in one room, there appears to be no leading mood.

So once you decide to go morning zen with one color palette, be it pink, red, or yellow, then make all your decorations in this room stay within the color palette.

4. Minimize visual clutter – they will ruin your room vibe faster.

Never forget the room vibe you intend to create; it is the lead on what you should get and what you must discard. I know that facing various extricated decorative stuff, it is hard not to bring them all home. Trust me; I have the same impulsion as you do.

However, when you create too much visual clutter in your bedroom, you’ll realize that the room is totally in chaos.

The bedroom tone under the morning zen will mostly be calmness, freshness, and warmth. That determines some kinds of “noisy” stuff should be away from the room. Instead, the clean-lined furniture or decorative element will effectively minimize the visual distractions.

Any Alternative to Morning Zen? Sure, There Are.

Here are three colors in Behr that are quite similar to morning zen:

LRV: 74 R: 220 G: 226 B: 206
LRV: 77 R: 223 G: 229 B: 215
LRV: 78 R: 227 G: 229 B: 223
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