Use Sage Green Accessories to Make Bathroom Relaxing and Calm

sage bathroom accessories

Do you know the best place to soothe your mood at home? The bathtub! Not surprised, right? Studies have already proved that soaking in hot water helps reduce stress and anxiety. However, do you know that even not soaking in tubs, you can still enjoy a soothing and calm atmosphere with some sage green bathroom … Read more

How to Make a Traditional Dining Table Look Modern? 7 Easy Solutions

Do you have any traditional dining table that doesn’t match your dining room decor anymore but still want to keep it? How about modernizing it? A friend of mine, Joy, was planning to modernize her traditional dining table, so she asked for my advice. I offered her 7 solutions, and she leveraged one of them … Read more

Pendant Lights Not Centered over Island – Solutions and Tips to Follow

pendant lights not centered over island

Pendant lights centered over a kitchen island act as a focal point and diffuse evenly spread light for both seating sides. But what do you do when you find your electrician had put your pendant lighting circuit in the wrong place, which is off-centered above the island? Or, what do you do if you have … Read more

Navy Blue TV Stand: the Best Living Room Decor for Elegance

best navy blue tv stand for living room

Brown, white, black, and what can you try if you are tired of a common color TV stand? I have been thinking about this question recently, and I got inspiration from a calm and soothing vibe color: Navy blue, a color associated with vast ocean and space, can easily evoke all kinds of emotions. And … Read more

90s Dining Room Flashbacks – Arouse Your Childhood Memories

90s dining room decor

Do you remember the days when your mom made your dinner as long as you were home after school? Years passed by; do you reminisce these happy times? Today, I will take you to travel through time to the 1990s and see how our parents decorate the dining room. Please keep reading to see if … Read more

How to Arrange Reclining Sofa and Loveseat? – 4 Principles to Follow

arrange recliner sofa and loveseat

According to a statistic, the average American has spent at least two hours a day sitting on the sofa, totaling 448 hours in the 32 weeks. That further illustrates how vital the sofa and living room environment can be. A proper arrangement on the sofa, especially the reclining sofa and loveseat, is the key to … Read more

How to Make King Sheets Fit Queen Bed? – 6 Solutions and Videos Included

What is a pity if you throw away your king sheet when you replace your king size bed with a queen size one! What do you do when you buy a lovely set of king size sheets but only find it a lousy job to make it fit in your queen size bed? How to … Read more

How to Arrange Boho TV Stand Decor (4 Simple Steps)

boho tv stand decor for natural feeling

Hello, my fellow; I have been researching a new natural style of TV stand decor since the last time I dug deeply into rustic style TV stand decor. Finally, let me introduce the Bohemian style to tug your heartstrings: That’s a stunning look right? You can embrace the natural and laidback vibes with Boho style. … Read more

How to Repurpose a Dining Room? 8 Real Cases to Upcycle It

Think about it, do your family always gather to eat dinner in the dining room? Probably not. You may prefer sitting and eating in the living while watching TV or playing on your phone, and your kids like to enjoy their food in their bedroom. So, how to repurpose a dining room if it is … Read more

How to Find the Perfect Sink Cabinet for Your Laundry?

laundry sink with cabinet

It is a tendency that a sink and cabinet combo is an essential part of the laundry room. But there are extensive options available on the market. How to choose these functional additions to perfectly fit your needs? We break down the selection guideline on laundry sink with cabinets into: How big should a laundry … Read more