20+ Pub Style Dining Room Ideas to Impress Your Guests (DIY Steps Included)

bar dining room

Isn’t it cool to invite your guest to drink and dance in your own pub? Wait, I am not saying to run a pub business. But why not create a home pub-style dining space for multifunction? The pub-style kitchen is rustic, and cozy for celebrating and hosting a party to have fun while maintaining daily … Read more

Everything You Should Know about Cedar Closet

cedar closet system

Think about when you take out your most favorite sweater out of storage, but only have been dismayed to find a moth has made a meal of it. So, what is the best solution to solve it? Cedar closet with natural aroma helps stock up your clothing from the spread of mold, mildew, moths and … Read more

8 Steps to Create A Neon Aesthetic Bedroom ( With 38 Decor Ideas)

neon aesthetic bedroom

What’s the most popular bedroom design now? You will be familiar with the bedrooms shown in the video if you are active on Youtube, TikTok, or Instagram. Yes, it’s the neon aesthetic bedroom. With more and more Youtubers and TikTokers bringing neon light into their bedrooms, they set a new trend for room decorations. The … Read more

20 Cheap Black TV Stands That Don’t Skimp Style and Quality

how to find your best cheap black tv stand

Black TV stands? Sounds like a good idea for any modern or mid-century style room interior. If you have ever gone for shopping a tv stand, you’ll find they are not so costly. However, that doesn’t mean you should give in a cheap one that lost quality and style. And I am NOT going to … Read more

Walk in Closet Dresser Ideas – How to Design in Style?

walk in closet dresser ideas

Walk in closet dresser is a creative and convenient design for trend followers and obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferers. Dressers well keep your sweaters and pants from out of the shape. Certainly, you can hide your linens, hygiene stocks and a variety of household items to maintain your closet neat and tidy. So, how to prevent putting … Read more

3 Seater Sofa Dimensions

3 seater sofa dimensions

3 seater sofa, also known as a standard size sofa, is the most frequently used sofa type. It best fits a small family with 2 or 3 people and gains favor with small apartment owners for its compact size. Then what are the dimensions of 3 seater sofa? And how to arrange various sizes of … Read more

16 Favorites: Foldable Outdoor Dining Table to Enjoy Summer Breeze

foldable outdoor dining table

I don’t know about you guys, but I love having dinner in my garden and enjoying the good weather. Check out my backyard. Isn’t it seems nice to drink wines, sing songs and enjoy the summer breeze at night? If you want your backyard to be comfortable and functional like mine, I highly recommend foldable … Read more

20+ Ideas About Luxurious Looking TV Stand That Won’t Dry On Your Wallet

luxury tv unit design

If your living room decoration is a bit dull and lacks vibrant, adding a touch of luxury is a good way. On a budget? Luckily, an expensive-looking piece of furniture won’t dry out your wallet as long you know what finishing, color, and style will give a luxury accent. Then where to start first? As … Read more

26 Popular Double Hanging Wardrobe Closet Options in 2022

top double hangingn wardrobe closet on the market

As a homeowner, have you ever been, Tired of spending loads of time folding your laundry? Difficult to access your wanted OOTD in the piles of shoved clothes? A closet is an essential addition to any home, but less closet storage or an unreasonable inside layout may ruin your life quality, making your relaxing bedroom … Read more

60 Small Square Dining Tables for 4 – Options and Ideas

As a kitchen interior designer, I often receive requests to recommend small square dining tables for 4. The square dining table is capable of accommodating more people and occupies less space than a small round table. It fits in the corner and tight space while maintaining an elegant tone. That’s why people love it. If … Read more