20+ Pub Style Dining Room Ideas to Impress Your Guests (DIY Steps Included)

Isn’t it cool to invite your guest to drink and dance in your own pub? Wait, I am not saying to run a pub business. But why not create a home pub-style dining space for multifunction?

The pub-style kitchen is rustic, and cozy for celebrating and hosting a party to have fun while maintaining daily uses. The home pub is controllable. You can choose to play your favorite music; you can ask someone for a special date at home; you can make wine as you like.

Feel excited about it? Now I will give your several tips to build a stunning pub or bar dining room without costing you a fortune.

Give A Glance at Pub Style Dining Room

The bar in the kitchen is the finishing touch in the decoration of the kitchen. It can not only be used as a partition to create sectional spaces but also provide a cool area for dining and entertaining.

Can you feel the charm in the pub dining room? The design of coffee-colored marble countertops and dark color flooring gives this bar space classic American pub decor. The brick walls and wooden cabinets make this area full of an American country accent.

If you are obsessed with pub kitchen design, don’t hesitate to make changes. It is easy. The essence of the pub-style dining room is:

  • Kitchen counter tables
  • Bar stools
  • Ceiling lights
  • Wall art
  • A vintage bar sign
  • Sink
  • Cabinet for wines and glass (or wine cellars)
  • Other decorations

You may wonder, can I have a pub area in my small kitchen? Yes, and now I will show you how to build your pub-style dining room.

DIY Your Pub Style Dining Room Now!

Now here are some considerations before your turn your dining room into a pub. These tips help you quickly get the rule, please keep scrolling to see more. If you want to look at the design format first, click here to jump to the idea part.

1. Find the Best Area to Put It

First, you need to look around your dining room and decide the place to stage.

If you have a large dining room, you can re-plan the dining style layout and create an open kitchen. Divide your kitchen and pub area lengthwise. You can put a bar table with a stool for dining and cooking, and leave enough space to pass through at both ends.

If you have a small dining room, consider the open kitchen design to expand the kitchen space. It is also a good choice to use the bar as a partition in the open space. It can not only partition the space but also allows everyone to sit here for catchups on weekends. Have a look:

Source: Ridzeal

2. Don’t Be Shy About a Small Area

Can you have a home bar if you have a small kitchen? Yes! You can utilize small areas to create a mini bar.

The “law of the triangle” should be kept in mind, which refers to the distance between the sink, stove, and bar table. L-shaped kitchens are perfect for this triangle law.

The L-shaped layout is best suited for small to medium spaces that are spaced at a distance of no more than 1200mm. A great kitchen isn’t just about the rules, it’s about the feel of the space and inspire you to create great food.

If you have a tinny room, that is still not enough space for an L-shaped kitchen counter, you can buy a long bar table and chair for 2 or 4, and place it against your wall. And remember to leave a path to walk through.

If there is no corner to build a small pub, you can also buy a wall-mounted bar table to save space. I mean every inch of a small room is useful. In this case, the entire bar occupies less than one square meter of space, meanwhile, it can be used as a bar.

If you don’t know how to achieve it. See these samples:

Source: ebuy7
Source: ebuy7
Source: Zomato
Source: Zomato

3. What Style Do You Like?

Here are three popular pub styles that are suitable for dining room home design. Well, there are countless styles to try, but now we are talking about the home pub, not a pub business. Considering the functions and expenses, I recommend the following three types as your options:

>> Classic Pubs <<

If you like the old-school style pub and immerse in the nostalgia, the classic pub is your first choice. It features dark wooden tables, warm and dummy light, low ceilings, vintage beer paraphernalia, traditional interiors, Lincrusta walls, and etched glass windows.

It maximizes comfort and aesthetics. You don’t have to decorate the dining room exactly like the pub. Just grip the feeling, and add some elements to your dining room.

>> Open Bar/Pub <<

The open bar is where hosts treat friends for free. The hosts will provide different types of alcohol and drinks for their guests. Normally, the guests will attend the party with respect but not dead weight. People enjoy the party the avoid waste and burden on the host.

Therefore, the open bar can be hosted indoors or outdoors. It should be easy for you to create such a relaxing environment for your guest. There is a long counter, a couple of bar stools, a bar cabinet, and some decorations to provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Brightening idea: You can consider indoor plants to give your pub-style dining room a new look.

>> Wet Bar/Pub <<

A wet bar gets its name because there is always a sink, which allows you do clean-ups in the sink. It is a designed space to place bottles and glassware, and it allows you to make drinks on the pub dining table.

If you want to set your kitchen the pub-style without making a huge change or replacement. I personally recommend the wet bra. Here are three elements that a wet bar/pub should have:

A sink, storage area, and a mini-refrigerator.

As we said above, a sink is a necessary symbol, which distinguishes the wet bar and dry bar. The storage area is cabinetry or shelving to store your wines and glassware, barware, and so on. The mini-fridge under the countertop can keep your drinks cool. So you don’t have to go back to the kitchen to restock. And you won’t miss any interesting moments with your friends.

4. Right Pub&Table Helps to Get the Feeling

The right table in right place will combine the functionality and aesthetic into one.

Here are some rules:

  • Wall-mounted bar table for corners
  • Famous bar table for wooden flooring home pub
  • Counter height table for open kitchen and wet bars
  • High top pub table and chair for small, medium pub-style dining table
  • Large dark color dining table for classic pub
  • Marble dining top table for modern pub dining room

5. Do You Need a Theme?

We are not running a REAL pub, we don’t have to put so many meaningful concepts and considerations related to customers. However, a great theme will add lots of fun to your party and leave them deep memories.

You can choose a theme concept and tell your guest in advance for preparation. It can be about dressing, games, cosplay, and so on. Like the party theme, if you like to impress your guest, you can set a theme; if don’t, it is fine too.

Here are some theme ideas:

  • 70’s disco theme
  • Funky theme
  • Wild west theme
  • The Oscars theme
  • Black & White Ball theme
  • Back-to-school theme
  • Neon party theme

Anyway, it is casual. Just have fun!

5. Improve the Look

After you decide on the basic elements of a pub, now you can enhance the whole pub-style dining room with extras.

I am sure your guests will be surprised by your chic, impressive, and beautiful pub kitchen, and they would to your place to relax. What can you do to improve the look to the next level?

You can buy different chairs to pair with the bar table, wall art to bring out personality, decorations to echo the pub theme, delicate barware for a better looking, and so on.

If you have no idea what can you do to improve the pub-style dining room, keep scrolling.

Creating Pub-style Dining Room Ideas

Check out the following case to get more inspiration.

Antique cabinet and blackboard for pub scrawling

It seems to be a crowed but it is not, but it is highly functional. You can have dinner and enjoy drinks in different areas. The antique cabinet leaves a mysterious accent to the room and the blackboard allows you and your friend play game or writes down slogans or something fun.

Gray color kitchen decor and with counter with sink

A large counter height table and round bar stools can accommodate more than 10 people. The open kitchen leaves a pub area, which can be also serviced as a dining place.

Lower ceiling light and metal bar stools

The aluminum stove and light fixture add some modern elements to the room, and the bar table in the center leaves space on each side, which is super convenient.

Light brown cabinet&ceiling, bricks wall, and warm light

The brown color stands for heaviness and antique. It embraces the classic pub style and offers a cozy sitting for your guests. It occupies less space and separates your room into sectional areas.

Walnut furniture, classic wall wart, the ceiling for glassware

If you have a large dining room, you can consider this style. The smoky ceilings, gold decorations, and glass wine cabinet are antique and cool. But remember, if your flooring is stone or marble, you should change it into wooden first for harmony.

Vintage bar for drawing ceiling and telephone booth

You can find out the elements of this style and use it in your own dining room. For example, the dark color table, the interesting wall art, the small lights, and a telephone booth.

Fireplace and glass wine room and white leather bar stools

Drinking around the fireplace is great! You can place your bat table in your fireplace as well. If you don’t have a special room for your wine, it is fine too. It is not necessary.

Alcove for liquor storage and drop light

Turning your alcove into a bar is a great idea. It takes advantage of the spare space and makes your corner fun! The L-shaped bar table makes it sectional and leaves a narrow door for the host to prepare. Tidy and compact.

Counter height table with ink and wall cabinet for barware

If you don’t like the open kitchen, try this one. The wet pub style makes your dining room functional. The cabinet on the wall can not only store barware but also look beautiful.

L-shaped open kitchen to separate dining area and bar place

Place a bar table in the center and a dining table against the window. Now you have two areas to entrain your different guests!

Tiled walls and white doors, cabinet, and table for modern accent

The counter table divides the room into a kitchen and a living/dining room.And the tiled wall is easy to clean, it also echos the white bar table. If you live alone, you can design your kitchen like this, full of modern elements. Clean and classic.

Brick walls, traditional bar counter design

If you have a basement and want to turn it into a pub and dining place, you can simply place a large wooden table and a couple of antique chairs. Use hanging lights to create a dummy environment to immerse yourself in. Play jazz music, elegant and romantic!

Blonde honey-toned wood additives

Source: Tyler Karu

If you want to soften the cold and sharp feeling in your dining room, you can choose the honey-style bar table. A simple home bar maybe just need a suitable bar table.

Underground wine cellar for authentic pub and bar-style

Source: Hiphearts

If you have an underground room, it can be used as a huge wine cooler. You don’t even need a bar table, the concrete platform is enough.

Explore More Dining Room Ideas

Looking for more possibilities for your dining room? Here are more inspirations:

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