6 Rules for Rustic Sage Green Living Room (with Stunning Ideas)

Rustic styles match well with neutral colors. Try sage green if you want to enhance the natural feel of a rustic living room.

A rustic sage green living room adds earthy and relaxed vibes. If you are into this idea, here I prepared 6 need-to-know rules for using sage green color and rustic elements to decorate your living room.

Don’t worry if you have no thoughts. I also prepared some stunning ideas for rustic sage green living rooms at the end to inspire you on how to create your rural oasis.

#Rule 1. The Green Can Be Anywhere

The sage green is a neutral and mild color compared to the distinctive rustic decor; thus, you need to apply it to a vast layer of the room interior to give an impression.

Your living room walls are options, and many people post their rustic living room pictures with sage green walls on social media.

But the wall is never the only canvas for green painting. Instead, use the neutral gray-green color on different surfaces like furniture finishes, trims, doors, windows, and decorations.

Applying sage green on a variety of things help you try out different combination between sage green and rustic decors. Of course, it saves your time and effort in repainting the walls.

In a word, with the exception of wood furniture, try the green sage on any surface.

For the wood furniture, you can use them to enhance the natural-looking in living rooms, I’ll show you tricks in the next rule.

Tol14(@Tol14_wonen) uses sage green on couches, partition walls and small pieces of decorations to seperate a osasis area from the living room.

And the rattan rugs and wood board decors enhance the rustic feeling.

#Rule 2. Use Natural Looking on Wood and Stone; Sage Green Can Handle Them

In fact, the mild sage green color with wooden rustic furniture is as natural as the matching of branches and leaves.

Rustic style shows their close connection with nature by preserving the original rough look of materials.

What you can try in the living room includes brick walls, exposed wood beams, and wood-textured furniture. (Check out our rustic TV stand decor ideas in this post.)

It is crucial to keep sage green and these rugged-looking decors at a distance; a comfortable and unobtrusive contrast can maintain visually in this way.

Casa Vogue posts this picture of a natural-looking living room. The tree trunk-shaped coffee table attracts me at first sight.

You can see how powerful the wood teture is when adding earthy and rural feeling in space. Just try a natural wood finish table in your own living room. No need for the dupe in the above pic.

And you’ ll want to use fabric couches and vintage style rugs to further accentuate the rustic atmosphere

#Rule 3. Add Sage Green Color on Softness

We added some rough, rustic elements in the living room according to the previous rule. The rustic style is cozy and comfortable, so it is necessary to balance it with some softness.

Like I said before, sage green is a relaxing and mentally soothing color. Hence you can use some sage green rugs and pillows to do this job.

Source: houzz.com

Another great touch is the sage green curtains. You can enhance the lightness of sage green with curtains, thus making your country living room more relaxing. It’s just like a cozy rustic house!

#Rule 4. Make an Accent, Or Your Friends Might Deduce the Style of Your Room with A Wrong Answer

Although rustic is an impressive style, we all know that rustic country breeze has several well-known “cousins” that are easily confused with: farmhouse, cottage, and boho (Bohemian) style.

And sage green is a modest tone. Therefore, you need to make an accent in your living room to show the main elements.

The central area of the living room must be kept pure using the rustic elements mentioned earlier. Try a sage green couch with a rustic wood table or a stonewall fireplace.

Don’t let them search for the glue, but catch their eyes at first glance.

I’m sure next time your friends will say, “what a beautiful rustic living room with sage green color, instead of “wow, your bohemian/farmhouse style room is stunning.”

Imagine that you walk in this living room, and you will see the stone fireplaces instanly. And the sage green sofa also occupies a considerable amount of view space.

This is what I mentioned about showing your target style to the vistor at first glance. Large items in your living room such as sofas, cabinets, and accent walls must have rustic or sage green elements.

#Rule 5. Rustic Style Is not All About Wood. And Pay Attention to Color Combination

It would be dull if your rustic living room only had wood colors and sage green. And the rustic style has a brighter color palette than you think.

Besides wood tones, warm colors like red, orange, and gold are typical rustic style tones.

And sage green matches well with these colors. If you prefer a warm and cozy living room, don’t miss out on these bright rustic colors.

Ensure that you use red and orange sparingly. You can apply them on pillows or throw blankets. Or they will steal the shows from delicate sage green.

The bright orange wood frame adds energy to this living room. And the same color pillows on couches brighten the room furtherly.

You can find that the sage green matches well with vivid colors. In your living room, you can use some brighter color wood cabinets or TV stands to reach this effect.

#Rule 6. Catch the Common Elements: Plants Are Key Points

To make two different styles more harmonious, you need to make use of their common elements.

Generally, plants connect sage green with the natural elements of the rustic style.

Not only can you better blend sage green and deeper color rustic furniture and decoration, but refresh your entire living room if you use light-toned rustic decors.

And matching plants of sage green enhances the presence of sage green in the living room.

There will be a better visual balance between the rustic interior and the sage green.

Even if this stone fireplace catches your eye, you can still notice the sage-green wall next to it.

This is the main purpose of the circle of plants in the picture. They allow the neutral colors to stand apart from the strong style interior.

But most families will not have such an exaggerated design in their living rooms. Hence I recommend you use small potted plants as an accent. The number of large floor potted plants is controlled at 1-3.

More Ideas for Rustic Sage Green Living Room to Explore

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Adding sage green to a rustic living room enhances the natural and earthy looking. I hope these rules and ideas can guide and inspire you when looking for a relaxing and cozy feeling in life.

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