20 Rustic TV Stand Decor Ideas To Add Natural Beauty to Your Room

Rustic style hits the trend for decades. If you want to try it in your home, I highly recommend you start with the TV stand area.

Decorating your TV stand truly makes a huge difference to your living room. Moreover, you can try a lot of different things to find your taste with little cost.

Sounds feasible right? And here we prepared 20 rustic tv stand decor ideas that will inspire you to add a touch of a rustic feeling to your living room.

But before we start, let’s go deep into the rustic style in case our decor plans go far wrong away.

Rustic Style: What Are the Core Elements?

From the aesthetic view, the rustic style puts emphasis on a natural and grounded feel. You’ll see most rustic decors feature rugged and original appearances.

Hence rough wood surface, stone, metal accents, rattan, and vibrant plants are the most common elements you can see in the rustic decors.

Besides, the rustic style aims to enhance the cozy and grounded atmosphere. You will want to fill the blank space but minimize the clutter.

Rustic Or Farmhouse? Are they the Same?

When you are digging into ideas for rustic TV stand decor, you will see a lot of farmhouse-style things pop up.

Are they the same thing? Partially yes. Both farmhouse and rustic styles use wood and natural elements in the interior design.

Then here comes the difference: the rustic-style decor remains wood’s natural appearance most of the time; while the farmhouse style is more refined and has a sleeker finish.

Therefore, if you choose the rustic style, opt for natural-looking decors. On the other hand, the farmhouse and rustic style are slightly different from the color tone.

Farmhouse-style interior requires a neutral and soft color like white, cream, and gray-blue. The rustic style features a warm and vivid colors such as gold, deep green, gold, and orange.

5 Tips About Set A Rustic TV Stand Decor

To ensure you can get the right direction, here are 5 tips for rustic TV stand decor ideas to guide you.

#1. Add More Wood Decors

The first one is about the most classic rustic TV stand decor: wood is everywhere.

If your TV stand has a strong wood texture feeling, match it with another wood decor for unity.

Options are endless, but you should stick to the classic rustic items. Wood bowls, ladders, and retro pattern boxes are good choices.

#2. Try More Rustic Element

On the other hand, the rustic style is not all about the wood. The rough brick feeling, rattans, warm tone metal decor, vintage artwork, and stone decors are all useable.

You can combine them with your TV stand for the best rustic look.

#3. Accent On The Rustic Element of Your TV Stand

If your TV stand has some very obvious rustic elements, like some natural textures or special materials. You can accent this feature on decorations to enhance the rustic style.

For instance, you can use rattan decorations to emphasize a rustic TV stand with rattan doors.

#4. Use Fabrics to Add Softness

Comfort is an important standard for rustic style. A piece of warm-tone rug can make the TV stand have a country decor feeling.

Besides area rugs, you can place some fabric baskets to reach the same effect.

#5. Plants Will Fresh Up the Rustic TV Stand

Plants will show the beauty of nature. And ceramic or clay pots give your wooden TV stand a rustic, grounded feel.

It’s highly recommended to put a small green plant that needs soil instead of flowers inserted in the nutrient solution.

20 Rustic TV Stand Decors Ideas for an Unforgettable First Impression

Now that we have cleared the basic problems, it’s time to take inspiration from the following ideas.

Use Wood Bowls to Fill the Blank Shelf

By Walker Edison

This open-shelf TV stand has a beautiful pine wood finish. You can place a wood bowl to fill the shelf area without ruining the touch of nature. (Check this post to get more 4 shelf design options for TV stands.)

Above: Walker Edison Rustic TV Stand / Wood Pot

Put a Rustic Ladder Shelf to Match a TV Cabinet

This rustic TV stand decor idea strikes utility and simple beauty. A ladder shelf gives you extra storage space, and you can also match it with your rustic TV stand.

Above: Loon Peak® Venturia TV Stand / Wood Storage Ladder

Use Bright Color Wood Boxes with Rustic Pattern to Brighten Dark Wood TV Stand

Prefer a more energetic looking? An eye-catching box can give you a hand. This TV stand has a darker wood finish and looks a bit dull; you can use a brighter color wood box with patterns to balance it.

Upgrade the Wall’s Texture to Give a Rustic Feeling

You can build a rustic atmosphere by enhancing the wall’s texture, especially if it’s white before. A rough red brick wall behind the TV stand works well in bringing you to a rustic mood.

Make Use of White Element to Finish Modern Rustic TV Stand Decor

Photo by AM Dolce Vita via houzz.com

If you want to remain the white painted wall and your TV stand has a white finish, you can put a wood board on the top of the TV stand to build a modern rustic feeling.

Pair It with Shelves for a Rustic Inserted TV Stand

Not on a budget but want a built-in TV stand with rustic style? Matching wood shelves can give you the chance to enjoy a vintage-feeling TV media center.

Above: Ashely Rustic TV Stand / Ashley Rustic Pier Bookcase

Show the Natural Beauty of Rustic Style with Small Pot of Plants

Plants can always refresh the place, now you can use them to bring vibrance to the rustic TV stand. Wood and light green are just the best couples.

Above: Steelside™ Juliette Wood Rustic TV Stand / Artificial Succulents in Pots

Fill the Space Before TV Stand with Rustic Area Rugs

Fill the area in front of the TV stand with a vintage-style rug. The warm red color apparently makes the area cozier and warmer.

Above: Rustic Area Rugs

Make the Corner TV Stand Cozier with Small Pattern Rustic Rugs

Why not use a small piece of cute abstract pattern rug to decorate your corner TV stand? This corner now looks like a scene from a small cozy rustic hutch.

Above: Red Barrel Studio® Aurelio TV Stand / Casual Abstract Area Rug Small Piece

Rustic Animal Decor Will Brighten the TV Stand Area

Animal decors can show the natural beauty of the country style very well. Wood and warm-tone metal ornaments are great choices.

You can see how this wood squirrel matches the plant and the TV stand below perfectly.

Above: Union Rustic Woodsburgh TV Stand / Wooden Squirrel Statue / Wall Mount Stag Head

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Final Words

Decorating your TV stand with rustic decors is a good idea to build a welcomed and cozy living room. I personally enjoy this natural and warm style and prepare to refurbish my entertainment area as well.

If you are interested in one of these ideas above, go to decorate your TV stand for a rustic look for now.

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