6 Stunning TV In Front of Window Ideas That Feasible and Stunning

When furnishing rooms, the center place might have been taken, or the room has limited space. Hence this non-fatal but annoying problem occurs:

Every piece of furniture’s position is perfect and under control. But wait, where supposed the TV to be?

In fact, why not position your TV in front of the window? Off-center TV interior is on the trend, and you can decorate the window area into a stylish corner.

If you are interested in this idea, keep reading. I’ll guide you on finding a suitable position in front of the window for your TV with six ideas.

First, let’s sweep away the doubts and questions in your mind.

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Is Placing TV In Front of Windows a Bad Idea?

Not at all. Putting a TV in front of windows is not a weird and unadvisable idea.

Sometimes, the only possible option for setting up the TV is in front of the windows, and I have seen many people do this and create a well-designed interior.

Therefore, the critical point is that you need some inspiration about how to decorate and arrange the TV area.

Before going deep into the interior ideas, you will need to learn how to handle the common issues when positioning TV in front of windows.

3 Tips to Reduce the Heat and Screen Glare Issues

While putting the TV in front of windows, three potential obstacles stop you:

  • overheating
  • less natural light
  • screen glare

You can handle these issues easily by positioning the TV in a suitable place or shading it from sunlight during the daytime.

Next, I will show you three common helpful tips for solving these problems.

#1. Place it in front of the shady windows.

If your room has sufficient natural light due to many windows, then you can put the TV in front of the window with less light. This helps reduce the screen glare and heat when you watch TV.

Besides, find out which window allows more light (mostly the south-facing window) and ensure your TV is not opposite that one.


Check how YonTonBom (@arianabrogan) brighten and accent the TV in front of a shady window.

Plants are the best options when you want to freshen up the entertainment area. And the gauzy curtains enhance the relaxed feeling to make the room brighter.

#2. Use Curtains Or Blinds During Daytime

If you are afraid that harsh sunlight will overheat your TV, you can use blinds and curtains to shade it during the daytime.

By the way, you will have a comfortable viewing experience in a darker room, just like in the cinema.

And you can choose whether blinds or curtains based on your preference. However, blinds allow a little light into the room if you like watching TV under faint light.

On the other hand, you’ll want thicker and pattern curtains for more shade.

Source: Unknown

For personal taste, I’ll use curtains because they are more decorative. Matching the color and pattern of curtains with room adds a strong style to the interior.

#3. Move TV To the Corner

What if there is no other place for your TV and you have no choice but to have the only window in the room?

Positioning your TV in the corner is the optimal option to ensure enough natural light. And you can angle the TV to avoid screen glare as well.

Source: JBL

6 TV In front of Window Ideas

When you decide to position the television in front of the windows, it will become the center of the room due to the sufficient lighting.

Hence you will need to make the TV area look natural and eye-catching enough to keep the balance.

There are many fun ways to create a beautiful TV area in front of windows. Let’s check the six ideas and hope you can get your inspiration.

#1. Be More Creative About Window Shades

You have various options when protecting your TV from heat and glare. You can see how this rustic room uses DIY barn doors to ensure the unity of room style and watch the TV from the sunlight.

#2. Use Rugs to Hide Extended Cords

If there are no outlets near the window, you can choose to use an extended cord to make your TV work.

You can hide the cords under rugs to make the room look neat and clean. Just use tapes to fix the cord on the floor, then choose a piece of carpet to cover it on.

Rugs can also decorate the area in front of the TV and add softness to any room style.

#3. Take Use of Windowsill

Installing the TV on the bay window or wide windowsill in your bedroom so you can enjoy the movie in bed.

Don’t forget to use blinds or curtains to shade your TV. Blinds will be better because they take up less space in the window area.

Source: homeanddecor

#4. Mount TV On the Window

Here’s a lounge from a bar in Mexico. In front of the wall-sized window, they mount TVs for entertaining.

Source: archdaily

The final result is very eye-catching, and we can get inspired by mounting the TV in front of the windows in our living room.

Source: houzz

#5. A Cozy Window Corner with Hidden TV Cabinet Design

With enough budget, you can build a pull-out TV that is inserted into the wall beside the window.

This is suitable for anyone who wants to decorate the windowsill area. Like the following one, which uses pillows and cushions to turn it into a cozy corner.

Source: bhg

Besides, a TV lift helps you minimize the clutter and allows the light into when there is only one window in the room.

Source: houzz

#6. Decor The Area with a TV Stand with Endless Options

A TV stand is one of the easiest ways to decorate the TV in front of windows. You will find this is the best way to show your personality.

Many designers arrange their TV stand area differently. The following one uses a modern, sleek TV stand to match the black marble beam and create a sense of minimalist style.

Source: homedsgn

Generally, you can choose the TV stand by your preference and budget. Like I say, the options are endless.

Here are some stunning TV stand ideas you can get inspiration from.

More TV Stand Ideas for TV In front of Window

#1. Corner TV Stand with Wheels

Source: Wayfair

Above: Abrielle TV Stand for TVs up to 32″ By Ebern Designs

#2. Wooden Tripod TV Stand for Aesthetic Feeling


Above: Wood Tripod TV Stand By ONKRON

#3. TV Storage Units for Large Window Area

#4. Open Shelf TV Stand for TV In front Of Windows

Source: archdaily

#5. TV Cabinet Under High WIndows

Source: lonny

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