8 Walnut Dining Tables to Create an Elegant Style

Dream of elegant and modern kitchen decor to enjoy your every meal? The Walnut dining table is the best furniture piece to give your kitchen a new look!

Walnut wood is valued as a premium wood for its strength, unique grains, and smooth finishing. It offers elegance to your room and matches the best with your hardwood floors.

The walnut dining top also shows your special aesthetic taste and creates an elegant style for your kitchen. They are best for both indoor and outdoor activities for quality family time. Keep reading to improve your kitchen room decor.

1. Round Walnut Dining Table for 3-5 People

mid century modern walnut dining table

This round mid-century modern dining table is specially designed for a smaller kitchen. It accommodates 3 – 5 adults cozily and is safe for your kids.

Its solid wood base allows you to pile as many items as you want without worrying about collapsing. With 43 inches of sturdy wood legs, it holds up to 200 pounds!

Want to eat outsides with your friends? No problem. The walnut finishing is sunlight and scratch-resistant to keep for years to come, durable for all uses.

Different from other wood furniture, the dark brown-colored table adds extras and enhances your kitchen decor.

2. Foldable Dining Table with a Walnut Top

large walnut dining table

Looking for a large dining table but brothered by the tight space in the dining room? This foldable table with a walnut wood top is the one for you.

48 L x 34 W x 29 H inches is perfect for a party to treat your guests or serving as a game tale to entertain. Four foldable legs make it compact to take out for a road trip, barbecues, and outdoor activities as well! Easy to transport and store.

Cleaning issue? The table finishing is easy to wipe and maintain. It definitely leaves no stains or messes on the surface.

The rubber stopper increases the grip to fix on and protect the floors, you don’t need to place a carpet under it. The combination of walnut wood and reinforced metal frame structure fits every home decoration style.

3. Solid Black Walnut Kitchen Table Set

walnut round dining table for 6

This natural and authentic walnut wood table set are attractive and unique. The top-notch craftsmanship adds unfussy details to your modern family.

The smooth wood top is finished in dark stain, so its dark shades warm up the room. Not dull or too serious for formal and semi-formal dining places.

The rectangular dining table top as being seen though, the rounded corners are shaped safe and beautiful. Four extended curvy back legs stand sturdily and show your aesthetics.

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4. White Solid Walnut Kitchen Table for 6

solid walnut dining table and chairs

Tired of dark color furniture in your room? The classic white dining table adds a special flavor to your modern kitchen.

55 L x 32 D x 30 H inches large dimensions are quite large for your whole family to sit around it. The neat table top leaves no streaks and dust after wiping down. Therefore, the spills or food residues are no longer a concern if you have kids.

The all-white design lightens your room and gives a simple elegance to the interior decoration. No matter whether your floors are hardwood, marble, or concrete, the robot-like appearance fits well and makes it cool.

5. Extendable Large Walnut Dining Table for 8

walnut brown dining table

If you have a big family or you often invite friends, a larger table is a must-buy. This extendable dining table accommodates at least 8 people comfortably.

The attachable leaves are always ready for anyone to join in. Just lift it up to create two positions with 109 inches in width. And you can fold them when finished using them, not occupying too much space.

Noticed its tapered legs? They splay a bit to enhance the stability and provide extra room for 10 -12 chairs to fit in. It gripes the dining room’s core spirit – gathering and sharing.

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6. Brown Walnut Fishing Dining Coffee Table

small round walnut dining table

The contemporary design prevails in modern and mid-century kitchen styles. This is ideal for intimate dinners to enjoy meals and relax.

Constructed of high-quality American black walnut, the tabletop and legs are resistant to dents. Therefore, it is a good choice for homes with pets. Normally, walnut wood lasts longer than you expect because of its strength, so you can also use it for outdoor activities.

The grain pattern and fine finish are gorgeous under the warm ceiling light. The classic brown color and slender angled legs create a special tone and warm atmosphere.

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7. 47” Walnut Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table

black walnut dining table

Try a contemporary dining table style to decorate your kitchen or dining room. The walnut wood pedestal table is streamlined to exert the modern decor feeling to the maximum.

Suited for 4 -5 people, the circular table has the perfect 29.5 inches height. It is not too low nor too high to put your arms. The wide-open pedestal base represents harmony with the chairs and carpets.

Both top and base colors are dark walnuts, which look stunning in pictures. For anyone who loves to post pictures of food, this elegant and unadorned table performs best.

8. Clear Glass Dining Tables with Walnut Legs

walnut glass dining table walnut pedestal table

Want to make some changes to your eat-in kitchen? Try a mixed dining table style! This transparent glass and walnut legs table looks chic and fresh.

The table top is made of 8 mm thick tempered glass and the solid frame withstands 300 pounds of weight. It can have 6 or more seats for your guest. Everyone will find the best place to sit.

This glass top bears both hot food and ice-cold drinks. You can put everything on it without worries about cracks. Ultra strong, durable solid walnut materials always ensure safety.

More Walnut Dining Tables Styling for Improvement

Didn’t find the walnut you love? Compare the similar dining tables below:

Walnut Wood Table Color Arts for Dining Room Design

The different dining table colors can create totally different home styles. Many designers use colors to match or build special tones for the entire room. So, What colors work best for your dining room?

1. Dark color for an antique/formal dining room style

formal walnut dining room style

The dark walnut colors represent a heavy and rich feeling, therefore, it matches best for some formal dining rooms to welcome business partners. Also, if your dining room are intend to create an antique style with similar furniture included already, the dark color will make your room impressive.

2. Brown color for a warm/mid-century dining room style

why should a brown color walnut table

The brown color walnut furniture is a hot choice for restaurant sets since it looks warm and relaxing. Likewise, all your guests will spend a happy dinner time around a brown color table. If you prefer the mid-century style, the brown color is the best option. It matches your yellow cabinets and blonde flooring and keeps all shades in a balance.

3. Light color for modern/contemporary kitchen style

vintage walnut dining table

Young people or any artist love light-colored dining tables. Simple, stylish, and beautiful. If you like modern dining room decoration, the light walnut finish color will work great for most contemporary items.


Walnut wood is an excellent material for dining tables, durable, stable, and artistic. The natural grain patterns are exclusive and unique, showing your special taste. Therefore, buying a walnut wood dining table is a worthy investment.

Various colors and types of tables mentioned in this article inspire you to improve your dining room decoration. Hope you find it useful!

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