What Color Dining Table with Light Wood Floors?

what color dining table with light wood floor

Here is one problem that bothers many of my clients when they try to decorate their dining room. That is, what color dining table with light wood floors? I’ve shared many dining table decors and recommendations posts, but I still get asked how to choose the right dining table colors. Well, it is true. You … Read more

90s Dining Room Flashbacks – Arouse Your Childhood Memories

90s dining room decor

Do you remember the days when your mom made your dinner as long as you were home after school? Years passed by; do you reminisce these happy times? Today, I will take you to travel through time to the 1990s and see how our parents decorate the dining room. Please keep reading to see if … Read more

How to Repurpose a Dining Room? 8 Real Cases to Upcycle It

Think about it, do your family always gather to eat dinner in the dining room? Probably not. You may prefer sitting and eating in the living while watching TV or playing on your phone, and your kids like to enjoy their food in their bedroom. So, how to repurpose a dining room if it is … Read more

Best Feng Shui Dining Room Colors and Layouts to Bring You Fortune

best feng shui colors for dining rooms

One of the interesting facts I found is that my partial customers will take Feng Shui into consideration when designing a dining room, hoping for fortune and healthiness, especially who have Asian culture background. Therefore, I learned Feng Shui color from a Taoism follower to provide my customer best solutions. In the Feng Shui concept, … Read more