Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas to Add Classic Touch & Retain Your Guests!

Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas to Add Classic Touch & Retain Your Guests!

I’ve been in the interior design business for a while now, and I’ve seen it all. People always look for new and innovative ways to make their dining room stand out. If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, then glass dining tables are the perfect solution. A … Read more

15 Methods Home Designers Use to Light a Dining Room Without Ceiling Light

When you move into the new house and haven’t installed a ceiling light, or your dining room ceiling is too low to hang a light, you will have to eat in the darkness. However, a dim dining room can be quite uninviting and make your guests feel unwelcome. Don’t worry if you don’t have a … Read more

What Color Dining Table with Light Wood Floors?

what color dining table with light wood floor

Here is one problem that bothers many of my clients when they try to decorate their dining room. That is, what color dining table with light wood floors? I’ve shared many dining table decors and recommendations posts, but I still get asked how to choose the right dining table colors. Well, it is true. You … Read more

6 Romantic Dining Room Ideas for Anniversary & Sweet Dates

how to set a romantic dining room

A few days ago, I got the message from a reader, “Hello, Romona, do you have good romantic dining room ideas for a date? I invited a girl for dinner, and I want to create a lovely dining ambiance for her.” So I have come up with 6 ideas to make his dining room and … Read more

How to Make a Traditional Dining Table Look Modern? 7 Easy Solutions

Do you have any traditional dining table that doesn’t match your dining room decor anymore but still want to keep it? How about modernizing it? A friend of mine, Joy, was planning to modernize her traditional dining table, so she asked for my advice. I offered her 7 solutions, and she leveraged one of them … Read more

Pendant Lights Not Centered over Island – Solutions and Tips to Follow

pendant lights not centered over island

Pendant lights centered over a kitchen island act as a focal point and diffuse evenly spread light for both seating sides. But what do you do when you find your electrician had put your pendant lighting circuit in the wrong place, which is off-centered above the island? Or, what do you do if you have … Read more

90s Dining Room Flashbacks – Arouse Your Childhood Memories

90s dining room decor

Do you remember the days when your mom made your dinner as long as you were home after school? Years passed by; do you reminisce these happy times? Today, I will take you to travel through time to the 1990s and see how our parents decorate the dining room. Please keep reading to see if … Read more

How to Repurpose a Dining Room? 8 Real Cases to Upcycle It

Think about it, do your family always gather to eat dinner in the dining room? Probably not. You may prefer sitting and eating in the living while watching TV or playing on your phone, and your kids like to enjoy their food in their bedroom. So, how to repurpose a dining room if it is … Read more

Dining Table Vase Decor – Set Your Graceful Table (Flower Arrangement Included)

dining room vase design

Here is a misconception that dining tables need multiple decorations to style. That is why many people give up setting their dining table. The truth is, a vase and a bouquet will make a difference. Before the food is served, the first thing that catches your guest’s eye is the decorations on the table, vases, … Read more

Best Feng Shui Dining Room Colors and Layouts to Bring You Fortune

best feng shui colors for dining rooms

One of the interesting facts I found is that my partial customers will take Feng Shui into consideration when designing a dining room, hoping for fortune and healthiness, especially who have Asian culture background. Therefore, I learned Feng Shui color from a Taoism follower to provide my customer best solutions. In the Feng Shui concept, … Read more