Best Feng Shui Dining Room Colors and Layouts to Bring You Fortune

One of the interesting facts I found is that my partial customers will take Feng Shui into consideration when designing a dining room, hoping for fortune and healthiness, especially who have Asian culture background. Therefore, I learned Feng Shui color from a Taoism follower to provide my customer best solutions.

In the Feng Shui concept, colors are connected to different types of energy and elements. A well-arranged dining room Feng Shui can not only maintain health but also brings you prosperity. If you are suffering pain and bad luck recently, maybe you need to reconsider your Feng Shui dining room color and layout to change the vibe.

You will see:

  • What is Feng Shui?
  • Relationships between Feng Shui kitchen color and appetite
  • Best colors for different dining room locations
  • Best kitchen Feng Shui Color
  • Colors should not use to avoid disharmony
  • Good Feng Shui dining room layouts

Why Should You Consider Feng Shui Color for Dining Room?

The Feng Shui concept originated in China. The Chinese character “风水”, pronounced “feng shui” with the meaning of ” wind and water”, is a practice of arranging the colors, layout, and location of the living environment and adhering to the law of changes in the universe to seek overall wellness and avoid evil.

The dining room Feng Shui is important to consider when decorating. In Fengshui concept, there are three places that may influence our life, which are the door, living room, and kitchen.

The kitchen is not only a place for the whole family to replenish their energy by eating, but also represents the family’s treasure.

If the kitchen or dining room Feng Shui is worse, conflicts and troubles will get you. More importantly, bad Feng Shui will affect your health and brings misfortune.

So, what is the relationship between Feng Shui color and Appetit? And what are the best the Feng Shui color to use in dining room? Keep reading!

How Does Feng Shui Kitchen Color Affect Appetite?

Credit: Marywasher

The color of the kitchen and dining room have a subtle influence on us, although you may not be aware of it. In fact, many colors are related to our emotions and can mobilize our moods.

No matter what emotion is mobilized, people’s appetite will be suppressed. White, the cleanest and purest, color has nothing to do with any emotion, so it will not interfere with appetite.

In Feng Shui theory, the world is made up of five elements: wood, earth, water, fire, and metal. And the main element of the kitchen is fire, which overcomes the metal (all metal substances can be turned into liquid burned by fire) to bring you wealth. So what is color belongs to metal element?

The main color of the metal element is white, silver and gold, so it is best to choose light colors such as white and milky white for dining room.

Water overcomes fire, and the representative color of the water element is mainly black and blue. It influence your personal health and luck if your Feng Shui element is water. And, if so, you’d better not use black and blue in your dining room to avoid elements overcoming interation. Click here to calculate your element.

What Are Feng Shui Colors for Different Dining Room Locations

The location should need to choose different Feng Shui colors to gain wellness.

Use warm colors if your dining room faces north

choose warm feng shui color for dining room
Credit: activerain

North-facing kitchens and dining rooms have no direct sunlight in. Therefore, warm colors with light chromatics, such as natural wood color, orange, yellow or white add a warm feeling to the kitchen.

In addition, warm colors can make the kitchen space look lively, and enthusiastic, and enhance appetite.

Use cold colors if your dining room faces south

Credit: Properties

If your kitchen faces the east or southeast, your room enjoys abundant sunlight and long hours of sunshine. When the weather is hot, it is prone to produce heat and you may feel irritable and fractious.

According to Feng Shui theory, you can choose a kitchen cabinet or dining table in cold color or a darker neutral color.

Cold color brings your room calming visual look and allows you to stay calm in the kitchen.

Best Kitchen/Dining Room Feng Shui Color to Bring You Fortune

Here are some best Feng Shui colors you can consider:

White for better appetite

Credit: Modsy

In modern home decoration, many people prefer the white color kitchen style. The kitchen is the place where we cook and eat, and it is better to decorate with a large area of ​​white. It gives us a sense of cleanliness and hygiene, and you can eat without worries.

At the same time, of the five elements of Feng Shui, the white color belongs to metal, and the kitchen belongs to fire. Metal overcomes fire, which can effectively resolve the fire in the kitchen.

Yellow, brown for better fortune

The element of yellow is earth, fire generates earth, and it can be converted into each other, which can neutralize the water and fire energy in the kitchen to achieve a balance.

In addition, yellow also represents wealth and fortune, the more yellow element in your kitchen, the better fortune you will gain.

Blue for peace and health

Credit: Chaney

Although the elements of blue belong to the water, blue offers a quiet and indifferent temperament. It is not as serious as black, and it is a relatively cool and eye-pleasing color. The Feng Shui in the kitchen reaches the goal of balance. The fire element of the kitchen and the water elements of blue color are both beneficial. So it is of great help to the fortune of your family.

Purple for luck and prosperity

Credit: Beech Wood

Of the five elements, purple belongs to fire, which is conducive to prosperity for whose birth element is the earth (those born in March, June, Sempeter, or December of the lunar calendar).

Therefore, if your birth element is earth, you can decorate your dining room with purple as the dominant tone for luck and progress. You can also use purple kitchenware to represent a positive attitude and confidence.

Green for wellness and harmony

Credit: Ruftyhomes

The element of green is wood, which generates fire, therefore, will aggravate the fire element in the kitchen. Dark green is not suitable for the kitchen, causing overcoming interaction.

But the light green belongs to the cool tone, it is fine.

Silver, gray for health and widsom

Silver and gray are predominating colors in modern dining room design. It integrates efficiency, health, positivity, and wisdom. The silver ash provides a sense of peace and internal calm. It clears your mind and keeps you away from the noise. This an also a great Feng Shui color to use on cabinets and dining tables.

Never Use These Colors in Dining Room!

If you believe in Feng Shui theory and want to apply it in your dining room. Here are two colors you should avoid using widely in your dining room.

Red will cause irritation and imbalance

Credit: Miriamstern

According to the concept of the five elements, the element of the kitchen is fire, and the element of red is fire. Therefore, it is taboo to use red as the main color in the kitchen, especially bright red. If it is a hot summer, a kitchen dominated by red will also make you easily irritated. What is worse, your family relationships may deteriorate.

Black will cause to disharmony and back luck

Credit: Miriamstern

According to Feng Shui theory, the element of black is water; while the element of the kitchen is fire. Combining black (water)and red (fire) is bound to overcome each other.

4 Rules for Designing Dining Room Colors According to Feng Shui

1. Generally, light and bright colors make a small kitchen look spacious, cordial and harmonious. Colors with low purity bring warmth to the kitchen and dining room. Warm colors are inviting and cozy, it also has a positive impact on good appetite.
2. You can use bright colors on the ceiling, upper and lower walls, and the upper part of the wall panel. While the lower part of the wall panel and the ground should use a dark color, which keeps the best balance of color and hightlights of the room.
3. You can paint your dining room with warm colors if it is facing north. If you dining rooms facing southeast, you can use cold colors to make the room cool.
4. By cleverly using the characteristics of color, you can adjust the kitchen space visually. If the kitchen is too high, try to use dignified dark colors to make it look less tall; if the room is too small, use bright colors and light tones to make it feel spacious and comfortable. A well-lit kitchen can be decorated with cool tones to avoid getting hotter in the scorching summer days.

Good Feng Shui Dining Room Layouts Can Bring YouTreasures!

1. It is not advisable to hang mirrors in the kitchen or dining room. The mirror should avoid shing on fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove, it shines on the food in the pot. This is called “Tianmen Fire”, which will cause the house to suffer from fire or misfortune.

2. Water and fire should not collide. The refrigerator represents a place to store and gather wealth. Its elements is water, and it is should avoid fire. Otherwise, it is easy to cause health problems.

3. The position of the faucet in the kitchen should not be opposite to the stove, and it is best to place it in an “L” shape.

4. Everyone knows that the stove can’t be facing the door. In fact, it’s more than that. The stove can’t be too close to the door, and it needs to keep a certain distance.

The open door is the entrance of the wind, in the Book of Changes, the wind is Xun (one of the Eight Diagrams) , and the its elements is wood, which can make a fire.

5. You can also use plants, Treasure Basin, painting as feng shui decorations, such as Nine Koi Fish painting, etc. The lucky Feng Shui paintings play a big role in the kitchen.

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At Last

Now you know what color to use in your dining room according to Feng Shui, hope you gain good luck, prosperity, and wellness!

If you are interested on more dining room designs and deceor, keep following us.

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