What Chairs to Go With Chesterfield Sofa? – 36 Matching Ideas Given

If you trace the history of the Chesterfield sofa, the result will surprise you immediately. It was until the mid-1700s that the Chesterfield sofa popped into people’s life.

So is the Chesterfield sofa out of style now?

Surely not. It is still the most commonly used sofa style in the world. The vintage look it brings may restrict your home style, but with other complements, you can easily change your interior design into modern, contemporary, or even industrial type. And the most simple complement you can use is a chair.

So what chairs to go with the Chesterfield sofa for different home decor?

If you enjoy the antique mood the Chesterfield sofa brings, you can select the retro-style chair, using the dark brown wooden material to add a touch of quality.

For a contemporary style, a light grey or a woven lawn chair will neutralize the heaviness of the vintage sofa and fetch you a sense of vitality.

Want some industrial elements in your home design? Try the metal chairs, and you’ll find those turns and tilts on the chairs collide with the ancient style and give a spark of contrast.

For a more straightforward look, we offered some practical styles you can use in this post, so you’ll know what types work best for your home.

Antique Living Room Style with Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Antique home style typically gives a sense of history; most of the furniture or big parts under this style will remind you of the past. Entering the house, you will feel like walking back into the environment with heaviness and solemnity.

The most recommended Chesterfield sofa under this style is the one with leather material; dark brown can better add up the touch of history, and be sure to select the armrest type, as it gives both comforts in use and exquisite in look.

Source: digsdigs.com

The Perks: Thick padded cushion with a long and wide seat design makes it an ideal place to snuggle for long hours.

The Vibe: Add a great sense of story to your home and set the tone for an antique look in the whole house design.

Optimum Chair Matching: Vintage Chesterfield-style chairs can better match your Chesterfield sofa.

Here are some practical ideas:

Style Idea #1: Use Chesterfield Armchairs For Style Coherence

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Want a vintage style? Just corporate Chesterfield armchairs into your home design; the Chesterfield sofa and identical style armchairs set the tone of a vintage look. Shelves, the art frame, the old-fashioned suitcase-like coffee table, and even the window frame are all in dark brown colors, forming a harmonious antique atmosphere.

The decorations also follow the same principle. A mass of tellurians scattered all over the space echo with a round table lamp, the hanging ceiling light composed of staggered lines coordinated with the wall painting.

Decoration Tricks:

If you have trouble getting the antique style, remember the principle – It will never go wrong to keep everything in the same color and same shape.

Style Idea #2: Dark Brown Accent Chairs Combines with Light Color Loveseat

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Vintage accent chairs can also go with the antique Chesterfield sofa, primarily when using the same dark brown colors. Light brown coffee table with its sharp rectangular shape serves as a transition, making the white loveseat pops up – yet not stand out too much, among other old-fashioned furniture.

Small decorations are equally crucial in interior design; the white blanket, light-color lamp shades, and blue and beige pillows – all add extra colors and freshen up the space.

Decoration Tricks:

When all the bulk pieces are in dark colors, adding some light color decorations will effectively lighten up the whole space, without destroying the overall style.

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Classic Living Room Style with Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Classic style is highly pure and with a strong identity. Compared with other home styles, the Classic one is more minimalist and less noble, offering a solid feeling of elegance in the environment.

And in terms of elegance, the velvet Chesterfield sofa will be at the top spot. Smooth velvet material provides you with a soft feel and good warmth.

Source: brabbu.com

The Perks: Designed to be wear-resistant, this type of sofa stands the test of time. The mid-back design takes a classic look and gives it a glamorous upgrade to create something fresh in your living room.

The Vibe: It endows the room with a luxurious feel, helps glam up the look of your house, and makes the space more sophisticated and grown up.

Optimum Chair Matching: Thickly cushioned tub chairs or club chairs.

Here are some practical ideas:

Style Idea #1: Light Color Tub Chair to Go with Dark Grey Sofa

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The velvet Chesterfield sofa gives warmth and cozy touch, so matching with cushioned tub chairs can never go wrong. The two Chesterfield lounge sofas stand in opposite directions while a set of white tub chairs face the white fireplace directly – forming a warm and inviting circle. The bouquet on the coffee table further intensified this atmosphere.

White is a commonly seen color in classic interior design, and the small areas of light color adopted on pieces, such as chairs, will significantly enhance the pleasant feel in the large living room.

Style Idea #2: Use The Red Color Side Chair to Enlighten Your Home Decor

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When there is a dark grey sofa in your living room, placing an oxblood accent chair along is an effective solution to brighten up your home. The upholstered fabric on both sofa and chair will weaken the solemn atmosphere from the dark color scheme and give an inviting and cozy feeling. Sitting on the sofa, you’ll enjoy the relaxing moment chatting with your loved family members, with arms resting on the soft armrest.

You will be amazed at the importance of color in pulling the room together, from large pieces to small decorations. The plaid pillow colored with oxblood and dark grey echoes with the sofa and chair. And the yellow one, likewise, matches with yellow chair and yellow curtains. You can also find the mentioned color elements on the hanging painting.

That is the trick you can use in your interior design,

Use small pieces to echo with the colors on large furniture.

Style Idea #3: A Burly Wood Open Arm Chair Is A Perfect Match For A Cream Sofa

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For this decoration idea, you will find the materials of the sofa and chairs are different, one is faux leather, while the other is natural wood, but both are in cream colors to ensure a consistent overall look. Shaped rectangular, the sofa still gives a warm feeling thanks to its leather material. So does the chair; the French patterns on the armrests and legs dramatically neutralize the sharp sense from its square seat.

On the other side stand two cylinder-like chairs, which also use the round shape to soften the coolness of metal material. Altogether, you can find wooden, metal, and leather mixed perfectly with each other, which may sound inconsistently within one space.

Decoration Tricks:

So, various materials can also emit different sparks in interior design, when used properly.

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Modern Living Room Style with Fabric Chesterfield Sofa

The modern style focuses more on function and minimalism and discards the unnecessary details and frills. It creates a simplified home with strong horizontal compositions, such as large floor plans, glass windows, and walls.

The same principle goes for furniture. The Chesterfield sofa under the modern home style should follow the classic philosophy – Less Is More, using simple lines instead of bulk designs to increase the warmth and inviting of your house atmosphere. Compared with leather or velvet material, the fabric sofa is more softened and thus matches perfectly with the design.

The Perks: The fabric Chesterfield sofa tends to be more comfortable and provides better support. It is typically unlimited in texture and patterns and thus quickly grabs the attention and gets the look you want.

The Vibe: The warm accents of color choices express the cozy and relaxing tone of the room.

Optimum Chair Matching: Soft couch chair or upholstered armchair to echo the lazy feelings from the sofa.

Here are some practical ideas:

Style Idea #1: A Light Yellow Wingback Chair Goes with Navy Blue Sofa

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Here is another example of making a sofa and chair with the same fabric. The Chesterfield sofa in blue is upholstered and matches well with the overall warmth style. So the selection of the other two chairs follows the warmth design likewise. Soft fabric material itself gives cozy feelings, not to say the curved armrests and a thick backrest.

The pure color adds up to the simplicity of the space, yet it can be dull sometimes; that is why the striped chair is set aside. Regular line patterns on the chair break up the bald mood yet do not spoil the whole atmosphere – for it occupies only a tiny space.

Decoration Tricks:

The patterned chair in small size can be a finishing touch of your room design.

Style Idea #2: Get A Leather Chair For Your All-Grey Sofa

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The modern interior design focuses on simplicity and minimalism; the rectangular coffee table, all-black shelf, and the black photo frame are sound obediences of this style, except for the sofa.

The grey sofa in soft fabric significantly softens the peaceful mood; an extra upholstered chair will further violate the simplistic tone. A leather chair, however, brings back the modern aesthetic immediately.

Decoration Tricks:

Embrace single design style to enhance your personality within a room.

Style Idea #3: White Chair Goes Perfectly Well With White Sofa

Source: decoist.com

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In modern home design, black, white, and grey are like the Three Musketeers, among which white matters the most. You can see large areas of white adopted in most modernized interior designs.

In this idea, a white Chesterfield sofa lies right in front of the white wall, allowing for more personalization on chairs. And I must say, the white chair covered with a wooden frame is a wise choice. It uses white as a primary color but adds the wooden element to embrace the modern style.

See the core of this design?

Well, WHITE! it will always be the WHITE.

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Contemporary Living Room Style with Suede Chesterfield Sofa

The contemporary home style features strong visible lines to express its simplicity and subtle sophistication. It tends to celebrate light and be more dally in decor, constantly adapting itself to the new trend.

The stark contrast and curved lines are frequently found in contemporary style, which is what the Chesterfield sofa should be under this style. Unlike modern sofas that are in cooling neutral to anchor the room filled with arts, contemporary sofa, especially with suede material, uses color more wisely. They normarlly use earthy blue and green as primary hues to ground the space and give it a trendy feel.

Source: decorpad.com

The Perks: When sitting on the Suede Chesterfield sofa, It will immediately envelop you in warmth with its smooth texture. To clean and maintain it is also an easy task.

The Vibe: Delicate, elegant, and noble, these are all you can get from Contemporary Suede Chesterfield sofa.

Optimum Chair Matching: Go directly with bold, structural, and bare chairs.

Here are some practical ideas:

Style Idea #1: Try A Leopard Print Armchair For Contemporary Style

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Leopard chair seems at odds with velvet sofa, yet in this idea, it causes no conflict but paired together, they enhance each other’s quality.

How’s that happened? Well, the leopard chair, the woven back chair, the colorful mat, and the aesthetic wall-hanging candlestick all express signs of strong personality. That demands a large expanse of negative space to keep balance, so the white wall and the pure velvet sofa work.

Decoration Tricks:

Because contemporary is so relies on personality, there’s plenty of opportunities to blend in chic aspects.

Style Idea #2: Cream-Colored Club Chair Brings a Touch of Warmth

Source: modsy.com

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The contemporary design is not always cold and raw; anything that can express your mood and personality is a wonderful interior style, including the welcoming and laidback one. The brown Chesterfield sofa will speak more of vintage style when used with dark colors. On the contrary, when combined with the light grey accent chair, they make the room appear larger and cleaner.

Style Idea #3: The Plaid Chairs Can Be More Stylish

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Besides the grey accent chair, the plaid chair is also the core element in contemporary design – think the brat check and zebra stripe. The blend of black and white color seems to work incredibly well in any aesthetic design, like the chair, the coffee table, and the small beanbag chair in this idea, they show chic features without conflicting with the warmth created by the brown leather sofa and cozy candlelight.

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Industrial Living Room Style with Button Back Chesterfield Sofa

The architectural elements within the space define industrial home design by using flexible lines and open outlets to keep an aesthetic feel. Colors are generally neutralized, like black, grey, brown, or white.

To match the neutralized color in industrial style, the selection of Chesterfield sofa color can be dark brown. The button back and curved armrest cooperate with the white wall and sharpen lines on other furniture.

Source: digsdigs.com

The Perks: The leather material on the Chesterfield sofa is the best match with industrial style; apart from the sleek look, you can also enjoy the cooling feel it brings during hot summers.

The Vibe: The leather material with a dark color wall adds a splash of elegance and creates an inviting yet casual space.

Optimum Chair Matching: Metal chairs with curved lines

Check the most practical idea:

Style Idea #: Select Metal Chairs to Add Strong Industrial Feel

Source: 99.co

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At its core, the industrial design incorporates multiple architectural elements within the space, like an exposed brick wall, unfinished pipelines, or reclaimed wood. Yet there is still room for you to blend aspects from other styles.

Just as in this idea, the large windows and white walls show the industrial feature – to keep the layout as open as possible, while the striped wooden floor tends to lean more on contemporary style. If the sofa color echos with floor color, try to get your chair combined more with the wall – the metal type never goes wrong.

Decoration Tricks:

If making all room industrial a hard thing, just focus on one or two parts.

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