11 Cabinet with Hanging Rod Ideas to Spruce up Your Laundry Room

How to arrange your laundry area with cabinets and hanging rods? Do your cabinets, rods and even the wet hanging clothes influence the natural light in your laundry rooms?

What is your purpose?

Maximize the space of your laundry room? If you have a large laundry room, whatever design about cabinets and hanging rods is reasonable to a large extent. While for a small laundry, you’d better spare some area to walk through without hindrance, so a corner cabinet with rods is a wise option.

Get more brightness in? The upper cabinet with rods may be not your first choice. But to put a storage cabinet under the bottom of the window and leave your laundry rods on the wall will make you out of the dim light.

Less damage to your wall? If you prepare makeovers very often, the freestanding cabinet and separate hanging rods under the floating shelf are the best design for you.

Also consider the interior design and furniture already in your room. In favor of the minimalist design? White, black and grey cabinets won’t disappoint you because these cabinets look unobtrusive in your simple style laundry room. Or go with bold and contrasting colors if you tend to match your modern decoration.

Here are 11 ideas to make full use of your space to better arrange your cabinets and hanging rods.

1. Long and Narrow Laundry Room Cabinets with Hanging Rod

The brass hardware paired with the mint cabinets looks stunning and gorgeous, adding a neat and lively touch to your laundry room.

As the wood hanging rod is a similar color scheme as the hardware, it makes the whole styling more uniform, even though the white shelves (Check Welland floating shelves) are almost hidden from the white wall.

Have a rope-woven basket (Check the OrganiHaus basket) if you want to add more wooden style accessories to this room.

2. Laundry Room with Small Footprint for Cabinets

wall cabinets in laundry room to save space

A top integrated wall cabinet saves you floor space in the laundry room, and increases the storage capacity to provide ample space to store your cleaning suppliers.

Quicklock cabinet is made of durable maple wood to fight against humidity, ensuring it won’t warp or crack even in a long term.

Try this cabinet and rod combo design if you have few spaces for cabinets and rods.

3. Cabinets and Hanging Rods for Corner Laundry

This design is suitable for people who have a small laundry and only corners for washing and drying machines. The floating shelf increases more space to organize supplies or dirty clothes.

White wall cabinets (Check ChooChoo cabinets) mixed with the rustic wood floating shelf (Check Inplace shelf) and silver-tone hanging rods (Check Jianxin stainless steel rods) match your traditional laundry room perfectly.

Before installation, ensure the space (between the shelf and washing machine) is ample to hang your average clothes.

4. Cabinet and Hanging Rod for Small Dark Laundry Room

laundry room with cabinets and hanging rods for young couples
Source: BHG

A wall cabinet with glass doors plays an important role to brighten up your small-sized dark laundry room. It is perfect for dark washhouse or room without windows.

Note if you want make your room brighter, reject the dark tone hanging racks but choose silver tone ones.

The Teamson Home glass front cabinets create a three-dimensional sense, able to enlarge your laundry room visually when the artificial light/sunlight comes and are bounced into your room.

The Rod Desyne stained nickel hanging rod is reviewed to “bear at least 200 lbs”. Made of solid metal, there is no bend or pull in the tube even though you hang up your clothes tightly on the rail.

5. Cabinet and Clothes Hanger Design for Large Laundry

This design makes the most of your space, with 5 cabinets and an extra shelf for your storage purpose.

The left-positioned cabinets can store the toys of your kids. The right-positioned cabinets stock the cleaning tools and ironing boards can be put on the countertop.

Under the upper cabinet in the middle, the mounted chrome hanging rod bears up to 270lbs.

And on the right side of the washer and dryer, there is a faucet and sink combo cabinet with a countertop to allow you to handwash and treat with garments.

The retro green cushioned bench (Check the FSOBWIIALEO storage benches), together with the blue wallpaper and navy blue carpet (Check the Unique Loom carpet), makes a collision of vintage and modern style for an elegant laundry room.

6. Cabinets and Hanging Rods Design without Damage to Your Laundry Wall

farmhouse laundry with cabinets and hanging rods
Source: Simply2moms

This design aims to provide easy installation without damaging your laundry room walls and is convenient for the next makeover.

All the zero damage accessories and items results from freestanding cabinets and floating shelves.

The Rubbermaid freestanding corner cabinet in the picture is 4 tiers, able to hold 690 lbs at a maximum. Have a lot of stuff to store in the laundry? The cabinet works great for you as it has a storage capacity of 27 cubic feet.

Being resin construction, the closet is highly chemical-resistant and rust-resistant. In this way, your cabinet is easy to clean and maintain.

The WG rustic floating wall shelf is 36″ long to stock your cleaning tools, plants and supports to hang your clothes rods (Check the WEBI rod).

To match the room with a right general light? The Kira Home industrial overhead light enhances the aesthetic appeal of your farmhouse laundry.

7. Integrated Cabinets and Hanging Rods with Custom Shelf

laundry room storage cabinets and hanger

An adjustable shelf in the cabinet and rod combo is a must have as your cleaning tools is at various height.

SRIWATANA cabinet is a positive option when you want a much-needed additional storage space for your small laundry.

The inside shelf is adjustable to take in any height of supplies. The magnetic door stopper protects your inside items from falling out and ensures it is silent when you close the door.

With the white cabinet decorated with exquisite texture, black hardware and black rod, you can get farmhouse, industrial and traditional laundry look.

Definitely, a benefit of utilizing a black hanging rod is it is stain and fingertip resistant.

8. Wall-Shelf Cabinet with Rack for Washhouse

small upper cabinet with rod for laundry

Prepare for a laundry room remodel? The barn look fits your home aesthetic perfectly.

EXCELLO GLOBAL PRODUCTS cabinet is a multi storage closet for your laundry room. The shelf and the hanging rod are a nice distance apart.

The cabinet is used to stock up on the items you don’t use very often, the shelf to put the necessities like dryer sheets, laundry detergent, and the rack to hang wet clothes and washing gloves.

9. White Wall Cabinet for Light French Laundry

white cabinet with hanging racks for laundry

Light french furniture feature a white frame, carvings and black or gold hardware.

If you are tired of sleek-finished cabinet doors but want a bit of variation in laundry plus a hanging rod to hang clothes, try the Topeakmart wall cabinet.

One thing you might do is choose burlywood furniture pieces, white washer and dryer to have a match.

10. Washhouse with Gray Cabinet and Metallic Hanging Rack

grey wall cabinet with clothes rods for laundry

Gray cabinets go well with silver-tone hardware. Generally, if you pursue a high-end modern and young decoration in laundry, gray furniture is a go-to choice.

To achieve great results, one thing you should remember is to combine gray cabinets with metallic tones (including hardware, hanging rods and other decoration), from silver to copper and bronze.

So, if you have painted your walls in gray, and have a metallic washing machine, the SustemBuild cabinet equipped with a hanging rod is the item you are looking for.

11. White Cabinet with Great Organization Space for Laundry

elegant white cabinet with clothes hanging tube

Have built a white washer and dryer cabinet but still want extra space for organizing cleaning tools or duster cloth?

Iwell wall cabinet and hanging bar could be a fun look for your all-white laundry room. The striped curves on the door prevent tediousness and offer fun freshness and the rod increase the storage capacity.

It is an impressive addition to modern laundry with hardwood floors and light gray tile floorings.

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