8 Steps to Create A Neon Aesthetic Bedroom ( With 38 Decor Ideas)

What’s the most popular bedroom design now? You will be familiar with the bedrooms shown in the video if you are active on Youtube, TikTok, or Instagram. Yes, it’s the neon aesthetic bedroom. With more and more Youtubers and TikTokers bringing neon light into their bedrooms, they set a new trend for room decorations.

The neon aesthetic bedroom style uses multiple combinations of neon lights and vine leaves to create magic vibes, showing solid personalities. And that’s why this kind of room style wins favor among teenagers.

Now, follow our guides to get inspiration on trendy neon aesthetic bedroom styles and ways of creating your neon-style bedrooms. Before styling,

Always Follow These Principles

To put it simply, you need to follow these four principles in styling:

  • Less is more.
  • Follow one style.
  • Show your personality.
  • Make good use of lighting.

Now, let’s discuss them in detail:

Less is more.

In designing a neon aesthetic bedroom, many elements are available, such as neon signs, LED lights, vines, posters, and any other decorative stuff. However, when all of them appear in one bedroom, there can be no place to set your foot and your eyes. So focus on one stuff, and others sprinkle around.

Follow one style.

Most of the neon aesthetic bedroom designs show cute and pinky vibes, yet when you take a closer look at them, you’ll find each bedroom owns a unique style. Whether you want a party-like room, a luxurious room, or a place with a sense of laidback and warmth, follow one type!

Let’s say you want to create a cutie room; all your decorations and neon sign types should be in accord with the cutie style; that’s how you make your room aesthetic, but not the random combinations of two or three styles.

Show your personality.

We’ve talked about following one style, but does it mean there is only one element around? Surely not. Since the core of neon aesthetic style is to use magic signs and lights to show one’s personality and attitude toward living. You can combine various decorative elements, but attention, I mean multiple elements, not various styles.

For example, suppose you decide you want a cutie room. In that case, you can use neon signs, wall postures, and perhaps shining curtains together, all of which go under the cutie style, and they can still work perfectly in showing your personality and your thoughts on bedroom design.

Make good use of lighting.

Does neon aesthetic style mean neon signs only? I would say neon light is a vital part of this style, but there are also many options that you can make good use of together.

  • Neon signs
  • String lights
  • Decorative lamps

Neon signs – speaking of neon signs, there are mainly two types, one is with letters, the other with cute patterns, like animals, cartoon characters, etc.

You may find letter signs more suitable if your room has specific themes.

And to create a cozy and adorable vibe, get the pattern signs.

String lights – To exaggerate the atmosphere, you’ll also need string lights. You can directly hang them on the wall, on the ceiling, or around the standing mirror frame. A rising trend is to scatter them around the white curtains. Opt for the one with multiple lights and modes so you can change mood frequently with a simple button. And for string lights shape, you can see many different types:

Decorative lamps – Salt lamps, moonlights, night lamps, or other decorative lamps, place any of them in your room, and you have set the tone of warmth and cozy, and you’ll be amazed at how they work well with any room style.

Get These Accessories Ready For Your Neon Bedroom

Apart from the neon lights, here are other accessories that’ll enrich your room design:

Galaxy projectors

A galaxy projector is an excellent tool for creating a magic environment when all the lights turn off in your bedrooms; you can project them on the ceilings or the walls.

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Put strings of vines on your ceiling or wall; under the illumination of lights, these vines bring you back to the peaceful woods. Just a reminder, the vine leaves will have the fish smell when you get them back, but the smell goes away for one or two days.

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Poster prints

White walls cooperate well with the luxurious room design, but the poster walls are a must for your neon aesthetic style. You can cover them on one whole wall or only a tiny piece of space.

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White curtains

Add white curtains if you want a fantastic room. Imagine relaxing on the bed, the breeze flowing in and slightly blowing your curtains; how beautiful and cozy it can be.

So must it be white curtains? Well, the white curtains go with any colors and won’t conflict with colorful light, thus it is a safe choice for most people.

The fabric of white curtains can be thin, but if you want a dark room when sleeping, you’ll want to add extra-thick curtains around the white one.

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Quirky mirror

Nobody can resist a quirky mirror in the bedroom, for it is a good tool for taking a selfie. Stand them with specific angles; you can get perfect decoration and background to show your figure.

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Ready? Decorate Neon Aesthetic Bedroom with Me!

Now follow us to create a neon aesthetic bedroom together.

Note: paint your wall in white colors if possible.

Step #1: String light ready.

Get your string lights stuck on the whole wall, arrange them in lines, and you can turn the light on to see what patterns you would like it to be.

Pic source: Katelyn DeWitt

Step #2: Get vines around.

Place the vines around the four corners of the wall, or you can mix them with the string light.

Pic source: Katelyn DeWitt

Step #3: Make a poster wall.

Get middle-sized poster prints and stick them on the other side of the wall, or interact with your photos. Leave a place in the middle of the wall for a mirror or a neon sign.

Pic source: Katelyn DeWitt

Step #4: Lighten the door frame.

Stick the strip lights around your door frame, closet, and window. Get some on the corner of the wall if your strip lights are long enough.

Pic source: Katelyn DeWitt

Step #5: Make use of extra materials.

If you have extra string lights and vines, do not waste them; decorate the mirror and the poster wall.

Pic source: Katelyn DeWitt

Step #6: Arrange the neon sign.

Look around your room, and get a clean wall to place your neon sign (you can also hide them among posters or the vines).

Pic Source: Sara Joy

Step #7: Add magic Sense.

Now you’ve got most of the things done, then comes the magic tool – projectors. Set your galaxy projector on; you can project it on the ceiling or the corner of the wall.

Pic Source: Sara Joy

Step #8: Create the vibes.

Use some decorative lamps to enlighten the corners; you can arrange them on the table or the shelf. Other stuff like quirky mirror and a lightened curtain are also good choices.

Pic Source: Sara Joy

Here is a makeover video for a more detailed look:

All is done. Isn’t it easy?!

Now that you’ve got the makeover process, let’s see what styles you can have.

Basically, there are three styles concerning neon aesthetic bedroom design; we categorized them into cutie style, luxurious style, and cool style. Check the following ideas to get more inspiration on how to transform and upgrade your rooms.

Pinky Neon Signs & Adorable Patterns, Secrets of Cutie Rooms.

Speaking of cute room style, you can never miss pink neon signs; they create warm and inviting vibes, especially when placed on the white wall. Large or small, it depends totally on how you are ready to mix with other decorative stuff.

  • If your bed and closet are in a colorful design, choose a small pink neon sign as a sprinkle.
  • Shining your bedroom with a large pink neon sign if no other color appears in the whole room.

Alongside the color, you’ll also want to try the cute-pattern neon signs, like animal or cartoon signs.

Cute Neon Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

The Simpler, The More Luxurious.

For creating a luxurious bedroom with a neon aesthetic, the critical point is to minimize your decoration. Taking one or two elements in your bedroom is enough! For example, you can match string lights with a neon sign or use a magic light individually in the room.

As for the color choice, yellow lights create warm feelings, blue lights give a sense of calmness and coolness, and purple lights add magic vibes. Determine one light color, and the whole room color scheme follows.

Luxurious Neon Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

Hey, Cool Girls, Add Any Elements You Like. It’s All About Personality!

The core of the neon aesthetic bedroom is to show your personality; you do not need to be defined, so as your room. Maps full of patterns, picture walls, and unique blankets, you can unite them all together in one room. But only keep one principle: Narrow your lights when your decorations crowd the whole room. One or two lightings appear more harmonious.

Cool Neon Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

Now Is Your Time.

Any ideas on how to upgrade your rooms now? Catch the inspiration in your brain and take action immediately! We are looking forward to how you are going to arrange your bedrooms. So if you get your rooms done, please send your makeover results to us. We are constantly updating the post, and your ideas will be of great help to others.

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