Everything You Should Know about Cedar Closet

Think about when you take out your most favorite sweater out of storage, but only have been dismayed to find a moth has made a meal of it. So, what is the best solution to solve it?

Cedar closet with natural aroma helps stock up your clothing from the spread of mold, mildew, moths and roaches.

Cedar closet is one of the trendy furniture in every home. But is it the right choice for you? Is it worth it for your situation?

Continue reading to make a wise and informed decision!

Know Cedar Wood Ambiguously? Look at the Cedar Closet Properties!

For whether a cedar closet is right for fashionistas, or whether is worth it to buy, you should take a look at its benefits and adverse first.

Most Customers Praise:

Able to Deter Bugs and Moths

The cedar wood (indicates the red cedar only) emits a scent that gives off the insects. The smell of the cedar closet confuses their navigation system.

The cedar oil from the cedar closet, like peppermint and citronella, is a natural ingredient to keep moths and insects at bay. It will infuse into your cashmere, woolen and fabric garments as well.

Aside from the bug repellent, the cedar closet will keep your home and clothes smell fresh.

Prevent the Spread of Mold or Mildew

Are you avid to collect or dress with woolen and fabric clothes which often become weak over time? This is because you store them in the wrong cabinets.

Cedar is a far superior insulation to brick, concrete and steel. Therefore, the temperature and humidity are stable inside of the cedar closet. It is what we say it has a drying effect to stop mold and mildew.

If you tend to store out-of-seasonal clothing for a long time, a cedar closet or cedar chest is definitely the best solution to you.

Resistant to Warping and Cracking

Cedar is regarded as one of the most durable woods. The cedar closet is able to last for decades, and even longer if get properly maintained.

Cedar fibers include natural compounds called thujaplicins which is a type of natural preservative. It is these elements that guarantee the closet stability, preventing your closet from distortion or breaking.

Easy to Renovate

Cedar is a soft wood and free of the resin and pitch. In this way, it is effortless to paint or stain a cedar closet.

When you are tired of the natural surface of the cedar closet, getting it a new finish is a super easy task.

Attractive in Any Room Design

The cedar used to make closet has unique lines and patterns, surely fit in most room design, including modern, vintage, industrial and french houses, matching the existing decors.

Adverse Points You Must Know:

Not Suitable for Sensitive People

Cedar scent, though sweet and pleasant, will not end until the cedar oil drys up and will give rise to irritating to allergic reactions in allergy sufferers, especially those who catch a severe asthma.

Sanding Requirements

The aromatic scent will fade over time. If you want to get the aroma back, you need to sand it to revive the aroma.

Oil Requirements

Similar to the cedar aroma, the cedar closet surface will gray over years. You need to oil it every 3 to 6 years.


Whether using cedar plywood, cedar plank or cedar boards, it costs more than the average wood material for closets.

To design a cedar closet, you should pay for a marketing price of $1,200 to $25,000 for the material (labor cost not included).

After knowing the benefits and disadvantages of cedar timber for building closets, if you still assure the cedar closet is what you want,

Keep Reading to Look at Which Cedar Material You Prefer

Determine what patterns and cedar materials you would like to use:

1. Eastern Red Cedar

red cedar for closet

Red cedar (Eastern red cedar), also named aromatic cedar, Juniperus Virginana, Virginian juniper or pencil cedar, is in a reddish-pink color and is a type of soft wood to line the closet walls, dressers and chests.

2. Cedar Plywood

cedar plywood for closet

Cedar plywood refers to the plywood or veneer sheets made from cedar (mostly referred to the Spanish cedar).

The layered construction strengthens the nature of the cedar material, making this type of closet harder and stronger.

Different from red cedar, it is in reddish-brown and is a type of hard wood to make the closet doors and clothing chests.

Often, except for making furniture, it is used to make exterior furniture and interior trim.

Which cedar to choose actually depends on your preference and budget.

  • If you go for much durability and have a wide budget, choose the cedar plywood.
  • If you like the more aromatic scent and the white-pink pattern, the eastern red cedar is your choice.

Now Comes the Selection on Cedar Wood Timber Type!

Mostly used cedar wood to make closets or chests is cedar plank (Expensive but able to accept more design) and large particle cedar board panels (Much cheaper but less attractive).

  • Cedar plank is always 3/4 inch or 1.9 cm thick, 12 inches or 30.48 cm to 91.44 inches long, 4 inches or 10.16 cm to 5 inches or 12.7 cm.
  • The thickness of the particle cedar board panels is 1/4 inches or 0.64 cm. A big variety is that the cedar board panels are 4×8 ft or 121.92×243.84 cm.

Cedar Particle Board Panels vs Cedar Planks for Closets:

Cedar particle board is a type of flakeboard or chipboard from compressed cedar wood, much cheaper compared with real cedar wood.

Cedar plank is made of blocks or strips of cedar trees, at a high price tag but is more environmental and less damage to humans.

Below is a detailed comparison between the 2 types of timber.

Cedar Particle Board PanelsCedar Planks
SurfaceFlat in shapeSome needs milling
DesignLack of aestheticism;
Tend to be fixed in appearance;
Not easy to be moulded into different shapes
Tongue-in-groove design;
Accept for modeling;
Easy to paint and stain
Environmental DegreeRelatively low, due to the included glueMarvelous
Closet ComponentsFlooring, baseboard, drawers, doorsWalls, ceilings, shelves, rods
Room UsageBathrooms, kitchens, basements, garagesEntryway, bedrooms, offices, laundry


  • Cedar plank performs the best results on the closet. So if you have enough budget, all solid cedar wood construction for the closets is the preferred choice.
  • Short on budget? The best solution is to use cedar particle board cases and real cedar wood faces.
  • When installing a hanging rod, you have to anchor support into the closet wall studs. The cedar wood closet components can be the same color as the closet walls and ceiling, but also look nice in a color like white or black.

So, What Is Your Expected Price?

The marketing price for installing a cedar closet is $700 to $1000 per square meter (10.7 sq. ft.) for the whole closet. And you should expect to pay an extra $200 to $300 if you want to add backlighting inside it.

If you just add cedar closet lining, that’s much cheaper. It will cost you $5.67 per square feet (0.09 square meters) if you ask for a contractor. The price tag decreases much lower if you do it by yourself. $2.63 is enough to finish per square feet closet lining mounting.

Take a 180 sq ft closet installation as an example,

  • If you ask for a contractor to build the whole closet that is fully outfitted with cedar, you may pay at least $11690.
  • If you ask for a contractor to install the cedar lining, you should pay $1021.
  • But if you add the cedar lining by yourselves, the cost is within $500.

Due to the tongue-and-groove design of the cedar plank, you can finish the DIY cedar lining task in about 11 hours if you are a handy man.

Determine to Build Cedar Closet? Check out the 5 Cedar Closet Designs!

Decide on designing your own cedar closet? Here are some ideas for your reference:

1. Antique Cedar Walk in Closet Is A Dreamy Private Space for Women Fashionists.

Red cedar paired with the white shelves and drawers definitely excites you. The retro feeling blows into you once you walk into the closet space.

The island in the center and the fitted dresser in the front improve the storage capacity.

Vintage buffet tables and brown chests put on both sides of the walk in closet add an elegant and luxurious touch.

2. Build Shelves and Hanging Rods for Your Small Cedar Closet.

Single-sided closet is an optimum design for small closet space, reach in closet and 4×4 walk in closet.

Remember to leave about 24 inches or 60cm depth for hanging tops, pants and bulky clothes.

If you intend to store handbags, shoes or sweaters, leave shelves that be spaced about 6 to 12 inches or 30 cm apart.

3. Don’t Miss the Portable Freestanding Cedar Closet for Your Backyard.

A portable freestanding closet put inside your backyard to stock your tools is a pleasing idea.

Additionally, since the cedar closet is able to deter bugs and give off an aroma, it will reduce the likelihood of insects and mosquito bites when you do gardening, backyard camping or just relaxing on your patio.

4. Design Multiple Hanging Space for Your Modern Minimalist Cedar Closet.

contemporary modern cedar closet

Dislike folding garments? Consider installing a minimalist cedar closet with multiple hanging areas.

This project lines the cedar planks all around the space, and on the base of that, builds a cabinet, 5 hanging areas, a shoe storage area and a dressing table.

A trellis white and black carpet improves the accent.

5. Add Rugs and Chandelier to Make Your Cedar Closet Looks Luxury.

Want to get your cedar closet an upscale look without breaking your budget? Installing a crystal chandelier and a plush wall to wall carpet is the simplest way to have it done.

A few slight adjustments, like freshening the space up with flowers and putting a full length mirror matching for your closet, together with the decluttering room, will surely gain your visitors’ compliments.

For Simple Closet Makeover with Cedar Elements? Install These!

Want to renovate your present closets with aromatic cedar? Add these essential cedar accessories for your closets.

1. Cedar Blocks

Cedar blocks are in a compact size and versatile in use.

By putting these blocks in your linen cabinets, bedroom closets, laundry cabinets, or shoe storage boxes, these areas will be full of forest-fresh aroma.

The cedar blocks help remove the moisture from the air and stop the insects, which is a great assistance for storage.

The cedar balls and cedar rings do as well.

2. Cedar Rods and Hangers

In addition to the regular function of odor absorption and insect repellent, cedar hanging rods are one of the most durable hangers that won’t crack. (It will double the effect if you also use the cedar hangers.)

If you are looking for solid wood hanging rails, the cedar rods won’t frustrate you.

3. Cedar Liners

The cedar liners are the easiest way to line your shelves, tabletop and drawers, just sticking them on your targeted surface.

Bonus to Short Budget Homeowners for a Cedar Construction Closet

Cedar is a high-quality material to build a closet that is resistant to water damage, bug infestations and rot. But, a cedar closet is still a high-end option.

If you are on a tight budget, a whole cedar closet may be not your preferred choice. Chances that you may need to consider what types of materials are best suited for you to work with the cedar wood.


  • If you install the closet in the basement, kitchen, bathroom or whatever rooms with high humidity, check out the timber’s ability of water resistance. (Plywood is the best alternative).
  • MDF is a budget-friendly alternative for closet doors.

If you just want a wrapped cedar closet, cedar lining your space and customizing closets regularly is also a great idea.

Above are the choosing guide to help you get the right cedar wood for your closets and some building suggestions.

Below are some questions and answers when you install and use the cedar closet, including:

How Long Does Cedar Last in Closet?

A properly installed and maintained cedar closet may offer a lifelong protection for your closet and other stored items.

How to Install a Cedar Closet?

Check the video for the process of making a custom cedar closet by yourselves:

Check the video to know how to add cedar plank lining to your closet:

How Do You Clean an Old Cedar Closet?

Like any type of wood furniture, you can clean your old cedar closet by following the video:

Last Words to Say

Carefully maintenance on your cedar closets will promote its service time. Some homeowners have tested, a great cared cedar closet can last 15 to 20 years.

So, if you want to expand your items, follow the rules below:

  • Do not use alcohol, polished nail or any other corrosive liquid to wipe it!!
  • Just Regular vacuum the dust inside of your cedar closet.
  • Spray oil or wax every 3 to 6 years to prevent it from getting weathered gray.
  • Use the sanding sponge to gently sand the shelves and walls when the fragrance fades out (if you want it to send aroma).

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