10 Quality and Stylish TV Stand Options for 80-Inch TV

Owning a big TV up to 80 inches is enjoyable. But it may be hard to decorate the entertainment area.

Placing A TV stand to enhance your living room’s main style and tone is an easy trick. Moreover, a properly sized TV Stand will support your 80-inch TV stably and offers you enough space to store devices and your collections.

Here we prepared a guide on how to figure out a suitable size of TV stand and ten selected TV stand options for 80 Inch TV you can add to your home.

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Buying Guide

What Size of TV Stand Should You Choose?

A properly size TV stand not only leaves decorative and storage areas. But you can have a good view while watching TV.

You first need to figure out the proper height and width of your TV stand for 80-inch TV.

Generally, an ideal TV stand should have a proportional overhang of around 5% width on each side. In other words, your TV should be 90% of the width of your TV stand.

Hence you need to know how wide is your 80-inch TV. One thing to note is that the TV’s size number refers to its diagonal length.

Therefore, The 80-inch TV is around 69.7″ inches wide. (You can get the exact formula and calculating process here.) Hence you should get a TV stand 77″.

Extra space gives you more room for decoration. Moreover, it ensures the coordination of the whole outlook and stability.

If you want an even bigger TV stand, you can choose a TV stand that features the same width as the TV size. In that case, an 80-inch TV stand will be your choice.

If you prefer non-decoration on the top of the sand, you can choose the same width TV stand for sure.

Below is the suggested TV stand for 80 inch TV size chart.

TV Stand SizeDecoration AreaRecommended for
70 InchLeaves non-decoration areaNeed Storage Area Only
77 InchLeaves about 3.6 inches on each sideSome pieces of decorations
80 InchLeaves 5.15 inches on each sizeSpeakers, PS, Xbox, or big vase

Now move to the height issues. To have a comfortable view, the center of the TV screen should be eye-level with you watching it.

The height of 80 inch TV is about 40 inches, and the average of a person’s eye level while sitting is 44 inches. Thus you need a 24-inch height TV stand.

And what about a mounted TV?

Leave several inches( from 4-8) between the TV and the stand. This margin trick will anchor you and your friend’s view on the TV. And make the whole entertainment area appealing.

How Much Weight Should Your TV Support At Least?

To ensure your TV stand won’t break down from the middle, knowing how much your TV stand can support is necessary.

An 80-inch TV weighs 120 lbs on average. Your TV stand should support 200 lbs since you will use its storage areas.

Check the material of your TV stand also. Most TV stands use materials of MDF, wood, and metal.

MDF and wood are both durable and hold weight well. The MDF costs a low budget but features the same texture as wood.

Pay attention to the metal tubular-designed TV stand. The low weight capacity makes them more suitable if you have a mounted TV and low demand for storage designs.

10 TV Stand Options for 80-Inch TV

Remember, when picking TV stands, the style and tone should match your living room or TV room. Now please check all the quality and stylish TV stands below!

#1. Modern Mid-Century 6 Cubby TV Stand for 80 Inch Tv – Shelves Removeable 

(Sturdy Wood Outlook, 6 Storage Cubes with Adjustable Shelves, 6 Cord Ports to Manage Wires )

BY Walker Edison

Want to own an expensive look hardwood furniture in your living room but cost less? Try this classic 80 Inch TV stand with ample storage areas from Walker Edison.

The decent look makes it perfect for a modern or mid-century living room style. And it looks perfect if your living room has rugs in the TV area.

You can find six color options to add different tones. If you want more vibrant, choose light colors like Rustic oak or Driftwood. (You can also decorate the TV stand in rustic style. Check this post for ideas and inspirations.)

For its functionality, 70” width and 200lbs can support hold your 80-inch TV stably. The storage cube is sturdy and holds 30 lbs each. Feel free to store your game, book, and vanities with them.

Dimensions: 23.5”H x 70”W x 15.75 D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Amazon (50% Off)

#2. Georgetown Rustic Style Barn Door 80 Inch TV Stand

(Durable High-grade MDF, Modern Farmhouse Design, Quality Wood Finishing)

By Walker Edison

If you want to add a friendly and warm mood to your living room, this Walker Edison Georgetown 80 Inch TV Stand is your first option.

The 70-inch wide tabletop holds the 80-inch TV perfectly. If you prefer the traditional style, you are lucky.

Traditional barn-style doors with elegant wood grain detailing on the surface, enjoy how your visitors and friends admire your new TV stand.

The metal highest and handles accent the rustic appeal and make the whole entertainment center attractive.

You can find it’s also functional. You can have a large storage area by adjusting the shelves. Hence you can place your Ps into the cabinet, and the door will protect it from dust.

Dimensions: 24”H x 70” W x 16” D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Amazon (50% Off)

#3. Render 70″ Mid-Century Low Profile TV Stand for 80 Inch TV

(Low Profile Design, Attractive Retro Design, Natural Feeling)

By Modway

If your 80-inch TV is mounted on the wall, try this Modway Render Low Profile 80 Inch TV Stand without hesitation.

Due to the low profile design, the entire tabletop space is available for decoration. You can place your electronics and other decorations above.

The retro design is very eye-catching from the first look. You can enjoy how it enhances your modern-style living room as a rustic, vintage, contemporary decor.

Besides, you can use the drawer under the stand to store the family’s odds and ends. And you choose which storage part to display by moving the sliding doors.

Dimension: 17”H x 70” x 13.5”L

Where to Buy:

Shop At Amazon (Under $300)

#4. Felicity 80″ TV Console Fully Assembled

(Save Your Time for Assembling, Heavy, and Sturdy Wood Instruction, Mirrored Design)

By Martin Furniture

Are you looking for a piece of elegant hardware wood furniture to decorate the entertainment area? This Martin Furniture Wide Wood 80 Inch TV Stand is for you.

Are you feeling tired of assembling pieces? This 80-inch TV stand saves your time since it came fully assembled.

Seeking a gorgeous mood? This stand will be handy. The silver knobs and diamond-shaped glass door give the whole piece jeweled elegance.

The top is 80 inches long; thus, you can decorate the top with some art decorations. Or place the soundbars instead.

The storage area is larger correspondingly. You can choose to store the cable box, DVD players, or anything you wish.


There are only cord holes on side parts, thus store your electronics wisely.

Dimensions: 30”H x 80”W x 16”D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Amazon

#5. 75 Inch Metal Shelves Wood TV Stand for Living Room

(Metal Modern Style, Big Room for Speakers Separately, Durable and Long Last)

metal steel and wood 80 inch tv stand
By Tribesigns

If you are a lover of speakers or need room for storage for the TV area, this Tribesign Metal Wood 80 Inch TV Stand is what you need.

The overall length of the TV stand is 74.8”, which means plenty of space for an 80-inch TV.

Meanwhile, the extra metal shelves on both sides provide additional display space for your speakers and artwork.

The middle TV console section is also full of surprises. with a center open shelf and two cabins, you can enjoy storing games, albums, and books you like to read while leaning on the couch.

Note that this modern-style TV cabinet can only hold 115lbs of weight. If you have more stuff to display, then it is more recommended to choose this TV stand for those who mounted TV on the wall.

Dimensions: 24.4”H x 74.8” W x 15.8” D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Amazon (Under $300)

#6. Industrial Farmhouse Style TV Stand for TV Up to 80 Inch

(Rustic Style, Building Cozy Farmhouse Wood, Unique Barn Door Design, Wood Buring Texture)

tv stand for 80 inch tv
By Walker Edison

If you want a more cozy, friendly living room atmosphere, use this Walker Edison Rustic 80 Inch TV Stand With a Fireplace to fulfill your needs.

You may look forward to enjoying a simple, rustic, and thermal farmhouse mood and this tv stand will bring you the same experience in your home.

The center heater has a faux wood hearth to give you the visual effect of burning barns. The heat and light are controllable, and you can set up a different ambiance by adjusting the heater.

To get a better mood, you can place a piece of rug that matches the color of your TV stand.

Now, you can enjoy your own cozy warm farmhouse living room for a movie. With 4600 BTU, 400 sq. ft. room will become warm quickly.

Dimensions: 25”H x 70”L x 15.75”D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Amazon (30% Off)

#7. TV Stand with 4 Drawers for TV Up to 85”

(Large Storage Room, Distressed Wood Finishing, Durable Wood Construction)

By Heady

For the album, blue-ray, and game collectors, this Heady Wood 80 Inch TV Stand offers you massive storage space for the living room.

The 71” length is just enough to accommodate your 80″ TV, or you can use the entire top surface if you have a mounted TV.

You can show your real talent on decoration due to 310lbs support. No worry about potential breaking.

The distressed finish can give your living room a pure country ambiance. So you can choose the Gray Wash color for the best visually appealing effect.

Best of all, this TV stand offers plenty of space for your collection. You can tuck all your valuable pieces of stuff with three open cube storage areas and four large capacity drawers.

Dimensions: 24”H x 71”W x 16”D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Wayfair

#8. Floating TV Stand with Fireplace for TVs Up to 88”

(3 Frame Choice, Floating Design, Well-made Gloss Finishing)

By Aiyanah

Are you looking for furniture that adds a sense of technology to your living room? Then this Aiyanah Floating 80 Inch White TV Stand is the best option.

The high gloss fronts and body add a unique modern style. Floating design is a big attraction point.

The whole TV stand is mounted on the wall, so you can easily clean the under area.

This TV stand includes an electric fireplace to warm your house to improve the high-tech feeling.

You can change the frame color and temperature with remote control and on/off control.


Floating tv stand is more lighweight and hold less weight.

For this one you place the decorations within 100lbs.

Dimensions: 15”H x 72”W x 14”D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Wayfair

#9. Metal Tube TV Stand for TVs Up to 85”

(Minimal Design, Durable Metal Shelf, Glass Top, Easy to Assemble)

By Wootton

If you’re obsessed with minimalism, this Wotton Metal-framed 80 Inch TV Stand will create a unique mood for your modern living room.

You can decorate the entertaining area with more of your collections with the opening shelving design.

Accordingly, you can put some minimalist style decors to enhance the entire mood. You can place wood or fabric baskets, your favorite book, and some fake pot plants.

Aware that the whole weight capacity is 75lbs. Your mounted TV is more suitable to match this furniture.


Clean the whole glass and metal part with dry cloth without harsh chemicals;

Attention to the sharp corners if you have babies.

Dimensions: 24”H x 70”W x 16”D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Wayfair

#10. Quaniece Sleek Wood Steel Low Profile TV Stand for TVs Up to 88”

(Clean-lined Design, Flush Doors, Mixture Style, Durable, Sleek Finish, Cable Box Management )

By Quaniece

If you are unsure what your living room tone is, then why not try this Quaniece Sleek Wood 80 Inch TV Stand for Flat Screen with an eclectic style.

For this TV stand, you can try both modern and classic decors due to its classic texture and modern design. You can use a Blue-ray player or vintage bowl containers to finish the set.

The functionality is no doubt about it. There are enough storage areas for any books, games, and family movie nights with two shelves, a large room drawer, and an open shelving space.

What’s more, the style is very versatile. You can use some metal-designed shelves or wall lamps to accent the modern feeling. Or Put a rustic rug to give a farmhouse tone.

Dimensions: 15.5H” x 23.25”W x 14.75”D

Where to Buy:

Shop At Wayfair

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